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The Four Sides Of The Story                           By: Teddy Cho and Ver M. Garcia

How many sides (some call it angle) does a story have? In a particular road mishap one might say that there are two sides of a story (the side of the Victim & the assailant or the offender). But in an actual scenario we have the 4 sides of a Road Mishap (story) : (1) the side of the Victim, (2) the Offender or Assailant  (3) the side of the Proper authorities Witnesses  & the Media (4)Your sides Own version this could also be the Publics own interpretation. What’s your own version of the story after a careful study and analysis. 

The task of the media (print, broadcast, cyber) is to report the story w/ précised accuracy as much as possible based on eye witness account of the people in an incident, including the investigators as well. But if investigators & authorities doesn’t want to  cooperate  and  coordinate, it’s up to the Media to study the incident/event carefully putting attention to every single detail that might have been overlooked. 

Sometimes, the victim doesn’t want to provide the right information perhaps because of shock and trauma, fear, confusion - that’s quite understandable but at times the proper authority which we relied upon provides conflicting  info needed to put  the story into a proper perspective. The offender at times for fear of being apprehended do not provide the exact details, biases, arrogance  becomes a hindrance.

The conditions  of  the  victim of a road mishap is aggravated especially when nobody wants to provide a detailed account of what happened or sometimes ignorance of the victims emotional, physical and psychological well-being can be contributing factor as well. This reminds us of the bible passage In The Book of GENESIS “Am I my Brother’s Keeper ”? YES you are!

I have a dream.. beautiful song

Morale of the story  : Pray before leaving your house; Choose to be brave take charge and accept  responsibility ; the opposite of Love  is not hate nor anger but  INDIFFERENCE, translation  ( walang pakialam  sa Mundo)(VerGarciaBlogs)

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