Martes, Hulyo 29, 2014

Tapatan Media Forum Tackles Agri Problem.. by Ver M. Garcia and Teddy Cho

The elegant Aristocrat Restaurant, Roxas Boulevard in  Manila, famous for its Inasal Chicken and Fried Rice, plays venue to the Tapatan Media Forum a weekly forum held every Monday. Original Photo by: (Ver Garcia)

Ms. Gloria Fernando, in charge of the Tapatan Media Forum at the Aristocrat Restaurant every Monday Breakfast forum. Photo by: (Ver Garcia)

Moderator Melo Acuna, ( holding a microphone) emcee at the Tapatan Media Forum, shared his views with the panel regarding the state of the Farming sector. Photo by: (Ver Garcia)

Pinoy Express Journal News Editor Teddy Cho in an interview with Mr. Rene Pamintuan, who represents the National Farming Institute of the Philippines. Pamintuan said, that the Philippines should adopt a 'gateway concept' to the shipping lines to deliver goods and services in the ASEAN region. Photo by: (Ver Garcia)

In Photo covering the event at Tapatan Media Forum, from left, OFW and DWBL Broadcaster Ms. Juvy de Guzman, a graduate of FEU and a classmate of the author at the  Teodoro Valencia School of Masscom & Journalism. Besides her is Juvy's son, a handsome guy Photo Journalist Itami Mcfie. Photo by: (Ver Garcia)

Journalist Tracy Cabrera all smile (ear to ear) with former Sen. Kit Tatad, honored guest at the Tapatan Media Forum, who shared his insights regarding the Pres. Noynoy Aquino's 2014 State of the Nation Address. Photo by: (Ver Garcia)

   The Integrated Rural Development Foundation (IRDF), summarizes its output in a recently concluded workshop held recently at the SOLAIR in UP Diliman. In its report it said that the agricultural sector is damaged one. In view of the fact that up to now we are still importing rice and it is unabated. Coconut exports have declined and food imports continue to increase particularly on crops grown domestically.

   The failure of CARP, the lack of support to small farmers and the policy of liberalization, privatization and deregulation resulted to a damaged Philippine agriculture.  The lack of industrial policy linked to agriculture development led to the stagnation of rural economies and greater unemployment.

   IRDF Executive Director Arze Glipo said government resources should be channeled towards supporting small farmers through a democratic mechanism budget allocation trashing the Disbursement Acceleration Program or DAP and calling for a higher agricultural budget allocation to suffice delivery of subsidy to small farmers.
   Glipo notes a genuine agrarian reform program, a balance agriculture and industrialization can be an effective mechanism to address the widespread unemployment.

   These recommendations according to Glipo, are possible only if the government will not falter in its moves to to investigate corruption and collusion of private traders and the bureaucracy, particularly in the importation of rice, garlic and other basic food items.

   Overall, a pragmatic resource allocation for farmers short on the hype of  DAP and focused on a broader development will address  a damaged agri sector. Glipo ended.

   Additional Report on Agriculture in other countries as featured in the You Tube..