Miyerkules, Pebrero 12, 2014


BY: Juvy De Guzman

GOOD NEWS FROM.......Overseas recruitment sector pitches in relief operations for victims of Typhoon Yolanda Overseas recruitment licensed agencies are mobilizing their resources in gathering financial donations from its members and foreign recruitment agencies to help victims of typhoon Yolanda in Leyte and Cebu. PHILAAK an industry association mostly deploying HSWs to Kuwait is raising funds from it’s member agencies to help a particular barrio in Ormoc, Barrio Buhay Pagsa with over 2,000 relief packets containing food, clothing, medicine, solar lights with chargers and shelter materials like tarpulins. PHILAAK is also tapping FRAs (Foreign recruitment Agencies) in Kuwait who have responded to appeal of their Philaak counter parts with monetary donations to help the fund drive. The FRAs were also instrumental in convincing the Kuwaiti Royalty and government to contribute $ 10 million US dollars to the Philippines while donating more than $ 5,000 dollars to their counterparts in the country.
Meanwhile POEA Governing Board Member Estrelita Hizon (private sector) is calling on all the Landbased Association Officers and Members “Let us move as ONE UNITED INDUSTRY” to support the fund raising and relief effort of the POEA even as the regulatory body prepares a series of job fairs in the cities of Zamboanga, Tagbiliran and Tacloban to provide overseas job openings for qualified applicants.
At the same time Ms. Hizon thanked the numerous donors of cash, food, medicine and shelter materials she was able to gather for the residents of Bantayan island in Cebu. Pls refer to: Manny Geslani..

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