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By: Susan Amoroso

Bongbong Marcos
 Sen. Grace Poe
Photos of the possible Presidential Power HouseTandem this coming 2016?

     Though 2016 seems so far several Presidentiables have already indicated their desire to run in the 2016 National Election. So far, there are ominous indications that there will be no election in 2016. Some are not interested, although they are being endorsed. One thing is certain whoever survives the test of fire or they might call it a baptism by fire. The stress test being experienced by these Presidentiables will perhaps be enough preparation for the tough job that lies ahead in Malacanang Palace. Will you dare to take up the challenge? or  Will you take the bull by the horn? If you have decided, MABUHAY FILIPINO ONLINE is for you. Hosted by veteran Journalists and Broadcasters Ms. Susan Amoroso, Entertainment Columnist Emy Abuan and Broadcaster Juvy De Guzman. A forum for potential leaders.. Are you prepared to answer several dilemma questions that have remained dormant after years of being silent and now presenting itself in the form natural and man made disasters.

                       The New Philippines in the year 2016
The ASEAN integration if we can compare it with the European common market was already in the blueprint of several leaders but, it did not materialize. Because there was a continuous repression of the youth's dynamism in their hearts and mind by some  ASEAN leaders. Writers, researchers and even ordinary persons did not have the proper venue for them to express creativity. Have you ever wondered why there are so many  topnotch ASIAN students in America and European Universities? Your guest is as good as mine. Did the ASEAN lost its precious youth? What kind of leaders do we have now in ASEAN, of course the young generations are learning from this crooked, corrupt, inept and vengeful leaders. Hope it will not take its toll on our economic, cultural  and political emancipation in Asia. (VerGarcia/TeddyChoBlogs)                                                                        

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