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By: Ver M. Garcia (News Editor), Teddy Cho (Photo Journalist), Froilan Garza (Ret. People's Journal News Reporter) & Joman Manuel (Photo Journalist)

The Monument of the Philippines National Hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal (Photo By:V. Garcia)

 The Big Flagpole at the Rizal Park Shrine. (Photo by V. Garcia)

The big controversy surrounding between DMCI-Torre De Manila, the City Council and the  National Commission for Culture & Arts (NCCA) revealed the hidden  destiny  connected with the orientation of the Rizal monument.  The  construction  of the  building  in the  area  which  was pointed out by the netizens   as   a photo  bomber  put  in  question  to  the historical, cultural,  moral,  legal  and  the environmental perspective  of  the  leadership of the local executives as against   the  economic  gains  and people’s  right  to  an abode.

The Big Ben Clock situated besides  the Carabao Statue  our National Working Animal.  (Photo by. V.Garcia)

Rizal Park Extending Up to the Manila Bay and Quirino Grandstand.

The Senate findings revealed that DMCI was in bad faith  and went against a time-honored practice in urban planning  and development around historical, cultural heritage site, such as the Rizal monument.

On the legal perspective a proposal to amend the National Building Code was raised  because it does not prescribe any height limitation for building within the zone, thus, leaving the decision to local government units. Furthermore, innovations such as placing development rights  that could possibly addressed into height  limits. The local zoning laws, building code and the land use plans  should be made consistent and in harmony with the Heritage laws.

              The Knights of Rizal, in its petition, said that by defacing the visual corridors of the monument, the DMCI violated several laws mandating the protection and preservation of the Rizal monument. These laws include Republic Act 4846 (Cultural Properties Preservation and Protection Act), Republic Act 7356 (law creating the National Commission on Culture and the Arts) and Republic Act 10066 (National Cultural Heritage Act of 2009 or an Act Providing for the Protection and Conservation of the National Cultural Heritage). They also argued that the project also violated the zoning ordinance of the Manila City government.               

            As suggested in Congress, there should be a review of the Heritage law and it's weaknesses particularly in the enforcement, failure to appreciate  the multi-disciplinary medium, different art forms, since the law only applies a one size fits all principle, the suggestion  also questions Local Government Units (LGU's) jurisdiction over privately owned structures and art works which includes public places and plaza as well.

          The Senate duties and responsibilities  include that of: to conserve, promote and popularize the nations cultural and historical heritage sites and as constitutionally mandated by the people. Cultural properties, preservation and protection Act, the National Heritage Act and the local government code also clearly states and mandates the protection of National and Cultural heritage sites and zones. Dr. Jose Rizal is one of the foremost historical figures in the country. He must own the landscape," said Trixie Angeles, legal consultant of the NCCA chairman's office. "If we consider him important, he must dominate the landscape. He is the symbol of the Filipino," she avers.


           St. Peter Men's Society a Parish based organization of The Black Nazarene of St. John the Baptist, Minor Basilica in Quiapo, Manila which is more than 60 years in existence would like to recommend  to the council and to all concern a Feasible solution to avert a possible lost  of jobs, productivity and revenues to both parties.

        Re-orient the Monument of Dr. Rizal  towards  the Eastern horizon (facing the Sunrise),  the first thing  that would occur in our minds is, how much will it cost the taxpayers? Quite small?. Compared to the approximately P3.5 billion liabilities that DMCI can't avoid in terms of lawsuits filed by contractors, suppliers, investors and other private and government agencies?

            At present  the monument is oriented facing Manila bay, since the Rizal monument have undergone innovations in the 60's. The proposed Re-orientation of the Rizal monument to the East is as timely and  significant  to our TIME and to correct and rectify  the Historical inaccuracy that Dr. Jose Rizal died facing Manila bay connotes Rizal being a traitor to Spain.

   Dr. Jose Rizal's Statue as the Philippines National Hero.

           Dr.Jose P. Rizal Martyrdom on Dec.30, 1896 ended with  the man facing in the East, as it was written in history books Rizal twisted his body to the East because he is not a traitor to the people and despite the 8 bullets hitting him at the same time, holding a rosary, heralded the end of an Empire and the Rise of another Super Power. In Ezekiel 43:4 it said, And the glory of the LORD came into the house by way of the gate facing toward the east. In his book Rizal,  "Philippines a Century Hence" he predicted the rise of another Empire as confirmed by the recent event in the Spratly.

          Will she be another clone? Will she unite Asia and the World? or Will she confirmed what Charles Lindbergh wrote about  "The Children of Genghis Khan"? What was Dr. Jose Rizal's death facing the East meant? Beware of the Beast? or stay in the East? The Philippines has always been the melting pot of East and West, no doubt  Dr. Jose  Rizal knew in advance the strategic importance of the Philippines in Asia particularly in the Maritime Industry.

                                                                                                                                                           "HIWAGANG BANAL''  AN OPM NICE SONG BY MIMI ANDRADE.. PLEASE LISTEN          WITH ALL YOUR HEART AND MIND..

           It's not uncanny that the eight (8) Filipino soldiers who were part of the firing squad symbolizes  the unpatriotic Filipinos of today who kept on ruining the Filipino Heritage. If one Building is allowed to be constructed within the zone, it can become a precedent for others to follow. What could possibly prevent that precedent  from happening again? He who can not remember the past and learn from it are condemn to repeat it. 

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