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A Delightful  Encounter With Urban Cafe
By: Ver M. Garcia

Shown in photos are bloggers Ver Garcia, Justin Posadas, Mike Laagan, Stephanie Lee, Zomato executives, represented by Elaine Taningco, Community Manager.. (Original Photo by VG)
The Bloggers enjoying the mouth watering taste of Urban Cafe's Exotic cuisine.. (Photo by Ver)

Welcome At The Urban Cafe.. A Place Where You Can Find Delicious Organic Crocs Meat.. A cozy place where to dine, relax and unwind.

It was one sunny afternoon.. we were invited by Zomato to cover and Blog, a leading Restop at the heart of Quezon City called the Urban Cafe owned by no less than Super Charming and hospitable Ms. Careen Belo daughter of construction magnate Mr. William Belo, of Wilcon Builders Supply.

We were hospitably treated well, sampling the taste of exotic crocs meat processed meat products coming from the finest organically grown crocs.

I was amazed and impressed with the taste  of the different menus that was served during the taste test. By the way, to give you a brief background of  how crocodile meat is being harnessed and conserved. I should say, it's typically similar with other typically grown exotic animals..

Quoting the company, Coral Agri-Venture Farm, Inc., it says,  about the benefits of "Crocodile has become a very popular meat both in Australia and overseas and is part of a developing cuisine that is uniquely Australian. It is a succulent white meat with a delicious and unique flavor. Crocodile meat is low in fat and high in protein and is best cooked in the same manner as lean pork or chicken. It can be prepared into a variety of dishes using wet and dry cooking methods and is ideal in marinade or sauce.

Crocodile is a white meat with a nutritional composition comparing favorably with that of more traditional meats, for example chicken. It has a delicate flavor so the use of strong marinades is not recommended. Light tropical fruits compliment crocodile meat well. It does tend to have a slightly higher cholesterol level than other meats but is low in fat (less than 1%) and high in protein. The crocodiles are produced in a free range environment and are chemical free, which delivers the best practices possible in animal welfare, conservation management and meat hygiene."

Here's how to prepare Crocs according to Coral: 

Crocs are easy to prepare and cook. It is best cooked from frozen as during the thawing process most of the moisture runs out decreasing the flavour. It should be cooked for two minutes on either side and then allowed to stand for a few minutes. It is best served just cooked (in red meat terms, medium rare). Remove excess fat after cooking. Do not use large number of ingredients (other than herbs or spices) - no more than three is recommended. If frying, always use butter or olive oil as they will not impart a flavour that is unique. Do not use margarine as the hydrogenated fats can emit an unpleasant flavour and prevent you from using other dairy products such as cream in the recipe. Keep it plain and simple.

In addition, the staff are friendly, courteous and accommodating, The chef is well trained and expert in his field of endeavor.
Some suggested marinades are: Any citrus (lime, mandarin, organe), Fruit chutneys (esp. mango), rosemary, garlic, basil, ginger, curry, chili, salt & pepper.

Do not overcook - best to saute in very hot pan to medium. Allow meat to rest before slicing to prevent moisture loss.

Here's are some palatable, tasty and juicy crocs meat served by their courteous food attendants. Sampling of this menus.. I can't help but all praises.. it's so delicious and mouth watering. I enjoyed this wonderful afternoon delight. More are in stored for the crocs connoisseur and dreams of wonderland.

Are you ready for this fabulous and exotic tasting? Then let's go over the food review's and photos. Grab one now:

It is one-hundred percent crocs meat,  good for the heart, low in calories and fats and good source of protein for the athletes and the weight watchers..

                                 The Exotic Menus of Urban Cafe:

                               Hungarian Cheese Sausage (VG photo).
                                Farm Bred Croc Tapa  (VG Photo)

                               Crispy Pan Roaster Croc. (VG photo)

                                Heart Smart Croc Tocino, (VG photo)

                                Hot & Spicy Dauntless Sisig. (VG photo)

                                         Crocs Hamburger with Fries. (VG photo)

                                 Urban Cafe Crocs Steak. (VG photo)


  Healthfully  choose your own delight
   The Real & Authentic  Sarap Ng Pinoy.. Fresh From The Farm

    Mouth Watering Menus For The Health Buffs

We hope to see you at the Urban Cafe and savor the exotic and delightful difference of crocs cuisine. You are welcome at the Urban Cafe.


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