Miyerkules, Abril 24, 2013


Quiescent Dreams
By: Michael V. Zacarias

When we’re little kids
We used to play hide and seek;
We even chanted with our angelic voices
Laughed and cried even for a little while.

When we’re at teens
We’re used to stop playing games;
Instead, beholding each other in such inaudible fancy places
Pondering thoughts the way we were kids.

When we grew independently
Views of life altered accordingly;
Seasons swiftly unfolds the bosom
As we’re both suddenly fallen in love?

Barely we’re unspoken
With the hidden thoughts we’ve had;
Can this be love?
That appeared beyond mysteries?

Undeniably, we’re fallen in love
Its obscurities unfolded with gladness;
Would it be a dreamlike?
When someone discerns?

The dreams we dreamt
Were resembling candles blown by the wind;
Swiftly its mystic turned into gray
Will it be still delighted and fulfilled?

Yesterday, we’ve might afraid to grasp
But, this day ahead together we wrestle;
So tomorrow this quiescent dreams be fulfilling
And so we’ll live with contented hearts.

Afar those sweet imaginings
Were fulfilled dreams of yesteryears;
Like a hovering eagles up in the sky
Glare for its fledgling as started to fly.

Sometimes, life has been differing
But dreams were still fulfilling;
Those quiescent dreams stood buzzing
As each other’s hands were upholding.

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