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                                     Asia's  Princess of Songs Ms. Emma Cordero, President of Manila Sunrise Lions Club for 6 years... and a Member of Japan Lions Club, Tenjin Liberty Lions Club..

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By: Susan Amoroso

Bongbong Marcos
 Sen. Grace Poe
Photos of the possible Presidential Power HouseTandem this coming 2016?

     Though 2016 seems so far several Presidentiables have already indicated their desire to run in the 2016 National Election. So far, there are ominous indications that there will be no election in 2016. Some are not interested, although they are being endorsed. One thing is certain whoever survives the test of fire or they might call it a baptism by fire. The stress test being experienced by these Presidentiables will perhaps be enough preparation for the tough job that lies ahead in Malacanang Palace. Will you dare to take up the challenge? or  Will you take the bull by the horn? If you have decided, MABUHAY FILIPINO ONLINE is for you. Hosted by veteran Journalists and Broadcasters Ms. Susan Amoroso, Entertainment Columnist Emy Abuan and Broadcaster Juvy De Guzman. A forum for potential leaders.. Are you prepared to answer several dilemma questions that have remained dormant after years of being silent and now presenting itself in the form natural and man made disasters.

                       The New Philippines in the year 2016
The ASEAN integration if we can compare it with the European common market was already in the blueprint of several leaders but, it did not materialize. Because there was a continuous repression of the youth's dynamism in their hearts and mind by some  ASEAN leaders. Writers, researchers and even ordinary persons did not have the proper venue for them to express creativity. Have you ever wondered why there are so many  topnotch ASIAN students in America and European Universities? Your guest is as good as mine. Did the ASEAN lost its precious youth? What kind of leaders do we have now in ASEAN, of course the young generations are learning from this crooked, corrupt, inept and vengeful leaders. Hope it will not take its toll on our economic, cultural  and political emancipation in Asia. (VerGarcia/TeddyChoBlogs)                                                                        

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THANK GOD FOR ANOTHER DAY, BLESS US ALL THE WAY !!! PAG-USAPAN NATIN - JUVY DE GUZMAN All about.... MERS coronavirus.....beware !!! Lord, thank you so much for having a great sleep today. I was able to sleep enough, to regain power due to my heavy load.

The Speakers are Dr. Lyndon Lee Uy - Head of DOH Committee for emerging Infections, Dr. Mario Panaligan - PCP Board of Regent, Business Manager and PSMID Board of Council..... This issue is very alarming, since there's no medicine yet for this kind of sick
I am so thankful for any information I got from PCP - Philippine College of Physicians and PSMID - Philippine Society of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Health Forum in Annabel's Restaurant in Tomas Morato, Quezon City, regarding MERS coronavirus.
Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) MERS-CoV particles is a negative stain electron microscopy. Virions contain characteristic club-like projections emanating from the viral membrane. Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) is viral respiratory illness first reported in Saudi Arabia in 2012. It is caused by a coronavirus called MERS-CoV. Most people who have been confirmed to have MERS-CoV infection developed severe acute respiratory illness. They had fever, cough, and shortness of breath. About half of these people died. So far, all the cases have been linked to six countries in or near the Arabian Peninsula.
No cases have been identified in the U.S. This virus has spread from ill people to others through close contact. However, the virus has not shown to spread in a sustained way in communities. The situation is still evolving.
Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), a respiratory disease of humans. MERS CoV had not been seen in humans before September 2012. Since then sporadic outbreaks of MERS CoV with human cases have been detected in 9 countries. 
According to a recent WHO report, from September 2012 to November 2013, a total of 153 cases recorded..
CDC, is working with partners to better understand the risks of this virus, including the source, how it spreads, and how infections might be prevented. CDC has provided information for travelers and is working with health departments, hospitals, and other partners to prepare for possible cases in the United States. Countries With Lab-Confirmed MERS Cases April 2012 - Present France Italy Jordan Kuwait Malaysia Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia Tunisia United Kingdom (UK) United Arab Emirates (UAE) For information about cases and deaths by country, visit World Health Organization (WHO)External Web Site Icon For your's some information to satisfy your needs..... Questions and Answers......... Updated last November 2013 MERS coronavirus (CoV) What is MERS CoV? MERS CoV is a particular strain of coronavirus which is thought to cause
Mboratory-confirmed cases of infection with MERS-CoV have been reported, including 64 deaths. What are coronaviruses? Coronaviruses are species of RNA (ribonucleic acid) viruses. They are called coronaviruses because under an electron microscope the virus appears to have a characteristic crown or halo around it. There are many species and strains of coronavirus which have different characteristics, causing a range of signs - from mild to severe disease – in humans and in different animal species. Several different species of coronavirus infect both animals and humans. What is the source of MERS CoV? OIE together with its partner organizations the World Health Organization (WHO), the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and national animal health authorities of affected countries is closely following investigations into a possible animal source of MERS CoV. The current epidemiological investigation includes researching potential sources of exposure to the virus which are numerous and include other humans, the environment, food and water, as well as animals. Detailed information collected from relatives and other persons in contact with people infected with MERS CoV can help to provide important clues about the source of their infection. To date, no formal proof has been highlighted on a potential animal origin. Exposure sources and modes of transmission also remain to be clarified. Can animals become infected with MERS CoV? Although experimental infection of animal cultured cells and recently monkeys with MERS CoV has been possible, to date the MERS CoV has not been naturally detected in animals. Are animals responsible for MERS CoV infections in people? To date there is no evidence that people have become infected through contact with animals. However there is also a possibility that MERS CoV may have evolved from other coronaviruses that have been circulating in certain animals. Additional public health investigations are needed to establish the source of exposure for human infections with MERS CoV when the source has not been identified as another human. So far, three patterns of infection have been reported by WHO: -community acquired cases (the exposure sources remains unknown and might include an animal, food or -environmental source) -hospital acquired infections -infection acquired through close human to human contact (household). Did MERS CoV come from bats? Although a relative to this virus had already been detected in bat species, and a fragment of viral genetic material matching the MERS CoV was recently found in one bat from Saudi Arabia, more evidence is needed to directly link the MERS CoV to bats or any other animal species. What about the suspicion that camels play a role in MERS? Currently there is no strong evidence to consider that camels are a source of infection for human cases of MERS. Based on available epidemiological data it is difficult to explain the relationship between positive serological results in camels and cases of human infections with MERS CoV. Indeed, to date, there is no potential similarity between the strain of MERS CoV isolated in humans and the suspicions shown in camels. It is important to remain open minded about all potential sources of exposure for human cases until more information is available. What about serological tests in animals? Serology tests aim to detect antibodies produced by the animal against the virus, and not to search for the presence of the virus itself. Often it is difficult and sometimes impossible to distinguish antibodies to different viruses having genetic or antigenic similarities, due to what is known as serological ‘cross reactivity’. Serology tests for MERS CoV have not yet been validated in animals and may not be reliable. If these tests, which may not be sufficiently specific, are used in animals there is a risk that ‘false positive’ results will occur because it may not be possible to differentiate antibodies to MERS CoV from antibodies to other coronaviruses, commonly found in animals. That is why tests in animals should focus on isolating and identifying the virus itself. What would happen if MERS CoV is identified in animals? If information from public health investigations identifies a possible animal source, OIE will support further joint investigations. OIE Member Countries would be obliged to report a confirmed case of MERS CoV in animals to OIE, as an emerging disease’ in accordance with article 1.1.3 of the OIE Terrestrial Animal Health Code. If MERS CoV was identified in an animal this would not necessarily mean that the animal is a source of human infection. Detailed investigations would then be needed to understand the relationship between any animal cases and human cases, and whether a finding in animals would be significant for human infection. What is OIE doing? OIE is working closely with the WHO to support investigations into a possible animal source: an OIE expert participated in a WHO mission to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in June 2013 to investigate the source of MERS CoV. OIE also has a global informal network of experts on coronaviruses in animals who are closely monitoring the situation. OIE develops and publishes international standards and guidelines on the prevention and control of animal diseases including zoonoses (animal diseases transmissible to humans). These science-based standards provide guidance on the best control measures which should be applied, where appropriate, to allow control of infection in the identified animal source. The OIE is the reference organisation for international standards relating to animal health and zoonoses under the World Trade Organization Sanitary and Phytosanitary Agreement (SPS Agreement). Decisions related to safe trade in terrestrial animals and animal products must respect the standards, recommendations and guidelines found in the OIE Terrestrial Animal Health Code. Although a relative to this virus had already been detected in bat species, and a fragment of viral genetic material matching the MERS CoV was recently found in one bat from Saudi Arabia, more evidence is needed to directly link the MERS CoV to bats or any other animal species. It help for all us to prepare and be aware for early detection. — with Cheryl Obbus Zafra and 2 others.
THANKS GOD FOR ANOTHER DAY, BLESS US ALL THE WAY !!! PAG-USAPAN NATIN - JUVY DE GUZMAN SOFITEL HOTEL OFFICIALS SUBPOENAED FOR VIOLATION OF SENIOR CITIZENS LAW Two high ranking officials of five - star Sofitel Luxury Hotels (Sofitel) located at the PICC Complex, Pasay City were subpoenaed by the Pasay City Prosecutor's Office to answer charges of allegedly violating of the Senior Citizens law of the Philippines. In the subpoena issued by the Pasay City Assistant Prosecutor, Juliet Susan Garcia on May 22, 2014. Adam Laker and Mattheieu Chapuis, General Manager and Assistant Manager of Sofitel were "required to appear before (her) Office on June 9 and 16 at 2:00pm then and there to testify under oath or answer clarificatory questions at the preliminary investigation to be conducted" in connection with the criminal complaint filed by election lawyer Romulo Macalintal for their alleged violation of the Senio Citizens Law or RA 9994. In his complaint, Macalintal said that he is a member of Sofitel Accor Advantage (Accor) where members, for a fee of P8,800.00 a year, are entitled to certain discounts and privileges like 50% discount on the cost of food od drinks consumed. The terms and connditions of the Accor state among others that "Nothing in These Terms excludes, limits, modifies or restricts any right or remedy, or any guarantee, warranty or other term or condition implied or imposed by any legislation which cannot lawfully be excluded or limited." On February 8, 2014 he and a friend dined at the Sofitel Le Bar Restaurant. While Sofitel gave him a 50% discount under his Accor membership, it did not apply his 20% Senior Citizens discount. Macalintal demanded for his 20% discount as a senior citizen as provided under Section 4 of RA 9994 but Sofitel management arbitrarily denied him of this discount on the ground that it was already "included" in the 50% discount under the Accor program. Macalintal told Sofitel that the 50% discount is my entitlement by virtue of my contract with Accor while the 20% is my ddiscount by virtue of RA 99994 or my being a senior citizen." Macalintal added that "if my 20% senior discount is already considered in the 50% Accor discount, then it is very clear that I was given only 30% by Accor and that Sofitel is the one enjoying my 20% discount as a senior citizen." "In other words, to say that the 50% discount under the Accor already includes my 20% discount as a senior citizen is a clear sign that I am being shortchanged of my 50% benefit as an Accor member because, with the use of my 20% senior citizen discount, only 30% is given to me by the Accor which is clearly less than the correct 50% discount under our contract. More so, as stated above, our terms and conditions with Accor do not limit or restrict the benefits I am entitled in a particular legislation. Furthermore, a non-senior member of Accor has advantage over a senior-Accor member because while both enjoy 50% discount, the latter is deprived of his 20% discount provided for by law for senior citizens", Macalintal said. Macalintal said that Adam and Chapuis are charged in their capacities as officials of the Sofitel because under the Senior Citizens Law, if the offender is a corporation, the officials directly involved or in charge of management shall be liable. The law also provides for a penalty of two years to six years imprisonment and a fine of P50,000. to P 100,000 to violators of the right of a senior citizen. Macalintal, 67 years old, had been instrumental in raising the awareness of the senior citizens of their right to use any government issued identification cards, like driver's license, voter's ID, SSS,GSIS, Pagibig, and the like, in the absence of the regular senior citizens cards issued by the Office of the Senior Ciitizens Affairs. "This case against Sofitel may serve as precedent because there are other hotels with similar cases and other establishments denying senior citizens their rights by claiming that their prices are already on "promo" or on sales promotion. This "promo" thing has been abused by certain establishments in denying and refusing to grant discounts to senior citizens on the pretext that they are on "promo". The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) should look into this problem and should remind these establishments that unless their "promo" is approved by the DTI, the price of their commoditiesshall be considered as regular prices which should be the basis of the discounts for senior citizens" said Macalintal.. Sa aking pananaw, ang kasong isinampa ni Atty. Romulo Macalintal, ay malaking tulong para sa mga Senior Citizen, na higit na maunawaan nilang lahat ang kanilang karapatan na dapat ay kanilang tinatamasa ng tama at sapat. Tunay na marami sa atin, ang di lubos na nakakaunawa ng batas. Batas na minsan ay tunay na di naipapatupad, dahil na rin sa kawalan ng iba ng panahon o pera upang ito ay ipaglaban. Alalahanain nating lahat na tayo ay tatanda rin ay kailangan na alam natin ang mga bagay na para sa atin. Maraming panghihinayang para sa akin ang pagkamatay ng aking butihin Lola Fidela, na sa palagay ko ay di niya na-enjoy ang mga benepisyo ng Senior Citizen. Sa panahon ngayon, bigyan natin ng pansin ang kanilang kalagayan, na minsan na nagpasaya at nagmahal sa atin.noong sila ay malakas pa at may hanapbuhay pa. Tunay na nakaka-panghinayang ang di pagpapahalaga ng ilan sa kanilang mga Senior Citizen na kapamilya. Lalo na sa mga kaanak nila, na sa tingin nila ay wala ng pakinabang sa kanila. Nagdurugo ang aking puso, kapag ako ay nakakasagap ng ganitong klase ng kuwento, lalo na 'pag napasyal ako sa DSWD-Home for the Aged..... Nawa'y di ako umabot sa ganitong punto. hahahaha.....joke joke....hala, sige mga kapatid, salamat po sa inyong panahon, na mabasa ito......AMEN..
PAG-USAPAN NATIN - JUVY DE GUZMAN Thanks GOD for another day, BLESS us all the way !!! Mga KOLORUM, nangangamba, sa laki ng penalty....! Kahapon, June 19, 2014, ipinatupad na ang panghuhuli sa mga pampublikong sasakyan na bumiyahe sa Metro Manila. Marami ang nagalit sa side ng mga Driver at Transport sector sa bagong patakaran ng LTFRB-LTO, sa sobrang laki ng penalty, ay aakalain mong. tila imposible ang ganitong klase ng patakaran ......At dahil dito, maraming mga mananakay ang naperhuwisyo, dahil sa di pagbiyahe ng ilag mga pampublikong sasakyan. Mula umaga, hanggang gabi ay napakaluwag ng kalsada...... Napaisip tuloy ako, at nag-aalala, na tila, marami ang KOLORUM na pampublikong sasakyan. Kasi, kung wala ka namang violation, ano ba ang dapat pangambahan ng iba, na apektado daw? Nakakalungkot naman, at tila nakisama na rin ang ga lihitimong mga pampublikong sasakyan, na dapat sana ang bumubiyahe as early as possible. Well di ko rin inaasahan ang ganitong pangyayari, na kung saan, napakarami na nating problema sa bansa, na alam naman nating lahat, na tila, magpahanggang sa ngayon ay wala paring solusyon. Kaliwa't kanan ang nakahambalang na alalahanin sa ating Pangulo, at ang pinakamalaki sa lahat, ay ang KORAPSIYON, na tila mahirap putulin, para sa mga taong nakasanayan na nila ang ganitong klase ng kalakaran. LORD, paki turo po ninyo ang tamang daan sa lahat, para sa tuluyang pagbabago. We need a REFORMPH, na naalala ko sa kampo ni Bro. GRECO BELGICA. Napakaming batas na magaganda, ngunit di naipapatupad ng tama. Mga batas, na dapat maamiyendahan na. Mga LEADER, na dapat sanang magpatupag, ngunit sila pa ang tila sumisira nito. Sa mga gaya naming KABABAIHAN, tila wala na kaming tagapagtanggol na dapat sana nasa aming tabi, all the time. Tagapagtanggol, na di naman kami mapapahamak.....Saan na ba tayo lalagay? Ano na po ba ang nangyayari sa bansa? Nag-aalala lang po ako, kasi tila marami na ang nagpapalala sa problema ng bayan. Kung di tayo magtutulungan, paano makakaahon sa problema ang bansa. Kahit na sinong agaling na Pangulo ng Pilipinas ang ilagay natin, tila wala ng pangil ang lahat......???? Sa tingin ko lang po. Kasi naman, wala ng naniniwala sa pagbabago na mangyayari sa bansa. Sa darating na bagyo na sunud-sunod, saan na tayo lalagay ngayon? Saan man ako dumako, marami ang mga hukay, na tila nagmamadali rin na makatulong sana, pero marami sa ating mga kababayaan na tila, di rin nila alintana ang kanilang gawaing mali. Ang magtapon ng basura, saan man nila nais. Hay, nakupo, kulang ang espasyong ito para, dinggin ang lahat ng mga hinaing ng ating mga kababayan. LORD HAVE MERCY !!!
PAG-USAPAN NATIN-JUVY DE GUZMAN Three days ago, fortunately I was invited by Ms. Susan Amoroso to join her after attending the Liga ng mga Brodkasters sa Pilipinas in Hotel Rembrandt. I thought, it was just a meeting but fortunately, it was a Philippine Science Journalists Association, Inc.General Assembly and Congress held in Bacolod Chicken Inasal Restaurant in Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City last September 17, 2014..... Luckily, we're able to catch up Mr. Tony Lambino-Head of Communication of DOST. But there's a good news, that the DOST opens Junior Level Science Scholarship for high school science teaching....Based on their newsletter, The DOST - SEI - The Department of Science and Technology - Science Technology Institute is now accepting applications for the said scholarship to enable graduates of the program to teach in secondary schools after graduation, as stipulated in the newly-passed law. Dr, Josette Biyo, Director of DOST-SEI, said the program seeks to address the shortage of of quality Teachers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) subject in secondary schools. Those who will qualify will be awarded tuition and other school fees amounting P. 10,000.00 per semester or P 8,000.00 per trimestral term; book allowance, monthly stipend, clothing allowance, transportation allowance and health insurance. Application forms are downloadable through and or may be obtained at SEI or at the nearest DOST regional offices/provincial science and technology centers. Accomplished forms may as well be filed through the said offices. September 30, 2014 is the deadline for filing applications. October 18, 2014 is the JLSS Scholarship Examination to administered. Please PASS to all concern. Its a great opportunity to all STUDENT concerned. Let the GOOD NEWS spread around the Native land. ###

Celebrity Hour Entertainment Forum At Tiara Oriental Hotel

Celebrity Hour Media Forum
By: German Ojeras

In photos are the following: Ms. Juvy De Guzman (Emcee), Singer Benjie Lacanilao, Danny Atienza, Psychic and forum organizer, Nards Belen, Entertainment Director and Emily Abuan (Host), Phil. Star Entertainment Columnist. The Celebrity Hour Entertainment Forum is a weekly event held every Saturday at Tiara Hotel in Makati City. From 9am to up to 12nn. Photos by: German Ojeras (Photo Journalist).

Maraming salamat kay Media Practitioner Mayet Robles sa kanyang napakagandang video presentation.

About the Author German Ojeras:
A photo of   the Central Park New York City where International Photo Journalist German Ojeras stayed and worked as a Yellow Cab Driver. He stayed there for almost a decade and mingled with some famous visual artist in the city that never sleeps.. Traveled around the world as a seafarer and as a junior maintenance engineer. (Teddy Cho Blogs)

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Philippine Tourism Growth Rate At A Glance
By: Teddy Cho

The Philippine Tourism Department is gearing up for 10 million foreign visitors and about 35.5 million domestic tourists arrival by the  year 2016. As of the latest counting the country registered 2,433,438 international visitors in the First half  of 2014, this represents a growth rate of 2.22 percent compared to last year (2013) volume of 2,380,593 foreign visitors arrivals in the first half of 2013.

Average occupancy rate among Metro Manila Hotels in 2013 is 67.20 percent wherein hotel accommodations for deluxe rooms was availed at an average of  70.82 percent. An average length stay of foreigners were listed at 2.5days( in nights).National Capital Region (NCR) is still on top with 1,751,191 millions  foreign guests among the lists in the overnight stay in accommodations establishments as of 2013.

Coming in second is Region VII (Central Visayas) with 1,351,285 millions checking as overnight guests in accommodation establishments. However, domestic guests in Region V (Bicol) region ranks the first overnight guest accommodated establishments in 2013.

Foreign visitors arrival in 2013 has been estimated at 4,681,307 compared to the 2012 statistics with 4,272,811 visitors an increased of  9.56 percent higher than the previous visits last year. Topping the lists of foreign visitors are the Koreans with 1,165, 789 visitors. While American visitors came in second with a volume of 674,564 visitors as of 2013. . Purpose of visits according to the  A/D Cards  and shipping manifests data is for the holiday reasons which yielded an average of 59.58 percent. Business came in as a second reason  (9.86 percent). Other data recorded not specified reasons is represented at  26.13 percent much higher than the business purpose.

Statistics release by the Dept. of Tourism (DOT) which launch the  "Philippine Tourism is good for ASEAN tourism. Now campaigning " Visit Philippines Year 2015", calendar of events promoting  the historical and cultural treasures, rich biodiversity, world heritage sites and different design in commercial shopping complex. The twinning or the twin city packages was presented to 350 tour operators with the objective of creating "ASEAN HUB" in the country, thus creating an easy travel plan in the light of ASEAN tourism integration. The tourism sector now is a $ 4.8 billion dollar industry, the question is are we prepared for the ASEAN tourism integration? With its P 265 billion national tourism blueprint, a country stands to gain in terms of labor and employment generation. (VerGarciaBlogs)

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Cellular Rejuvenation Secrets- Phyto Science Double Stem Cell
By: German Ojeras and Teddy Cho

A big event that was launched recently last August 30, 2014 in Makati Sports Club by a Malaysian based firm named Phyto Science SDN BHD, with address at Block B, 5-1-4, Megan Salak Park, Jalan 1/125E, Desa Petaling, 57100 Kuala Lumpur. A fruit based product made in Malaysia composed of Apple, Acai Berries and Blue Berries was launched at the Makati Sports Club. 

The product was introduced by  Mr. SIMON OOI, President of the Health Division together with Mr. Henry Yap, Vice-President Health Division of Infinitum International SDN, BHD. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. According to the Malaysian Representatives, the Double Stem Cell product is in granulated  form. Phytocelltec TM Malus Domestica ( Apple Stem Cell), Phytocelltec TM Solar Vitis (Grape Stem Cell). This products will be introduced again to the public on September 6, 2014 (Sat.) at Tiara Hotel in Makati City  at 9am. For more information please contact Mr. Jun Bernadas, Phil. Representaive at 0920-9515472.

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Are You Depressed? Please Don't Worry Be Happy..
By: Teddy Cho and Ver M. Garcia

  In photo from L to R: Dr. Zita Soriano, Dr. Dinah Nadera, Dr. Annie Cruz and Dr. Bhabes Arcena of the the Philippine Psychiatric Association, Inc. An affilite Society of the Phil. College of Physicians. Original Photo by. Teddy Cho.
When one is preoccupied with sadness and interferes with one's job, life and family.. it's no longer normal. It can be classified as a depression.

In the advent of technological advancement there are of course several ways of coping up with depression. Younger generations cope up through the gadgets like: celfons, laptops, Ipads, smartphones etc. The older ones use prohibited drugs/ pharmacological drugs, alcohol,  and even illicit sex affairs to escape depression. Although professional help are seldom tapped in comparison with the Americans and European cultures. Consulting a psychiatrist is but similar  to a physician treating a common cold  in the body.

In the Philippine setting, going to a psychiatrist when depressed has become a stigma  or tantamounts to being labeled as mentally ill and it is a sad truth that can possibly put an already depressed person from mild to a severe state of depression. Those who are in politics and the affluent  as well are the most vulnerable to these scenario. What about an ordinary person on the street who has no one to talk to except himself? How does he coped up with depression? For sure, strong bonds with friends and relatives are sometimes a great help; Spiritual counselling of priest, nuns and pastors are heartwarming and indispensable; Listening and watching soap operas on TV, internet or radio; Watching a movie with friends while eating an ice cream or a popcorn;  Reading a humorous story or writing a poem can be therapeutic and relaxing. In almost every aspect of our lives laughter.. as the saying goes is still  the best medicine. Also prayer and meditation should be availed of when experiencing or undergoing a trial. Better still, if one is undergoing a depression symptoms.

'May Bukas Pa' by.. Rico J. Puno


There's a correlation between the physical and mental health issues. "You might even recognize it by yourself if you've seen it and experience it. It might even save lives and prevents suicide attempts" said Dr. Dinah Nadera, MD. Do not under estimate your capacity as a media practitioner to foil a suicide attempt. Talk to a person and listen carefully. Our present  government health policy has overlooked this link between the body and mind, when it comes to government health policies it needs an overhauling of health policy experts.


1.) Physical/ Biological manifestations like: fatigue, weakness, vague aches and pains experienced all over the body, weight loss due to loss of appetite.

2.) Emotional manifestations: guilty feelings, hopelessness, worthlessness, helplessness. Another red flag, anhedonia - loss of interest of doing what usually is happy doing or inability to feel pleasure at what he/she usually enjoys doing, loss of interest in life and social interactions. 

3.) Thought manifestations, hopelessness, difficulty or inability to make decisions, poor self esteem, suicidal ideations, difficulty/ inability to concentrate.

4.) Behavioral manifestation; disturb/ poor sleeper, poor appetite, reduced sex drive, frequent smoking, (don't be a loser.. stop smoking- Robert Proctor).


Actor Comedian Robin Williams

Gen. Angelo Reyes

Although Actor Comedian  Robin Williams colorful life ended with a sad note, improper reporting of suicide stories have a copycat effect on a person suffering from depressions. The manner in which, how it was done (suicide) should be treated carefully by a media / media practitioner specially the construction of words or verbal engineering. Ex. instead of using the word "successfully committed suicide" use "completed suicide" instead. In Europe however, there was a novel that was banned because of its copycat/ imitative effect on potentially depressed persons. In a media  health forum held every Tuesday at Annabel's Restaurant in T. Morato, Quezon City tackled the issue, the guidelines were provided on what role the media should do in reporting suicide cases.


"Sleep and you shall be well." Inadequate sleep could lead to gastric ulcers and even depression according to findings of researchers in University of Hongkong. The two year study led by Dr. Mariel Koo Wang was aimed at finding the relationship between the amount of sleep in relation with healthy brains. The study revealed that depressions is also an illness that should be addressed clinically.


The Depressed Child                                                                       The Manic Child

Being in an unusually sad mood                          -               Being in an usually happy mood

Refusal to do things he usually enjoys               -               'Short fuse' or temper tantrums

Unusual appetite or sleep changes                       -               Shorter sleeping hours

Feelings of worthlessness or guilt                        -               Excessive talkativeness

Fatigue                                                                                  -                Hyperactivity 

Thoughts about suicide                                         -                Difficulty concentrating

Chronic physical complaints that can't be explained -        For a teenager, risky behavior and boredom

Single parents who usually leaves their children alone at home should watch for this signs and symptoms. A tap on a shoulder and a smile is not enough to communicate but kind words do encourages. But, for all we know a big hug and a kiss and a smile is perhaps what is needed to communicate what can not be done in words.


"Be soft, don't let the world make you hard. Don't let the pain make you hate. Don't let bitterness steal your sweetness. Stay steadfast even though the rest of the world may doubt. The best helping hand is at the end of your arms. When you feel you can't  handle things, just put your hands together and pray. While we do what we can, God will do what we can not". Happy days and more blessings to others. (VergarciaBlogs)