Sabado, Mayo 31, 2014


By: Teddy Cho and Rhealyn Garcia

Life science the natural way through technology, ECOLEADERS INC., one of the leading company in the United States is at the forefront of organic farming technology backed by years of research and development in atmospheric water generation and it's earth friendly. 

A cost effective water generator from the atmosphere (air) for an average income family, commercial and industrial establishments in the advent of climate change scenario. The link between nature and science has been established through the technology drop by drop, now in the Philippines under USA patent. ECOLEADERS INC., now a name in water from air technology, soon a household name.

                      From L to R. Mark Pame A. Valencia, ECOLEADERS INC., Gen. Manager, Phil. Operation, Mr. Art Samontina, VP-Sales & Marketing Global, Mr. Leo Wasan, President & CEO. . Original photo by: Teddy Cho

For more info visit the website and look for Mr. Mark Pame A. Valencia, Gen. Manager, Phil. branch. with celfon no. 0918-1869917/02-3732656 for other details. (VerGarciaBlogs)

Water From The Air.. A Breakthrough..

By: Lambert Cabrera and Ver Garcia

                                 Original photo by: Teddy Cho

                               Original photo by Teddy Cho:
Global warming has taken its toll especially in our country the Philippines. The above normal heat and humidity have greatly affected the health and lifestyle of most Filipinos.

But, ECOLEADERS INC., the exclusive distributor of EcoloBlue AWG, a leading company in the USA took cognizant of the fact of  a such kind of health conditions after continuous Research and Development (RND), the company has developed a one of a kind machine that is called "The Atmospheric Water Generator", the machine ECO 30 which converts the atmospheric water into Alkaline water up to 30 liters a day through strict compliance with ISO 9000 filtering system that functions as a dehumidifier and multi-functions machine and cost effective features that a normal household will look for.

                                               ECO 30 4

Interested parties may visit ECOLEADERS INC. at  38D West Ave., West Triangle, Quezon City or may call +632-3732656 or Celfon 0918-1869917 and look for Mark Pame A. Valencia, Ecoleader. Gen. Manager, Phil. Operations. (VerGarciaBlogs)

Huwebes, Mayo 29, 2014


The Weight of the Past

by: Evelyn T. Du

"Holding onto regret is like dragging the weight of the past with us everywhere we go."

It drains our energy, leaving less available for life in the present because we are constantly feeding an old issue. This attachment can cause illness the same way watering a dead plant creates decay.

We know that something new and beautiful can grow in its place if we only prepare the soil and plant the right seeds.

We also know that we create our lives from our thoughts, so dwelling on the past may actually recreate a situation in our lives where we are forced to make the choice again and again.

We can choose to move on right now by applying what we have learned to the present and perhaps even sharing with others, transforming the energy into something that is constructive and creative for ourselves and others.

Forgiveness is the soothing balm that can heal regret. In meditation, we can imagine discussing the issue with the self of our past and offering our forgiveness for the choice.

In return, we can ask for our selves’ forgiveness for keeping them locked in that space of judgment for so long.

We may also want to ask forgiveness from anyone else who may have been affected and perhaps offer our forgiveness. By replaying the event in our minds, we can choose a new ending using all that we now know.

Imagine that you have actually gone back into the past and made this change, and then say goodbye to it.

Release your former self with a hug and bring the forgiveness and love back with you to the present. Since we are usually our harshest critics, it is amazing how powerfully healing it can be to offer ourselves love.

Keeping our minds and our energy fully in the present allows us to fuel our physical and emotional healing and well-being today.

This action frees our energy to create the dreams we dream for the future. By taking responsibility and action in the present, we can release our hold on the past. 
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Martes, Mayo 27, 2014


Message of the Day

Steps to Freedom
Change What Isn’t Working

By: Evelyn T. Du

"If we don't change what isn't working in our lives, we will continually have the same day over and over again."

We have all had the experience of realizing that something in our lives is not working. This knowledge can come as a sudden realization or a nagging feeling of doubt that grows stronger, waking us up to the fact that something needs to change.

Some people have a tendency to act rashly and make sweeping changes before even understanding what the problem is.

Other people fear change, so they live with the uncomfortable awareness that something needs to shift but won’t do anything about it. Between these two extreme responses lies a middle way that can help us powerfully and gracefully change what isn’t working in our lives.

The first step is remembering that your life is made up of parts that belong to an interconnected whole.

Changing one thing can change everything. Because of this, small changes often have a big effect.

Sometimes much bigger changes are necessary, but the only way to know for sure is to take the time to really understand the problem.

Examine your life as an entirety—your work, your relationships, where you live—and determine what specifically is not functioning the way you would like.

Once you have figured out the problem, write it down on a piece of paper.

For example, “I am not happy with my relationship” or “I don’t like my apartment.” The next step is to figure out the adjustment you would like to make and how you can go about making this change.

If you are unhappy with your relationship because you spend too much or not enough time with your partner, you may want to discuss this problem with them and come up with a compromise. On the other hand, if you realize your relationship is not working to such a degree that it needs to end, begin working through that process. Writing down the truth can be a powerful catalyst for change.

The key to making changes that work is to accept the necessity of change as part of life. As we change, we may find it necessary to fine-tune our relationships, work, and living situations. Our lives are living, breathing entities that reflect our dynamic selves.

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Message of the Day...
20 Things Happy People Never Do
By: Evelyn T. Du

   Our obsession with happiness is linked to our inner desire to feel connected and loved. When we're happy, we feel confident, purposeful and in harmony with our true self. However, what is often overlooked in this rush to reach a happy state is learning how to stay happy.
The truth is, happiness is not just a feeling or a state of mind; being happy is actually good for you. People who are genuinely happy are healthier, kinder and have better relationships.
As a result of my deep dive into happiness, I can now see a common thread that separates permanently happy people from those who only find happiness for short periods of time.
What it comes down to are the common habits that happy people avoid. Truly happy people don't try to get happy; they just are happy because they recognize that the magic of happiness is in the moment.
If you want to stay happy, cut out these 20 habits in your life that happy people don’t do:
1. They don't ignore strangers.
2. They don't give anything in order to get something in return.
3. They don't distrust themselves.
4. They don't think with their heads, but rather with their hearts.
5. They don't take anything personally.
6. They don't believe their fear is real.
7. They don't refuse to forgive.
8. They don't body bash themselves or others.
9. They don't try to change anyone; they accept everyone for who they are.
10. They don't feel obligated to do things they don't want to.
11. They don't ignore their inner guidance.
12. They don't resist change.
13. They don't stay in a situation that no longer serves them... ever.
14. They don't look outside of themselves to be happy.
15. They don't ignore their dreams and inner desires.
16. They don't think they are broken or that they need to be fixed.
17. They don't judge others.
18. They don't complain.
19. They don't avoid risk
20. They don't blame others and they take full responsibility for their lives.
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The Secret of Being Happy..

Lunes, Mayo 26, 2014


Despite All The Deceptions And Confusions Focus On God..
By Teddy Cho, Ver Garcia, German Ojeras, Lambert Cabrera and Edwin Ongsod

Recently, two remarkable personages were canonized by the Vatican in participation with the Catholic Churches globally, they were St. Pope John XXIII, or "The Good Pope John" and St. John Paul II or "John Paul the Great". Their lives were an open book despite the adversities they went through with the Service to God and Humanity, inspired millions to carry on the mission and vision. The Bloggers Association of the Philippines proudly proclaimed to the world and welcomes the Joint Canonization of the two Saints Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II at the Araneta Coliseum on April  27, 2014 with His Eminence Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, who shed tears of joy and appreciation to the goodness of God to man. You decide wether they have overcome the World.  Here are some of the highlighted achievements:

St. John XXIII
Among the first things that Pope John Paul did in his papacy was to eliminate the impressions that Jews as treacherous and deceitful during the Good Friday liturgy., Even before he became Pope, as Papal Nuncio during the holocaust  in World War II, he was instrumental in saving  hundreds of thousands of Jews from various Nazi concentration camps. He express strong moral views against contraceptives and was a fierce advocate for human rights especially for the unborn and the elderly. He was also very passionate about delivering the necessary social services to the poor, the sick, the disabled and the unemployed.

St. John Paul II
Pope John Paul  II was known for his devotion to the Divine Mercy and a Patron of World Youth Day. He was instrumental in helping to end communism in his native Poland and then the whole of Europe. He has significantly improved the Catholic Church relations with Judaism, Islam, the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Anglicans. He upheld the church teachings against the artificial contraception and the ordination of women priests, and supported the 2nd Vatican Council and its reforms. He visited 129 countries during his term. He beatified 1,340 people and canonized 483 saints which is more than the combine tally of all his predecessors in the last five centuries. He named the most of the present College of Cardinals, consecrated/ co-consecrated a great number of Bishops past and present and ordained many more priests.

In the midst of all deceptions and confusion in our society, we need Saints to inspire us and show as the way, the Way Jesus Christ Showed us some 2,000 years ago. Heroes can show us their martyrdom, Saints keep us focus to God by their examples. (VergarciaBlogs)

Miyerkules, Mayo 7, 2014



By: Teddy Cho and German Ojeras

With this year's sports theme: "Sports Is A Way Of Life. Laguna sports complex a 19-hectares complex located at Bgy. Bubukal, Sta. Cruz, Laguna. Hosted the biggest, grandest with the participation of 17 regions and most extravagant national sporting event. From May 4 to 10, 2014. The events most passionate mission and vision was to promote sports legacy to become the number one province ideal place to visit, resides and engage in business.

The program started with the playing of the National Anthem rendered by the UPLB Choral Ensemble group. Some of the inspiring activities at the opening day were: The lighting of the Sacred Fire of Peace and Brotherhood in order to foment a culture of peace, sportsmanship, brotherhood among athletes, wherein athletes whose excellent performance qualifies them to participate in preparation for the Asian Games as well as the Olympic Games in 2016. Followed by an Inspirational talk by the Mayor of Manila Honorable Joseph 'Erap' Ejercito Estrada. He quoted the statement of USA Vice-Pres. Joseph Biden he said " Failure in life is inevitable.. To give up is unforgivable".

Among the visitors who graced the occasion was the renowned Midas touch coach Elma Muros, an athlete herself and a training coach who prefers to choose and train mediocre athletes who had difficulty in winning and performing well. The sports event venues and playing venues and accommodations are within the 10 KM range convenient by private and public transport, except for baseball, football, gymnastics and tennis are within the 24 KM range radius from the Laguna Sports Complex. Last but not the least is the historic unveiling of the tallest monument of our National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal. The monument of Dr. Rizal was done and design by artist Jonas Roces.

Emcee and Host Jerome Teng and Ginger Conejeros
Governor ER Ejercito and his wife Mayor Girlie Maita Ejercito. Original Photo by Teddy Cho..(VerGarcia)

Gov. ER Ejercito and his wife Mayor Maita Ejercito legacy to the next generation. A marker recognizing the good deeds and   heroism of our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal.

2014 Palarong Pambansa in Sta. Cruz, Laguna