Linggo, Hunyo 16, 2013

Tropical Hut Double Burger.. Ang Sarap Mo! One More Please..

Have you tried everything and they all tasted the same.. Nakakasawa na.. so why don't you shift your gear.. and veer away.. You can now find the best Fast food in town at the heart of City of Manila in downtown Escolta.. Tropical Hut Double Burger.. It's delicious and yummy!. You don't have to worry about.. anytime you wish to come in.. from breakfast to dinner.. there food attendants were so courteous and you will love to add on more orders.. So then, If you are planning to take home orders for your birthdays, anniversaries, launchings, seminars, blow-outs and party events. Simply call 241-4570 with your minimum order of P200 only.. they will deliver it right into your doorstep.. Note that prices are subject to change and inclusive of 10% delivery charge. 


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