Biyernes, Abril 26, 2013

Cameron Hills Is A Place For Adventures.. Wherein Green Grass Sways Towards The Western Culture

At Cameron Hills
By: Michael Vallejos Zacarias

Oh! Cameron Hills full of enchantment
Thy green grass dances as air blows towards the west;
Sky above thy fields filled with fowls
singing with melodious tone with the trees as it swings.

Thy sturdy trees filled with different voices of creatures
as the season began to change;
the fowls that flew above the cheerful tress
Brought happiness to the weary hearts.

Wonderful creatures like fowls
Inspired the two strangers as accidentally-
Met at the center of Cameron Hills;
Crave to have passion in each weary heart.
Oh! Cameron Hills- thy green grass grows
Where love of stranger kept my hidden affections;
Thy bountiful hills delighted as the season changed,
Thy blessed creature cheers as i walked along the way.

Oh! Cameron hills-
My dreamland- hail constantly!
For the stranger I've met inspired my heart eternally;
Thy enchanted place that overlooks the waving sea
Reminisces the mind in ruined- caressed with sweet memories.

Oh! Cameron Hills-
Is such a place for adventures;
Where emotions inside filled with joy-
Thy sweet and fresh air may bring cheers to the weary heart;
May you live till the end where am waiting for the stranger
Am longed to be with till death send me beyond. 

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