Lunes, Abril 29, 2013



By Teddy Cho

A well respected former COMELEC Commissioner Gus Lagman, announced yesterday in a media forum Pag-usapan Sa Rembrandt'. When asked about his apprehensions in the forthcoming election.. Lagman avers, that the next election can be manipulated internally, primarily because of the absence of the 'Source Code'. As defined source code are instructions (Binary Codes) written by the programmers and Systems analyst. 

Unfortunately, Lagman added that there are technical requirements, a compiler which translates machine languages or binary codes into a more understable digital form.

The Source Code still the subject of a heated arguments in the Supreme Court.

The importance of the Source code is to allow the public to scrutinize and review the code to detect and to determine if there are programmed instructions to favor certain candidates.

In addition, FEJODAP first nominee Rep. Zenaida Maranan alarmed by Lagman's allegations said  that some COMELEC officials were favoring candidates to win in the next election. FEJODAP an organization comprising of 250,000 members nationwide. (VerGarciaBlogs)

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