Biyernes, Abril 19, 2013

Let's Treasure The Memories.. Once It's Gone It Will Not Comeback Again.. So Cherish That Love and Passion....

Missing Moments
By: Michael V. Zacarias

Last night, I’d slept so gently
And envisaged about you and me how we used to be.
Eliciting the memories we had before
That packed baldness within our souls.

Now those memories were vanished
I’d better chose to wake up no more.
Sleep so tight and imagine all over
The moments that filled happiness inside

Remembering when we were at sea
Building castle and there we had lived for a while.
Ours were stories seemed like fairy tales;
Together we rejoiced as we swayed with the music day by day.

Reminiscing affairs were like music played
In the air filled with contentment and bliss;
Like hums of waves that caressed the shores
Ceaselessly embracing the moment adored.

Spent time had slipped away
When abruptly someone came along;
For the world we live had altered
I can’t stop resisting for the love being cherished.

Recognizing the moments we had
Isn't a joy forever?
Now it disappeared how life seemed to be;
Living in this world that full of fascinations
Indeed, treasures were made to be shattered.

If only time stood still
Together we clench our hands everlastingly.
And if only the unseen being rearrange us
To be with you is a joy and treasure forever.

But how these things transpired
When after all; someone’s anticipating
And now time has flown away
The moments treasured were just constantly missing.

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