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      By: Teddy P. Cho and Ver M. Garcia

Unfinished public works construction in United Nation, Manila infront of Manila Medical Center causes obstruction, flooding and endangers the safety of the public.

 The kid is about to cross the street but is in danger of  being trapped due to the diggings created by irresponsible contractors.

Another obstruction in the road.. causing traffic and pedestrian can not pass through. Affecting business establishments in the area.

 Sad to say,.. Hospitals should be given all the amenities but was trapped in the situation.  Patientswill have a hard time finding their way to the entrance of the hospital in case of emergency and treatment.

 Flooding everywhere.. Diggings and potholes are everywhere and it's a nightmare.

No proper sign ages.

Unfinished construction delays causes flooding and prone to accident.

The Department of Public Works & Highways (DPWH) Sec. Rogelio L. Singson implemented  the Department Order 125, directingl DPWH field office to strictly  implement the requirements on road works safety, traffic management, construction safety and health in an on-going project construction and maintenance works. The government will impose suspension of work to contractors who willfully violates and fails to observe safety requirements with no entitlement of time extension and payment on corresponding items  and other related works.

         DPWH implementing offices are tasked to monitor compliance to the various road works safety requirements such as the provision of :  1.)  warning signs  2.) barricades 3.) stockpiling of materials in proper places 4.) removal from the project site of waste and excess materials which includes torn down, broken pavements and excavated debris.

         To avoid accidents in road projects, construction safety signages which are also visible  at night time and barricades shall be provided as a precaution and to advise the workers and the general public of the hazards prevailing at their respective worksites.

         The guidelines provided by DOLE(D.O. 13) requires all construction workers while at work to wear basic personal protective equipment and devices namely: reflectorized vest, safety footwear and hard hat.

         Sec. Singson also added that in the interest of ensuring the protection and safeguarding the welfare of the workers employed in the construction industry, as well as the general public within and around the immediate vicinity of any construction worksite.

          Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) guidelines a.k.a. (DOLE  D.O. 13: Guidelines Governing Occupational Safety and Health in the Construction Industry), shall also be strictly observed by construction firms and monitored by DPWH field units.

          To minimized disruption and inconvenience to the general public brought about by the on-going activities of public works  projects,contractors found not observing good housekeeping  in their respective construction sites must be held accountable and their concerned project engineers supervising  these projects are equally accountable.

           In-line with the road projects that improves,affects communities with the increased in mobility  and connectivity-contributing factors in job generation, employment opportunities to local residents.

            In connection with the Community Managed Road Maintenance Project (CMRMP) in providing jobs for about 477 beneficiaries in Paranas, Western Samar- a Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Family program of the government. The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) in partnership with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and Road Board launched the CMRMP.

           DPWH  Asst. Secretary Emil K. Sadain was directed by Secretary Singson to join DSWD Secretary Dinky J. Soliman at the project launch in Western Samar, commented that integrating citizens involvement encourages involvement and ownership thus, the road is maintained at the optimum level for their own benefit.

              Definitely, it's more than employment opportunities, but the purpose  is to develop a sense of responsibility and a duty to communities to maintain  the roads which happens to be the mandate of the government . Road networks traversing different communities wherein LGU's and the citizenry are requested to participate with the DSWD in-charged of identifying the beneficiaries qualified for the project.

             The road board has been entrusted with the funding of the program, to ensure and oversee the optimum utilization of resources  for the maintenance and improvement of a safe,efficient and environmentally balanced road network, Singson added.

             Organized "Pakyaw" groups are contracted to maintain the initial 16 Kilometer roads rehabilitated under the Secondary National Roads Development Project funded by the U.S.A. Millenium Challenge Corporation.The Improved 16 Kilometers road traverses six (6) barangays in Paranas namely : Buray , Pequit, Patag, Tabuxan, Lokilokon, and Tenani. 

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