Martes, Marso 26, 2013


Can Imran Khan of Pakistan be the next P-Noy?
Both are deprived of first lady


Imran Khan is presumed to be the last man standing in the political hologram of Pakistan without any trace of corruption.

Based on his track record as sport enthusiast, Khan  underscores public perception that he is potentially a good leader to recover Pakistan from massive corruption that has rocked the country for decades under traditional politicians.

In Pakistan, media could have been used by these politicians as a channel to continuously deceive the public and prevent the emergence of a truly good leader like Khan as some groups in television channels applaud and promote recycled political parties that have not done any good for the country.

Media play a vital role in molding the public mindset, particularly in choosing the right leader for Pakistan. But if they are defective recycled politicians will perpetually remain in power -- no change whatsoever can be done in the country. 

Indeed, Pakistan will remain one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

The Philippines for once plunged into political monopoly that spawned massive corruption and abuse of authority by its leaders during the Martial Law era. But one man never gave up until he was murdered on his arrival in the airport. The courageous man -- Ninoy Aquino -- has never been forgotten by events which catapulted his late wife Corazon C. Aquino to power and confronted by the challenges of restoring the government of the people in a democratic country where the masses are the boss.

Now, her son, President Benigno “ Noynoy” Aquino III, continues the struggle to restore the will of the people using her same philosophy and that of Ninoy.

Today, the shadow of Ninoy, never detached from the economic progress, is being experienced by the people.

His vision to restore democracy in the Philippines after long years of inaction has always been the prime objective of his late wife Cory down to her son Noynoy or P-Noy.
For the first time in history, the Philippines has extended one  billion Euro currency loan to European states. 

The sincerity of P-Noy to let Filipinos feel they are the boss, although it  may not be 100 percent agreeable to them, is an evidence that he is a good president whose vision for the general welfare of his constituents are taking place.

At present, the country’s reserve fund has reached $85 billion and export revenues have risen to about $70 billion. OFW remittances have increased to over $20 billion while revenues from tourism industry have doubled as well. 

For the first time, the Bureau of Internal Revenue has collected some P1.5 trillion. 

Only P-Noy has done this which can be regarded as the legacy of the Aquino clan that may linger forever in the memories of the present generation and the next  to come.    

If the Philippines was able to overcome all the massive corruption in its bureaucracy through P-Noy, Pakistan can also do it by choosing an honest leader like Imran Khan.

Pakistan is very rich in natural resources which is worth  trillions of US dollars, not billion, more than other countries in the Middle East.

Surrounded by industrialized countries like China, India and Russia, if Pakistan is managed properly by a truly visionary good leader, it may rise into the level of G8 or Group of Eight  industrialized countries in the world.

Imran Khan is one of the most popular contenders to run in Pakistan political exercise this coming parliamentary elections whose personality has never been tainted with questionable activities to lead the country of about 200 million people.

Pakistan’s major religion is Islam under which the Almighty GOD mentioned in the last divine book, the holy Qur’an which says: “I will not change the status in your life unless you do the first move”.

Change can only be realized through collective efforts of  people willing the take the challenge to reform the culture of impropriety in the society.  

The media in Pakistan under the influence of traditional politicians will continue to use SMI (sustained media information) to deceive public to restore corrupt leaders in power as narrated by Mr. Muhammad Ateeque D. Bhyria, a Pakistan born businessman whose company Sahar Pharma (S.I.T.I) is engaged in generic pharmaceutical products usually imports from Pakistan, Bangladesh, China and India and helps poor Filipino masses through cheaper medicine.

Mr. Ateeque has been engaged in business spanning 25 years in the Philippines and Singapore.

He is appealing to his fellow citizens to be self-conscious and wise in choosing the next leader in Pakistan for the interest of the next generation.

Pakistan has all the potentials to grow and be compared to the elite nations if the right leader like Imran Khan is chosen, he said.  #

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