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The Taste of Ilocandia.. In A Plate Called Bagnet.. Now In Visayas Avenue In Vasra Quezon City..
By: Ver M. Garcia & Teddy P. Cho

Well Lighted Signage of STOOPS in Visayas Avenue.  Photo by: Ted

 The lady staff happy to get your orders.         Photo by: Ted

 Necessity is the mother of invention, who would have known that the cravings of two friends would turn into a multi-million peso business. The Department of Tourism (DoT) definitely took cognizance of the growth in production of Bagnet  in Ilocos Norte. That's why visitors always find time to order and taste delicious and crunchy BAGNET that would surely put them on cloud nine.

With the Philippines over 1700 islands and the Filipino ingenuity and creativity in the concoction of the several versions of Bagnet came to existence. Bagnet takes time to prepare, Pork Liempo otherwise known as Pork belly a choice cut is used its usually the side called 3 layers. These choice cuts from a young pork are marinated in a secret sauce. It's the secret behind the aroma that makes it irresistible. Placed in an iron pot to boil. Deep fried in a vegetable oil until bubbles appears, while the skin becomes crispier due to repeated deep frying  at least 20 minutes apart. Some prefer to serve it  with the hot sauce together with liver sauce. Beer lovers please take note take control of your cravings otherwise you might forget your name afterwards. And another caution please take Selfie.. because Bagnet is so delicious and crunchy to the last bite and you might even forget your name (Joke only).

The Crispy and Delicious Bagnet.. You can only find at Stoops.

The Flavorful Spicy Bagnet.

Some serve it with a healthy sauce and side dish. Stoops offers several  side dishes like a combination of the  following: Kamote tops, Bagoong, Kamatis and Lasuna (native onion) full of anti-oxidant properties just to counter so called UMAY taste. STOOPS offers several side dishes to suit your healthy choices. A golden brown texture  and aromatic taste is a testimony to the fresh and  that right ingredient that STOOPS specializes, choices ingredient and their  kept secret sauce delight.

Bagnet with palatable side dish.. Savor the taste at Stoops. Bring your family and friends.

Poster of Original Chicken Bagnet..

For those who are too busy to cook because BAGNET takes time to prepare, but wants to taste Ilocos in a Plate... Relax and enjoy, come and Taste the Home cooked Bagnet prepared with  the traditional sauces to match the side dishes. How do you treat your loved ones?... the Ilocano way of course! Bagnet prepared the way you like it, with side dish  to match your discriminating taste. STOOPS now open for Franchising Pls. call 0906-4040224 or simply log on to facebook: Stoops Bagnet Ilocos. (VerGarciaBlogs)

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  1. I had the pleasure of eating bagnet at Kuya J's in SM City Iloilo. Munching on the crispy skin and the soft, chewy flesh inside is a delightful experience. My husband and I prefer to use sinamak as sawsawan for our bagnet.