Sabado, Abril 19, 2014

The 1st Sports, Lifestyle and Fashion Festival at SMX April 25-27

By Arniel O. Gutierrez

The 1st Sports, Lifestyle and Fashion Festival comes to you this summer at the Hall 4 of the SMX Convention Center from April 25-27,  2014.

Sports, Lifestyle and Fashion Festival  will gather under one roof various sports, lifestyle and fashion products and services and will be complemented by various sports exhibitions, competitions and  fashion shows featuring the latest trends in the sports, lifestyle and fashion industry.

The event will also showcase Philippine handicrafts as our way of showing our support for our small and medium enterprises and our way of helping promote Philippine-made products from footwear, textiles, furnishings, furniture to food & beverages, gadgets and computers. No doubt,  exhibitions has been a very effective venue in helping promote Filipino-made product and it hasgreatly influenced the Filipino’s lifestyle and fashion choices.  Nowadays,  Filipino products and brands are not only patronized by us but by our  Asian neighbors,  the Europeans and Americans as well.  

The event which is organized by Asian Televison Content Philippines Corporation and Aktivate Promotions recognizes the small and medium enterprises’ contribution to the lifestyle and fashion industry. Hence, we offer our support in further promoting the Bridal Designer Group Philippines/ NAASCU/ The Net.Com, Electronic Sports through a partnership with IBC 13.     We know that with our concerted effort,  your company will both benefit from this endeavor. 

Our Sports, Lifestyle & Fashion Festival aims to promote Filipino products to a particular sector of our society like the sports enthusiasts, athletes, the yuppies and the buying public from various walks of life.  We hope your members will take advantage of this opportunity to showcase their products while helping us promote sports in the country. 

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