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Puerto Princesa International Airport Tourist Assistance Center (Original Photo by: Ver Garcia)
Going down at the Cebu Pacific Airbus 320 at the Runaway of the Puerto Princesa Airport. (Original photos by: Ver Garcia)
 Alighting at the tarmac. (Photo by: Ver Garcia}
Welcome to Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines
Welcome to Puerto Princesa, Palawan, where you can find the Nature's Eight Wonders of the World..

Falling in Love..
By: Destiny

Anyone who has fallen in love?
Try your best to captivate,
the heart and mind of that special someone.

The journey of love however, is not an easy one..
It is lonely and riddled with mini fields.
The ultimate fear is rejection,
the thought of it is enough to say.

It's the scariest in English language..
Jesus yes, it's the game of love.
It does not change at whatever age you are.
It does not matter whether you are working,
middle-aged and whatever you've gone through
in life.

With several episodes..
It doesn't make any difference at all.
Whether you are rich or famous or otherwise..
When it strikes you..
You will be reduced to exactly,
what you were in school..
A quivering blob of emotions.

We can learn a thing or two..
From those who are more experience.
But, in the end it boils down to this..
We just need to be ourselves.

I'm no love guru.
But, I can say with certainty..
that the game of love is unpredictable.
It can be harshed and it can be smooth sailing for some.

You may cry and suffer heartaches..
But, that is the risk you'll have to take.
to win the heart of that special someone.
So therefore, have the guts to do all,
what it takes to win your LOVE..

Dreaming of love.. that will last forever.. a long and lasting love.

You will find the way..
If you dare to be fearless.
LOVE is a gift from God,
But, nothing is impossible.
The Game of Love.

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