Lunes, Setyembre 23, 2013

The Department of Health Trust of Modernizing Provincial Government Hospitals..

By: Ted Cho and German Ojeras

                                          Photo By: Ver M. Garcia
           DOH Sec. Enrique T. Ona at the MOA signing with Dr. Efren Nerva and Dr. Emmanuel Acluba with the heads of the regional hospitals. PHOTOS: Ver M. Garcia

The hospital modernization projects for Cagayan Valley Medical Center (CVMC), Bicol Medical Center (BMC) and Cotabato Regional Medical Center (CRMC) are all aimed at increasing bed capacity by upgrading current hospital facilities. The acquisition of high technoloy and state of the art medical equipment has already commenced as a parallel project to ensure provision and availability of quality hospital care services for its growing number of patients.

         Modernization Project of the Department of Health - Project Profiles
                                             Cotabato Regional and Medical Center (Mindanao)
                                             Cagayan Valley Medical  Center (Northern Luzon)
                                            Bicol Medical Center (Southern Luzon)

The modernization project, will result to additional 1,000 combined beds for CVMC, BMC, and CRMC.
Aside from CVMC (Northern Luzon), BMC (Southern Luzon) and CRMC (Mindanao) other DOH hospitals are also lined up for similar modernization projects in the coming years with the end objective of improving hospital  facilities to address the health needs of the entire nation.

The upgrading of these hospitals compliments the current improvement of rural health units 3,074 and barangay health stations 16,038 which are the current implementers of the current primary care program of the Department of Health. The presence of these regional medical centers will ably serve as the end referral centers for the rural health units and the barangay health stations. The modernization of these hospitals will provide quality health care in the provinces comparable to modern medical centers in urban areas. (VerGarciaBlogs)

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