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Reported by: Ted Cho and Ver M. Garcia

The Philippine College of Physicians (PCP) in its position statement on stem cell therapy that was released at the PCP Health Forum held recently at the Annabel's Restaurant at T. Morato in Timog, Quezon City. In photo.. Dra. Priscila Caguioa (PCP), Dr. Shelley Ann De La Vega, Dr. Guia Sison (PCP), Dra. Nenita Collantes (PCP), Dra. Jovilla Aborig, Dra. Maria Angelina Mirasol, Dra.Susan Anonuevo-DeLa Rama, Dra. G. Bael and Dr. Antonio Miguel A. Dans.

So That The Public May Know..

!~. Presently, stem cell therapy has been proven beneficial in very few medical conditions:
      in Cancers of the blood, and bone marrow, some primary immune-deficiencies treated by    autologous or allogenic stem cell transplants.

2. The effectiveness and safety have yet to be proven in the following conditions: heart. lung, neurologic, skin, rheumatologic, kidney and gastro intestinal diseases, diabetes milletus, hypertension, autism, cancer, aging and aesthetics, HIV AIDS and other conditions.

3. The use of stem cell therapy for these conditions should be confined to clinical studies,  that is, properly designed studies that have been screened and approved by a duly constituted technical review board and ethics committee. Such studies should in fact be encouraged so that the potential benefits of stem cell therapy in these conditions can be documented.

4. Finally, we recognized and support the Rep. Act (RA) No. 3720 as amended by RA No. 9711, which mandates the FDA.. to conduct the appropriate tests on all applicable health products prior to the issuance of appropriate authorizations to ensure safety, efficacy, purity and quality (Section 4h) ; and "to develop and issue standards and appropriate authorizations that would cover establishments, facilities, and health products" (Section 4m).

As a public service.. Please report immediately to the FDA any of the following:

1. Practice of stem cell therapy by persons or institutions not accredited by the FDA.
2. Promtion and use of stem cell therapy for unproven indications (as listed in the PCP position paper) and
3. Acceptance of payments for stem cell therapy when used for these unproven indications.

You may directly contact  FDA No. T.910-2253 for any question regarding stem cell therapy or log on to the FDA website:

The Bloggers Association of the Philippines welcomes the general public opinion on the issues of the proven efficacies of stem cell therapy/ therapies.. Should you wish to place your unbiased scientific conjecture on the topic please do so. For your information and guidance.

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