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Come To Where The Flavor Is.. Come To Pioneer St. Market..
  (Where You Can Find The Best Gourmet Foods In Town) 
   By: Teddy P. Cho and Ver M. Garcia

The Day before the opening of HMR (, in charge is Ms. Natalie Trethowen, Operations Manager of HMR Phils., together with their Marketing Staff to clarify the details of the coverage.

Come to where your Heart is,. come to PIONEER .. Come to where the Flavor is come to.. PIONEER MARKET.

When it comes to grocery and food shopping, customers are accustomed to both world-- Convenience and Habit. Pioneer market, a one-stop center to make even the most loyal and discriminating market-goers experience a unique dining pleasure. Shop and socialize in an alternative fresh and organic way. It focuses on local fresh produce, gourmet dishes and artisan delicacies in an environment that is in a custom designed modern-industrial space. Located in the Heart of Mandaluyong's Premier district which features an array of local community-based and specialty crafts, an expensive collections of wine, craft beers, international fare, health & wellness products. Pioneer, a fully air-conditioned indoor market features savvy, innovative, up-and-coming traders matched with thriving boutique ventures all under one roof - Bring your family and friends to dine, shop and socialize, explore and celebrate the day. As for the Elite, Famous and Discrete check the Harringtons, lifestyle Auction, HMR Auctions, a comprehensive auction, valuation, and logistics services. It's the Philippines largest Full-service auction and valuation company.

ZUMBA dance group started to arrive at 4:45am. Celebrity dance instructor headed by Jason Zamora, Maddel Paltu-ob and Joshua kept the high intensity ZUMBA to the Peak.The

Mandaluyong Fitness Club which is composed of the Sexy Boom group, Sex Bomb group, Solid Blk 36, Wow Barangka group, Blk 19 group and the Blk.37 group holds the Guiness Book of World Record of the highest number of Dance class in Mandaluyong City and the World.

Mass and Ribbon Cutting with Mayor Benhur Abalos Jr.and His wife Menchie Abalos, Joel
Mendez Medical group and Ms. Earth 2014 Jamie Herrell declared the event and the celebration OPEN, followed by Blessing of FR. CARANDANG.

The Monster Burger Challenge wherein the contestants were to finished eating a King sized Burger in 4 minutes the Winner Registered a 3:52 minute time, Won by Phil Briggs, a Gift Check worth P3,000 was jubilantly received by Phil Briggs with  Manager Ms.Natalie Trethowen around to congratulate.

Live cooking  Show, on how to Prepare and cook a Malunggay pasta made from the fresh and organically grown ingredients to promote a Healthy lifestyle, prepared by Chef Demar Regrasado who trained under the likes of Gordon Ramsay, Chef Damar becamed a Chef at 16 from Nature Earth.

The EVENT was made possible thru the kind patronage and guidance of the Major and Minor sponsors: Mendez and Medical group, HMR, SAN MIGUEL BREWERY INC., KCB Water Tech Phils., ONE MEGA Group, ZOOMANITY, FROTH & TAY, ARON-EN, LORO Sports, THETA Healing and The Great ADOBO cook-off.


Perhaps these portends a Zumba Dance International Challenge to all the Zumba Dancers out there! Are you ready for it? Do these Zumba Dancers stand a chance against the Latinos and the European Zumba icons? A chance to break the Guiness Book of World Record with most number of participants of Zumba dance exercise..



The area chosen by SMDC, ABC 5 & the AYALA Developers to expand is where you'll PIONEER Market, observe the vertical expansion taking place find the RIGHT NOW and Take Actions before it's too late. You'll know  the market potentialities when you're at the CENTER of the expansion program of these TITANS. 


It may be true that Christmas is just around the corner but there is a need to discover it in your Mind & Heart. Pioneer Market just happens to be having a Christmas Trees and Decor sales.

If your one of the four Wise men, Pioneer market DEFINITELY is the place to shop early just to avoid the Christmas RUSH! No problem with the parking space and accessible within the vicinity of Pasig, Antipolo, Quezon City, Makati City, Pasay City and Suburbs.


Lady Volcanoes were introduce by LORO SPORTS (sponsor). Lady Rugby Team are the June 2015 BRONZE medalist SEA GAMES competition held in Singapore. Good Nutrition 
and a good physical fitness program is Theme of the DAY.

Photo Galleries of Pioneer St. Market

Guinea Pigs For Sale Courtesy of ZOOMANITY Group
                                     Rabbits on display courtesy of ZOOMANITY Group

All photos credited to Teddy Cho - Photo Journalist (VerGarciaBlogs) 

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