Sabado, Mayo 31, 2014

Water From The Air.. A Breakthrough..

By: Lambert Cabrera and Ver Garcia

                                 Original photo by: Teddy Cho

                               Original photo by Teddy Cho:
Global warming has taken its toll especially in our country the Philippines. The above normal heat and humidity have greatly affected the health and lifestyle of most Filipinos.

But, ECOLEADERS INC., the exclusive distributor of EcoloBlue AWG, a leading company in the USA took cognizant of the fact of  a such kind of health conditions after continuous Research and Development (RND), the company has developed a one of a kind machine that is called "The Atmospheric Water Generator", the machine ECO 30 which converts the atmospheric water into Alkaline water up to 30 liters a day through strict compliance with ISO 9000 filtering system that functions as a dehumidifier and multi-functions machine and cost effective features that a normal household will look for.

                                               ECO 30 4

Interested parties may visit ECOLEADERS INC. at  38D West Ave., West Triangle, Quezon City or may call +632-3732656 or Celfon 0918-1869917 and look for Mark Pame A. Valencia, Ecoleader. Gen. Manager, Phil. Operations. (VerGarciaBlogs)

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