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By: Dr. Angel Manlapaz- Health and Life Coach

The Complete Wellness Center in partnership with Guangzhou Modern Cancer Hospital conducted a Medical Forum entitled “Minimally Invasive Targeted Cancer Therapy”  New Choices for Cancer Treatment which was held yesterday Saturday June 22, 2013 from 2pm-5pm at the Occupational Safety and Health Center in Agham Road in Quezon City. The cancer symposium was given for free to the general public and the medical doctors. Attendees were  Integrative Medicine practitioners, nurses, Naturopathic Doctors , health advocates , lay people  and  many patients who just want to learn the latest treatments in cancer therapy offered by Guangzhou Modern Cancer Hospital . The Medical Forum was very informative especially the question and answer portion.  Now cancer patients have a better choice than just having chemotherapy, radiation and radical surgery. Doctors who have kept an open mind in this advancing technology in cancer treatment are  way ahead.   

Medical Forum. Fr. L. to R. Dr. Sam Dizon, Dr. Peng Xiao Chi,Atty. Teresita Capacillo and Bennett Ho, Country Manager of Guangzhou Modern Cancer Hospital, Dr. Xiao received from Atty. Capacillo, a practicing lawyer, a graduate at UP Law 80's, and MBA Ateneo and HR Masteral Graduate from Tokyo University, plaque of appreciation for his lecture on Minimal  Invasive Cancer Therapy.

The latest minimally invasive cancer treatments include intra arterial intervention, cryoablation, radio frequency ablation, partial seed implantation, embolization therapy, bio immunotherapy, gene therapy  and many more. According to Dr. Sam Dizon, Medical Director of The Complete Wellness Center, a practitioner of Integrative Medicine well known for treating successful cases of cancer, reversing effects of cancer, diabetes, heart , kidney and liver diseases.    “we doctors must think out of the box, we must keep an open mind to other therapies that would enhance the survival rates of cancer patients than just keeping ourselves to what we have learned in medical school.” 

Sulo Hotel Medical Forum. Fr. L to R. Dr. Sam Dizon, Dr. Paolo Bellosillo, Dra. Chiqui Perez, Dermatology Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Irene Penamante, Dr. Pons Aberin, Former DOH Undersecretary, Dr. Peng Xiao Chi, Head Oncology Dept. Guangzhou Modern Cancer Hospital, Atty. Teresita Capacillo and Dr. Angel Manlapaz.

Dr. Dizon  gave a very informative lecture on “  Alternative Kidney Rehabilitation Program.” The event culminated with a  dinner  and a Medical Forum for Doctors at the  Sulo Hotel together with  Dr. Peng  Xiao Chi, expert Oncologist and Head of the Oncology Department at Guangzhou Modern Hospital in China and other doctors who are embracing new paradigms in cancer treatment.

The medical forum was a raving success thru the assistance  of the Complete Wellness Center consultant  Dr. Irene Penamante  who  initially initiated talks with Guangzhou Modern Cancer Hospital.  This event was featured at UNTV, Channel 5 and GNN. This is just the beginning there is much work to be  done in creating the much needed awareness on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. Let us pass this information to our friends and family or relatives who are affected by cancer or are at high risk. For Consultations  you may contact The Complete Wellness Center at  (02)441-4640,  0915269277 or 09052949824. Look for Aiza or Noch for details.

at healthcoachangel@gmail .com

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