Biyernes, Agosto 15, 2014


True Love
By: Michael Vallejos Zacarias

Photo of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth of England 66 years of blissful marriage.. that must be a true love sealed with a kiss.

True love- it doesn't matter how two distant stars are;
It glimpses how burly and faithful you are
No matter how countless time you’re tested by adversity,
If you both grasp love unreservedly
You constantly distinguish its rays unblemished down on you.

True love- never hunts for quandary
It indefatigably holds serenity and contentment;
Whether in the test of time,
Though obscurity and qualms come to pass
Together you steadily seize hands infinity.

'This I Promise You and other Love Songs'

True love- delineates not what you perceive
It genuinely acquaints with what you believe;
Never impedes from believing
Even as failures draw closer along the line;
Persistently bears warmth and delight indefinitely.

True love- in no way disgust anything
For ever and a day it abides with placid impressions
As it commences to repugnance;
Undeniably it builds gentle compassion
And, tremendously deems fidelity.

True love- never lost but triumphs,
Amidst an assortment of challenges and misfortunes,
It never vies to be the victor;
But, restores aggression unto tranquility,
- Interminably bestows tenderness.

True love- not at all fears distances
It unlocks vast hope when melancholy ascends.
Comprehends not resentment but bounteousness;
Even in times of obscurity and nuisance,
It reckons that trustworthiness must be sustained.

True love- exults not in an erroneous comportment
It subsists in genuine gratification and contentment;
When it overlooks bliss, it effortlessly cultivates delight.
Until the end of time deepens and widens devotion
-No matter what it obtains, it’ll never grow fainter.

True love- bequeaths no reason to relinquish
In times of dilemma, it builds cheerfulness,
And never solicits anything in return;
It isn’t love till you give it away-
Every now and then, it gives reasons to live.

True love- regrets nothing at all,
It sees no wide of the smears
But, relishes moments of togetherness;
It never hates nor gets green,
-Exists justifiably with love and compassion.

True love- when death sends beyond existence
Demises not in mourning but persists to living harmoniously;
It genuinely exists not only in this world –
Where conflicts and pains ensue
But, forever and a day, it dwells in a perfect harmony.


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  1. i admire couples who survived years and years of marriage. that is so rare nowadays. crossing my fingers that mine will also be the same. :)

  2. A long and lasting love - everybody dreamt of it, but only few are given the privilege! Hoping to be one of those chosen few! :)

  3. Powerful and vibrant words. :) Some people do not believe that true love still exists. It also comes to the point that they really stopped searching for their other half. If all those "some people" would read this poem, they would definitely have a different look about Love, might as well Life in general. Truly inspiring.

  4. True love is indeed as described in this piece, something everyone would one to have.


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  6. True love waits, and when it comes you will know why it didn't work to anyone else. :) nice post

  7. Love does exist, and many of us fail to see love for what it has evolved to as the years pass by.

  8. 66 years of marriage? that is insanely cool :) How I wish I could find someone. :D

  9. That is what should love be about. Staying together the longest.

  10. Lucky are those who find true love. This is really inspiring.

  11. Wonderful points. One can easily relate even if they don't have someone yet.

  12. This is beautiful. Unconditional, true and lasting love can be attained only once they put God in the center of their lives

  13. Wonderful story, and beautiful poem. WE need to take an example from this couple and work on our relationships.

  14. This is wonderful. A perfect description for love that stands the test of time and mortality.

  15. I hope my wifey and I last a lifetime :)

  16. True love stands the test of time. It is not based on emotions alone but it is based on the inventor of love. God...

  17. Thanks for appreciating the piece I had made.

  18. Love is one of the hardest thing to explain, more or less can't be really put into words. Felt so light after reading this :-)

  19. This is the kind of love that we should all aspire for. Very beautiful words!

  20. I believe in True love, i believe each one of us , has a match. We just need to believe to materialize.

  21. True love knows no depth and is the true definition of a perfect romance.

  22. Same as my dream -- a blissful marriage! : )

  23. it's true.. True Love regrets nothing at all, and it should overlook mistakes kasi it's part of what it means to LOVE. This post is inspiring and really captures what love should be.

  24. Good relationships don't just happen. It takes time, patience, and two people who truly want to be together

  25. True love conquers everything. As time passes by, as a couple grows old together, love grows stronger. I've been married now for 17 years and no matter how hard life can be, love will always be in our hearts. We may look older now, but true love has always made me feel young at heart.

  26. <3 As they say, Prince Philip married England. It would have been quite difficult to even contemplate divorcing the same :)

    And yet ... Queen Elizabeth II got the chance to inherit the throne because his uncle King Edward VIII abdicated his kingship to marry the twice-divorced American socialite Wallis Simpson. Elizabeth's father then ascended the throne as King George VI and when the latter died, the older of his two daughters sat on the throne as Queen Elizabeth II.

  27. Indeed, this is an awe-inspiring poem. :)

  28. Not sure if play on words with the title is accidental or intentional
    "True love everlasting love and so pure"
    Parang True love = True love minsan everlasting love and so pure :)
    Nice post!

  29. I hope for my marriage to last a lifetime. I'll pray harder. :)

  30. If you find True Love, don't ever let go of him/her. Take care and treasure your True Love for the rest of your life. Such a nice poetry. <3

  31. Some would say that true love is a fairy tale. i would say that true love is a dream ... it is that one thing that everyone wishes for but not everyone gets. True love does not just fall into our laps like the proverbial apple. True love is achieved through the desire to work out the hurdles and pitfalls of a relationship and conquering them with perseverance and persistence.

    True love is a dream and, if we are lucky, we can make that dream a reality, too. :)

  32. aww.. naniniwala na ako sa forever! #maychancepa

  33. Great insights about true love. For me Love is a commitment:)

  34. "Love is not a silk flower -- always bright, with artificially whitened teeth and a fake tan. No, love is a fight. Love is what happens when you've been hurt and you want to quit. Love is what happens when you decided not to. Love is not the beginning of the story but the ending." - Jon Foreman


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