Lunes, Abril 29, 2013


Tears of Unsatisfied

Poetry By: Michael Vallejos Zacarias

Days have deserted by
and my heart is in ruined; 
no one seems to heal
the heartaches i felt inside.
A countless tears stumbled
in the eyes of the broken heart;
yet, it vanished the wound inside.

Several times I hid to cry
but, heart remained unsatisfied.
I often told the shadow behind me;
but when my eyes winked,
suddenly it gone and melted away.
I‘d turned around
and then i saw a shadow
it was my eyes bleeding while crying.

In my lonesome nights
tears constantly revealed;
that seems my life dying.
I looked around in a solemn side
and looked up in a spotted area;
there i saw an angel crying;
there was a mirror
and my assurance reflected there.

I dreamed and walked by the shadow
and it was a face viewed towards me.
I was scared while i looked up him;
but, it was my self-looking up the mirror.
I run as fast as i can;
there, an angel poured
the tears that fell in my eyes.

Satisfaction, wherefore art thou?
Make my tears stop flowing;
so my true- love passion will flicker.
You know my love and care are both infinite;
and the mask of nightfall has been removed;
still, wilt thou leave me unsatisfied?


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