Linggo, Setyembre 16, 2012

Moon Bathing by.. Tony Twiggs Lover of Arts

If you are dreaming of clear skies and full moons.. Here's Australian Artist Tony Twigg's exhibits at Galeria Duemila, an artist sanctuary for his signature timber wall sculptures and drawings. Twiggs takes a different path an abstracted one and the moon's flight.. distant, familiar sentimental and enchanting evening.. entitled 'Moon Bathing'.. Reminds me of a great and romantic song Cool Change.. While Tony Twigg marks 20 years of visiting and working in the Phils. His work was a significant fixture in the art scene and the lone foreign artist recognized by the Ateneo Art gallery and BenCab museum.. You may visit his amazing art work at the Galeria Duemila, 219 Loring St. Pasay City, Phils. with Tel. 831-9990 and look for Ramon Diaz, brother of former Ms. Universe Gloria Diaz. (Ver Garcia Blogs)

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