Sabado, Hunyo 14, 2014

P42 Billion of Water Consumers Goes Down The Drain..

Resignation Of Atty. Caparas Puzzles All Refund Movement
By: Rodolfo Javellana 0928-6575329

             Rodolfo Javellana, President of WARM. He said consumers were losing P42 billion by passing the burden of paying the corporate income tax and other expenditures.

The Water All Refund Movement (WARM) welcomes the sudden resignation of MWSS Acting Chief Regulator lawyer Emmanuel Caparas because of conflict of interest. It said that the resignation will take effect on June 30, 2014.

His resignation only confirms the position of WARM in the first place that lawyer Caparas late resignation comes at a time when there was an ongoing arbitration proceeding between MWSS and its concessionaires MAYNILAD and Manila Water over the petition for rate increase.

In a Saturday Kapihan forum at Anabels restaurant,  Javellana said that the consumers having been calling MWSS to open the arbitration proceedings to the the public but it was denied.. He added that the right to be heard, consulted and informed on matters affecting our everyday lives is a public interest. (VerGarcia and Teddy Cho blogs)

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