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By: Ver Garcia & Teddy Cho
Ka Viring Saulog staunch defender of OFW's and Women's Rights. Photo by: Ted Cho

In Photo from Left to Right. With Cavite Congressman Candidate Dr. Alen Manzano and Candidate for Governor of Cavite Dr. Richard Balanzag. Photo by: Ver Garcia

Ever wondered why there are so many independent candidates now pursuing a seat in the Government.?

Candidate Vice-Governor Ka Viring Saulog and Candidate Vice-Governor Richard Balanzag for Rudy Duterte Candidate for President of the Philippines (PDP-Laban).

Cancer Party List Bringing Good Health Into Your Household with Engr. Emer Rojas No. 104 In Your Ballot. Libreng gamutan sa bawat Pilipino. Cancer Alleviation Network On Care, Education & Rehabilitation. May Pag-Asa Tayo! Calling all Cavitenos to Support Team Kuya and Cancer Party List! "No Smoking It's Dangerous To Your Health"..

One of the reasons maybe,  they are tired with the same old politicians, this blog refers not only to Trapos but  to the Squid tactics politicians. People really wants Change. To bring about Change, the outspoken Cardinal Gaudencio B. Rosales at one time told in an Event in SMX in relation to an Environmental issue-"  You want Change ? Educate...educate.....educate...etc. And when it comes to education a good teacher (educator) is the best option a young mind needs.

A teacher by any other name  is still a good communicator and a good communicator facilitates a good learning. Youth  is the Hope of the Fatherland- a famous quote from the First Asian Democratic Hero-Dr. Jose P. Rizal. A mother & a father is the child's first teacher, a teacher in school is the child's formal mentor. Any country contemplating to wage a full scale war against another sovereign state and against poverty. We should first take into consideration the ill-effects of war on the hearts and mind of the people.

So much for the introduction  and now the reason- a teacher is seeking your electoral vote in the province of Cavite as Vice-Governor, an educator by profession Severina Vinluan Saulog, who had an extensive hands-on experience in molding the hearts and mind of the youth through the performing arts in order to keep them away from Drugs.

Ka Viring said that one of her top priority if elected as Vice-Governor of Cavite is to give a compulsory education to those who can not afford to go to school. Free adult education and for Persons With Disabilities an Special Abilities (PWDSA) as well.

On Job Generation & Creations.

After being an educator for 28 years, she being a mother also, knew how it feels to be a single parent, she understand the plight of the widows in our midst. She formulated an effective platform for these under-privilege and neglected women.

Ka Viring, as she is fondly called by her colleagues, help many Filipino contract workers (OFW’s) now gainfully employed as ship captains, seamen, waiters, cooks etc. got employed in Asia, Europe and USA.

Tourism Industry will be her top agenda when it comes to job creation and generation. Persons with disabilities and senior citizens who are in good health will easily find employment with her program on ’Hanap-Buhay Para Sa Mga Senior Citizens At Mga May Kapansanan’. This is in parallel with the job creations. In top of this, she will also create holistic and comprehensive housing program for the non-formal and informal sectors of our society.

To attract foreign investment..  Our peace and order situation and security must be implemented in closed coordination with the police force and the Armed Forces of the Phils.(AFP).

Curfew for the minors on the streets should be implemented to direct the youths creativity  and energy to sports and the performing arts to protect them from the menace of drugs and other vices that pollute their young minds.

Food security is her concern as well particularly, the farmers and the state of our agricultural industry and fisheries  which has been neglected for decades and were not given proper attention according to the experts in the agriculture. She is determine to make Cavite a model in terms of organic farming and aquatic resources  as well and the protection of our environment.

Poverty alleviation in parallel with health and wellness is an important undertaking, if you believe that health is also a form of wealth Ka Viring saw many millionaires who went broke because of an incurable and debilitating diseases due to poor lifestyle and neglect of our environment. In the end, it is still your choice my countrymen. SUBUKAN NINYO NAMAN ANG BAGO AT PALITAN NA ANG LUMA.. BAGONG BUHAY.. BAGONG PAG-ASA.

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