Sabado, Nobyembre 28, 2015


By: Ver M. Garcia, Teddy Cho and German Ojeras

The Japanese Busan Festival 2015 is full of fun and hilarious evening.  Showcasing different products with authentic Japanese food  exhibiting at the Networld Hotel Spa and casino, a Japanese oriented service boutique hotel, located infront of the  Philipine Trade Training Center (PTTC) and just a stone throw away to the famous Philippine World Trade Center.

Japanese Apparel & Ladies Wear.

For the elegant women.. who are always on the go.

High quality Japanese products were presented to the bloggers and mainstream media practitioners, it shows the companies commitment to professionalism, excellence and reliability. The Filipinos and foreign buyers were amazed with the ingenuity of the products presented, especially the top of the line,  the ladies wear and undergarments imported from Japan to suit the active lifestyles of people who are always on the go.

This Sushi Machine can make  1,200 Sushi roll within an hour. Thus, making sushi a delightful delicacy to nimble.

The famous Sushi Hand Roll from Fukuoka, Japan wherein the essence and some  ingredients were imported from Australia with the addition of the original arrangement, the elegant presentation and a secret combination of a traditional menu will yield a delightful finger licking delicacy. Enabling one to enjoy the sushi as a wonderful finger licking food and as a main dish.

Hand roll and delicious sushi was presented and tasted at the exhibit by the lady sushi.

The variety of the flavored sushi with herbs and spices.

The bloggers with the Chef.

The famous Halo-Halo Special from Japan.

The accommodating staff of halo-halo special from Japan.

The bloggers and the media personalities were treated with warm welcome and great accommodation.

Sushi roll on the go..

The winner receives the major prizes. Courtesy of the Hikari company.

The lady emcee took turned in announcing the winner of the major prize the Hikari bicycle.

The Bicycle that will be raffled ready to be claimed by the winners.

The Emcee announced the winners of the raffle at the  Busan Festival 2015

The winners in the raffle contest.

The Le Amoretto famous bar at the Networld Hotel.

Japanese Vanadium Healthy Water..

Kosanka health drink for long life, beauty and good health. A toast to your success!

Sample tasting of Noodles at the start of the program.

A delightful taste of Tonkatsu finger food balls.

In conclusion, the 2 days event, that is,  the Japanese Cool Busan Festival 2015 was a  big success and it generated goodwill for everyone. An affair to remember once in a lifetime. (VergarciaBlogs)

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  1. The Japanese Busan Festival was one of the best business presentations I have ever attended. Thank you for the feature in the pic.