Linggo, Pebrero 17, 2013



          He Does It On His Way

     By: Michael Vallejos Zacarias

When i awake
My morning filled with emptiness.
The morning star gleamed no more,
The multicolored life became bitter;
As before the wind that comforted me,
It no longer revealed as i exulted
With the melody of life when it through.

The seed of summer fell on the ground,
Never came into bud when spring began;
Mellifluous caress have gone away
When I drive every mile i took
Sounds of profound music
Never been recalled;
Its thoughts and melodies delighted no more,
Waiting for the rhythm
Someday it will turn again.
The sun’s ray never been grazed the ocean,
And never been bequeath dusk
Behind the trees i rest;
Now it shift and becomes stern
Like the surf of ocean that pushes me down.

I continually wanted existence so dazzling;
While anticipated someone to unseal the 

colors that fade away.

All bittersweet nostalgia I’ve been recalled,
Like the seeds that start to swell with leaves;
Delighted as rain falling with chilly drops,
All was a test to cross,
But, when he does it on his way
My life becomes happy ever after.

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