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Suggestions For Call Center Agents On How To Avoid Being Raped
By: Teddy Cho

There are several reasons why an unsuspecting woman or call center agent is vulnerable for rape:

1. Carefree 
2. Ignorant and unaware
3. Uninformed or misinformed
4. Unescorted
5. You are a moving target

There are ways and means to avoid being classified on the above mentioned categories. 
1. Let's start with being carefree. You must check the locks of the taxi in order to avoid being boarded upon by several persons.

2. Check the taxi drivers identity and plate number before boarding use your celfon to record the identity and plate number.

3. Be in constant touch with your friends and relative if you are on board a taxi.

4. Always be on alert if you are alone.

5. If we can not avoid to be alone, see to it that you stay overnight with the call center quarters or there are coffee shops, restaurants, cyber cafe that's open on a 24 hour. Buying a coffee, soup or a sandwich wouldn't affect your budget so that you can spend overnight just to avoid the consequences of being raped and molested.

6. Don't sleep while the taxi is in motion.

7. Always pray for guidance.

8. If you are a person with special abilities (PWD), do not attempt to be all alone. Have someone to accompany you or be with friends who are willing to help and assists you.

9. If you are drunk be with someone whom you can trust.

10. Always have a presence of mind especially in times of trouble.

11. If you can afford it, buy a whistle blower with the sash that you can wear it in your neck. Use it when in times of trouble especially when an attack occurs.

12. Be aware of several self- defense move especially when being attacked, used your fingers to blind the attacker, once you have disabled the attacker it can give you the chance to escape, shout for help, or kick his groin once you disabled his eyesight.

13. If you plan to go home late at night or at the wee hours, please do it in groups it discourages a potential assailant from assaulting you, because there are many onlookers. Act and move in groups not individually.

14. Request the Barangay or the Police force to deploy team of experts and Barangay Tanod if there was a rape victim in the area and the assailant has not been caught. Make sure you have listings of those on duty and submit the listings to your admin. Cooperation and coordination between the local government units and the private sector is crucial in helping prevent another rape victim. (VerGarciablogs)

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