Biyernes, Mayo 3, 2013


Johnny Chang's Poverty Alleviation Program Challenges Mayor Herbert Pro Poor Stance
By: Teddy Cho

Whether we like it or not  some big changes will come in, in the heart of Quezon City. The heat is on with the two political wannabes for the mayoralty position. Fueling an expected controversy between Businessman Johnny Chang and the incumbent Mayor of Q.C. and former actor Herbert Bautista, the two protagonists will square it off this coming May 13 election.

Economist and Entrepreneur Mr. Johnny Chang, who spearheaded a campaign slogan for a better Quezon City, wants to lower the taxes to be imposed on his constituents. Tax less collect more as the slogan goes.. These are some of the plans with regards to Chang's pro poor campaign.

Other projects Chang wants to be implemented are lower but a reasonable taxation to fuel economic growth and other business activities. He also wants to revert back to P5.00 the residence certificate or cedula which now cost around P50 to the detriment of  the many unemployed. Other concern in his list are the real estate tax, business tax on sari-sari store and many more. (VerGarciaBlogs)

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