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BANGKOK, THAILAND Philippine Department of Tourism Secretary Wanda Tulfo-Teo on Thursday called for a more reasonable and fair issuance of traveladvisories by various governments so as not to falsely discourage travel to tourism-dependent countries.

    Teo urged foreign ministries and embassy officials of various countries to consult and coordinate with the concerned countries before issuing travel advisories against any of them.

    The Philippine official reiterated her position during the World Tourism and Travel Council (WTTC) Global Summit at the Bangkok Convention Center, where she served as one of the four panelists in the forum titled “Freedom to Travel – can ASEAN countries lead the way?” 

    Teo reminded the international travel and tourism bigwigs it is important to recognize the actual situation on the ground to avoid the issuance of travel advisories that might dissuade potential visitors without sufficient justification.

    “We respect the decision of any country to take precautionary measures to protect their citizens but it is pivotal that a consultation be made with the destination country. Needless to say, countries like the Philippines tend to suffer the most when advisories are unjustly issued,” said Teo. 

    Joining Teo as panelists were Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul and Arief Yahya, Tourism Ministers of Thailand and Indonesia, respectively; and Arun Mishra, Regional Director of ICAO Asia and Pacific Office.

Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo one of the panelist during the World Tourism and Travel Council (WTTC) in Bangkok, Thailand.

    “In spite of the  advisories against traveling to certain parts of the Philippines, our government can assure travelers that the Philippines as a whole remains a safe haven for tourists and residents alike” Teo said in a separate interview with the media.

    No less than the United Nations World Travel Organization (UNWTO) Secretary General Taleb Rifai concurred with Teo’s confidence on the safety and security of Tourists coming to the country. 

    “We consider it an important sign of confidence in the Philippines, which just hosted the ASEAN Senior officials meeting on Trade and Industry in Bohol. Next week Heads of the ASEAN will convene in Manila for their annual meeting. More importantly, the UNWTO meeting slated in Manila in June will proceed as planned,” added Taleb.

Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo one of the panelist during the World Tourism and Travel Council (WTTC) in Bangkok, Thailand. With Sec. Teo as panelists were Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul and Arief Yahya, Tourism Ministers of Thailand and Indonesia and Arun Mishra, Regional Director of ICAO Asia and Pacific Office.

    Taleb likewise urged government officials “to keep their travel advisories regularly updated and clearly limited in time and geographic scope in order to avoid blanket travel advisories that affect the whole of a country.”

    Also, present in the Global summit was the former Prime Minister of United Kingdom, David Cameron who expounded on why governments should rethink their actions in response to terrorism.

    “The effect of terrorism as you know all so well can be absolutely devastating. This devastation is not a by- product of the terroris but it is what they want to achieve, to plunge us into a  medieval world of fear and oppression, to shut down travel and tourism,” said Cameron. (VerGarciaBlogs)

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Visit Azalea Hotels & Residences.. Famous Vacation Hotel In Baguio City, Philippines

Entrance view of the landscape Azalea Hotels & Residences in Baguio City.

Azalea Hotels & Residences was inaugurated on December 3, 2011, and it is dedicated to the memory of  their beloved Lourdes Vargas Ridad.

Front view of Azalea Hotels & Residences in Baguio City.

Azalea Hotels Friendly Staff Courteously Attending To Your Inquiry.

The first 4-star serviced apartment hotel in Baguio City, Azalea hotel & residences enriches the Baguio holiday experience with its full services and amenities of multi-use serviced apartment, complete with living, dining and kitchen facilities in all its suites.

At the lobby..

So cozy and appealing..

One can't miss the eye catching facade that  makes up Azalea Hotels & residences Baguio. Resembling a ski-resort, the structure is a clever inspiration for the Summer Capital's first vacation residence that brings thoughts of family vacations and friendly holidays. The towering facade sets the stage for what promises to be one of a most cherished Baguio holiday experience. After all, nowhere else can one find a  place that has a conveniences of a hotel and the full services and amenities of a serviced-apartment. Azalea Residences located a few minutes away from downtown Session road and is located in a secluded hill that promises peace and serenity of country living and proximate to the city's mainstream activities.


Designed for families and friends who love travelling together in big groups, Azalea Hotels & Residences Baguio has crafted 99 well appointed and multi occupant apartment suite rooms: 46 De Luxe, 17 One-Bedroom, 33 Two-Bedroom and 3 Three-Bedroom all finished with a fully functional kitchen and dining facility providing the always opportune fond experience of coming together over home cooked meals and joyful conversations.

Completing the accommodation experience is a living room area with a sofa bed and flat screen TV with cable connection, toilet and bathroom with hot and cold shower with separate toilets and baths.


Azalea Hotels & Residences Baguio offer more beyond its guest rooms, lobby lounge, playground, business center, WIFI connection in guest areas, 24-hour medical assistance, tour arrangements and vacation services, laundry and dry cleaning services, Coffee Shop, Spa and Massage Services, handicap accessibility, in-room dining and Transport arrangement From Baguio to Manila. There are two food and beverage outlets.. The Tradisyon Coffee Shop which serves traditional Filipino Comfort Food and Bar called 8 Degrees.


Not to miss on island activities and water sports, the vacation concierge at the front desk can map out an efficient tour and travel arrangement for everyone's maximum comfort and enjoyment. For those who want to let the pampering continue, the in-room wellness spa masseuse is just a buzz away, more than ready recharge and refresh a weary body for the next day. 

Currently on its completion, Azalea will feature 285 guest rooms, a restaurant and a pool bar and is the second hotel development under the Azalea group, the first being in Baguio. Future proposed sites include Cebu, Davao and Angeles City.

Tradisyon Pinoy Comfort Food.. a Great Tradition and Specialty of Azalea Hotel & Residences.

With Distinguished Lifestyle and Travel Bloggers Ready To Taste Delicious and Healthy Sumptuous Meal at the Tradisyon.


Lifetime vacation ownership with beautiful smiling staff.

Frequent holiday goers may likewise opt to become members of the Azalea Vacation Club (AVC), a premier holiday membership provider that grants members exclusive perpetual vacation rights in all Azalea Hotels & Residencies properties. By owning a vacation with Azalea, members lock in the cost of today's vacation for a lifetime of future holidays plus get access to a host of exclusive member privileges.

Azalea Baguio is located at Leonard Wood Loop, Baguio City. For your inquiry and  reservations you may call manila office at Tel. (632) 450-1151, 0917-8611641 or 0919-9944140. Email: or visit website at For updates on events and promotions, follow Facebook fan page at Azalea Residences Baguio, Twitter@AzaleaResidence and Instagram@azaleabaguio.

Those interested to avail of the Vacation Club Membership, you may call (02) 6347742 or email:

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A Wonderful Family Bonding At The Tree Top Adventure In Baguio City
By: Ver M . Garcia

TEAM BUILDING at the TREE TOP ADVENTURE IN BAGUIO.. Sometimes lack of team work is the reason why company fails.. If you're company have a problem in getting employees and management in coordinating' their acts together.. This one is for you.. Now is the time to plan for your TEAM BUILDING and Leadership Seminar.. Join us while we guide you to the world of fun and excitement.. A BLOGGERS HAVEN... A Baguio Bloggers Event Getaway sponsored by the Tree Top Adventure, Azalea Residences and Tag Media headed by Engr. Grace Bondad.. (Photo By: Ver Garcia)

At last, I am away from the hustle and bustle of city life! I'm free again and welcome to the summer capital of the Philippines in Baguio City at the Tree Top Adventures and Azalea Residences and Live Your Life to the Fullest!

An adventure to hone in on your socio-cultural quotient and to savor the Beauty and splendor of Mother Nature. Pampered by the Elegance of the Azalea Residence. An adventure worth sharing, remembering, wedded couples, family adventures and outdoor tripping with your sweetheart and loved ones. If you are planning to look for fun and adventure. This is the answer, a Bonding moments at its peak point at the TREE TOP ADVENTURE. Make the adventure seems like a child's play.

Trek the adventure yourself and let the beauty of nature unfold in your very eyes. Tree Top Adventure at it's very best .. Get a guided tour with their well-trained staff.

A well trained staff briefs the participants about the safety of rides at the Tree Top Adventure. 
(Photo by VG)

There were safety rules to follow upon entering the Tree Top Adventures. (Photo By: VG)

The crowd and visitors listen intently as they were about to join the exciting rides at the Tree Top Adventures. (Photo by:  Ver Garcia)

Team Building Effort for Leaders.

Good place to exercise your corporate teams capabilities especially in marketing. The training helps build team spirit through cooperation, coordination the art of communication. The activities proved to be challenging to the young once and young at heart against the yuppies represented by the Team Pia.

Games Played:

1.) The Team See-Saw .. Test the groups patience, sense of balance and mind and body coordination. In real life each one should learn to balance the rigorous work with your family and social life.

Photo Credited to the Tree Top Adventure.

2.) The Gem Drop .. Attempts to teach each players flexibility with the use of a coordinated push and pull strategy. This game might also be a way of knowing and sensing your team mates. a more creative Body Language thus help promote a proactive approach to the 'on the spot' problem solving scenarios with your team mates and this might apply also with the real life situation with your clients.

3.)  The ABC Games.. This attempts to test and developed your focus and concentration, hearing sensitivity, a test of your concentration and receptivity with nature.

4.) The Loop Lift.. Another team effort in coordination and cooperation with proper balance, timing and concentration.

5.) The Bar Lift Balancer.. Another exciting feature in team building is the bar lifting challenge. Test the groups coordination and agility in a creatively balanced effort. Patience is a virtue and together with everyone in focus it's a marvelous experience for all.

6.) The Pipeline Challenge.. Requires patience, proper timing of each mover to bring and swak the  ball to the finishing line. With proper coordination each one task to bring the ping pong ball and shoot it in the can.

7.) The Plank Steps.. A team balancing act a coordinated movement with each one exercising his or her skills, coordinated balance, timing and spontaneous movement.
and finally..

8.) The Treasure Hunt.. It test both the intellectual and Physical Prowess of each member of the team to chip in their effort in an attempt to find the 'Bulol'.The first to crack and solve the puzzle will surely win the treasure hunt games.

The Tree Top Adventures Exciting Rides

Theme parks are designed, constructed maintained to the highest safety standards. Rides are  designed and built with numerous layers of safety in place ensures  safety and a pleasant ride.

1.) The Tree Drop.. One of the breathtaking adventures is the tree drop adventure it's for the thrill seekers who crave for the adrenalin rush. From a height of 20 meters feel the wind rushing when your dropped at that measurement. 
Photo credit to: Allan Bough Gokongwei

2.) The Superman Ride.. For the young at heart and the young once. The superman ride will take you on a super hero tour along the greenery scene of Baguio City amidst the sweet smelling pine trees. You will feel the high of being  the swashbuckling  heroes of the justice league.

Photo Credit to Yvone Bertolo

3.) The Silver Surfer.. Don't miss it.. feel what Tarzan felt with Jane swinging along the Tree Top. The swinging Silver Surfer can give you and your partner an experience and a ride you can't forget.

Photo credit to: Eisley Lulo

4.) The Canopy Ride.. It's one of the the safest because it's motorized, travel 33 meters above as you go along and talk to each other. Behold the greenery below and the morning ride is awe inspiring and amazing to the young and old. Good for Family rides as well.

Photo credit to: Eisley Lulo

5.) The Trekking and Skywalk.. Another family bonding activity is the Trekking and Skywalk. Before you can reach the thrilling adventures mentioned, a 15 to 20 minutes walk with a breathtaking view of the mountains and the fresh air and the ion charge experienced. Ions are the negatively charge particle that the body needs after too much exposures to computers, TV's and other electronic devices that emits positive ions that can cause cancer and weak immune system. This is amazingly Good for your Health.

In conclusion..  The team building games and Fun rides help develop social networking capabilities, friendship and camaraderie and promotes Global tourism. A must for every companies looking to unwind, relax and build a good camaraderie with co employees, family bonding activities and also promotes good health.. (VerGarciaBlogs)