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Responsible Voting: Now
We Are Calling The Attention Of The Youth Sector.. Are We Ready to Effect Change?

By: Michael V. Zacarias

The right to suffrage gives greater influence to the development of the nation and its constituents. The government alone cannot move onward if its constituents remained to be inaudible. No less than the Pres. Benigno Simeon C. Aquino himself, had spoken during his inaugural speech and the “State of the Nation Address”, highlighting that the citizens of the Philippines are his “bosses”. What he had tried to emphasize was that the citizens have greater power to make the nation becoming more productive and can even compete globally in all aspects. The affiliation among the different nations and the economic conditions to name a few are some of the paramount settings which needed to be focused so that peace and unity will be achieved. These things are quite obtainable if only each citizen would have ventured themselves to actively help one another to effecting change for the advancement of our very own land. A single word being promised would indecisively suffice the needs of one’s dream to make this country more productive. It should always be taking actions in order to meet and realize its goals that have been implemented. The law is good but, there are only weak enforcers. Time and again, our country has fronting different problems. Some are being resolved. But, there are still problems being handed down from both past and present administrations. As the present administration safeguarding to resolve such predicaments, new one rises.

Who would have thought these problems can effortlessly be resolved? Every day, if we switch to the different radio stations, televisions and, even chronicles there are numerous of headlines being catalogue and aired by the mass media. Here and there, some of our citizens are joining in rallies. They inclined to shout while holding placards with litanies of petitions and etc. These might be reprehensible actions but, we can observe, on the other hand, its realism. Beholding what had Dr. Jose P. Rizal, the Philippine national hero, once said, “The Youth are the Fairhope of the Motherland”. What the basic institution of the community, the family and the government should be summoned for is to continue inspiring and educating the young citizens to what they can do for the country.

What realities we can distinguish currently is children are vigorously partaking to skirmish and rally in the streets. Many children are extending their arms and asking for alms. In some corners of our country, children are being caught by the policemen because of using the illegal drugs sold and given to them. How lucky for those who are able to escape but, what the future brings them, still they are all luckless. Young girls are being sent out to become neither a prostitute nor victims of white slavery. 

How unlucky those who are forced by the parents to do labors unsuited to their ages. Several children may be unable to attain schooling. Another thing is some children cannot even completely eat their meals. Let us try to look our surroundings, as we walk in the street-corners, as we eat in the food chains and, as we ride on jeepney, poor children are asking help for them to survive. Maybe, we may think these children are just instructed by their parent in doing so. Again and again, let us take a look. Who is to be blamed? We all, know the answer. Can we stop for a while? Then, think what we can do for the youth, whom the national hero believed they are the Fairhope of the land we live in. Yes, some perhaps uttered that these are just one of the common problems in the society we have. Yes, common but, rampant. What makes it shameful is that we are persistently tossed this problem to the government. These are the truth.

We even neglected children who are joining and making depraved propaganda for the government. Instead of helping those to create the best environment suitable for their abilities that would merely give benefits to the community in their very own simple and modest means. There are also parents who ignored children of their erroneous doings even they have seen it through their naked eyes. What then those parents being stoned into the government? In a litany, they have shouted in loud voices,“it’s the government’s fault” once again. 

Where problems really started? Well, it’s not on the government but, it’s on the constituent. Every individual should have to blame not the government because it is the people who made all these problems. Whether leaders or not, each has the right to build or even reconstitute the shattered dreams for our country. We are all called pilots, may be the one who seated in the government or the one who is an ordinary citizen. We are all deserved to be. 

As we continue searching for truth and reputations for our country, let us help our government to summon the youth to become effective, active and, noble citizens. What we have dreamed for our country is having its prospects if we untiringly guide them into the future where we could see its unambiguity. Let the torch be lighted- the torch and the book of knowledge. So, we could see the brightness of the future which we think it’s elusive to fulfill. Change starts within individuals’ hands. If teachers are catalyst of change, then be it. We earn to be the catalysts of change for the country since, we all are lone individuals. Children of Jose Rizal have greater value of effecting change for our country. What substantial then should be imparted to the youth is to help them realize the importance of true education and the value of life to every individual.

As we partake to this 2013 Senatorial Election let us support the young citizens to be at the right track in choosing the best individuals to be the leaders of our country. Another essential thing to be taught to our youth is to guarantee with genuine and clean election so that they may be able to contribute a remarkable result to this year’s the right to suffrage. We will continue to have trust and embolden that our young electorates may not be influenced to write the names of each candidate on the ballot on this 2013 May Election it’s because they are given any materials such as money or maybe they are promised nor threatened.

Dr. Jose P. Rizal once quoted, “Pen is mightier than a double-edge sword”. See to it that the right to be chosen must have clear visions which both the nation and the people can benefit the goodness of his actions. These ways are may be simple but, it clearly places the bright future of the country. Who knows, today, tomorrow we all can see the changes where problems are gradually but obstinately resolved. Each of us enabled to make difference. Just make sure the difference we are going to create can help upgrading the social mobility. Most of all, the key towards this arena is the concrete consciousness of enhancing our greater outlook to every one of us. And to start effect change is not to bring back the yesterdays but, learning what it brought to us today. 

The exact time is not to wait tomorrow where it takes us towards hesitations. Hesitations are interruptions to our future. The best time to start is NOW. So, today, youth link with us to this memorable event in our country. Let us together wrestle the warfare of this land. Vote wisely and you’ll see how you made a big difference after this 2013 May Election.

To end, I am now throwing back this question to the youth of our beloved country the Philippines.. Are we ready to vote? (VerGarciaBlogs)

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