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SM Aura Plays Host To Asia E-Commerce Expo 2015
By: Teddy P. Cho and Ver M. Garcia

In photo Fr R.: Dr. Elton Tan President of Korean Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of Makati Tourism, Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas, TAG Media & Public Relations the Organizer of the Event, Mr. Robert Yupangco of Yupangco Group of Companies and Sacha Gonnerman, Vice-President of MetroDeal for online sales.

Viber Gen. Manager Kristian Melquiades, Comelec Spokesman James Jimenez and Chinkee Tan were discussing about digital solutions, data infrastructure and business start ups.

Awareness and collaboration are two important factors in Start-Up Innovations and the desire to implement business ideas to bring about important changes and development this were all perceived and expounded, implemented by the speakers in their respective field of endeavors.

Digital Guru Janet Toral posed for a souvenir photo.

Social media has actually become an indispensable ally  in the digital marketing industry. An effective marketing and communications tools to reach your target market locally and globally.

The CEO's and the professionals reiterated their desire to expand locally before expanding regionally and globally during the conference.

Here are some of the important pointers and reminders:

1. Build on a relationship digitally, it's important.

2. Digital technology is already hi-tech but, people wants hi-touch (emotion and psychological), part of the relationship is giving them what they want.

3. Digital marketing is not only about selling but, it's also about connecting and communicating to people.

4. Since Social Media has a broad audience, engaged them in whatever that attracts the interest the audience, through the use of marketing techniques and strategies.

5. The 2016 Election will be definitely Social Media Heavy, since candidates are social media conscious, as quoted by Comelec Spokesman James Jimenez.

6. There is a large number of the youth sector engaged in social media that includes the alpha generation or tots.

7. When it comes to numbers/ statistics, CEO's has this to say, understand the story behind the numbers. Don't jump into conclusion, there is a need to understand the story on what drives the numbers. This is true for advertising and marketing campaign.

Some important quotes with Chinkee Tan, a resource person of the E-Commerce Conference:

a. Experience is very critical.

b. Identify your business target.

c. Be truthful with your products and services.

d. Make sure you undersell but over deliver, follow-up in terms of delivery and services.

e. A complaint by your customers can also be a tool for promotion and promoting your product.

f. Follow-up on your daily posting.. Visit malls to be updated.

The CEO's, Professionals and Start-Up innovators agreed that most of the problem  that they have encountered were the lack of data infrastructure and the mind set of the people, who distrust  the government policy and bureaucracy.

The question was asked on how effective is the digital marketing lawyer James Jimenez and a Blogger himself, also spokesman of Comelec, says that "digital marketing is effective because it attacks your brain in a different way." Particularly because nowadays, people tend to believe each other rather than the people in authority. Exercising to vote has become a shared and common experience.

BVloggers have become a digital influencer locally and globally.

Engr. Grace Bondad with Sir James Jimenez

Lawyer James Jimenez who has been blogging since 1997 revealed that bloggers are just one piece of the puzzle. Bloggers do fill a very  important role in informing and educating the public. Bloggers status have been elevated to the same status as the traditional media, that's why they are finding themselves in equal footing with the mainstream media.

Photo Gallery of Asia E-Commerce Expo 2015:

We are proud to have you as part of this event. The following are Ms. Amor Maclang, Director, Geiser Maclang Marketing Communications, Inc., Chris Kiklas, President Emlogis, Frederic Levy, Founder & CEO, CashCashPinoy, Scott Galit, CEO, Payoneer, Mario Berta, CEO, and Constantin Robertz, Managing Director Zalora.

Highly Regarded and 
 Esteemed Bloggers receives GC for sharing the most number of business cards.

Moderator and Phil. Star Columnist Spanky Enriquez, Joey Gurango, CEO Gurango Software Corp., Subir Lohani, Manging Director Carmudi, Robert Yupangco, CEO- Yupangco Group of Companies, 


Mr. Frederick Levy, Founder & CEO CashCash Pinoy, Constantin Robertz of Zalora.

 Mr. Alan Donato, Payoneer Brand Ambassador and all smiles James Jimenez, Comelec Spokesperson.

 Round table discussions with Book Author Mr. Chinkee Tan, Jacqueline Van Den Ende, Managing Director Lamudi, Kristian Melquiades, Country Manager of Viber and James Jimenez.

 With Digital Guru Janet Toral, Lars Jeppesen, CEO, Tech One Global and  Sherlane Fortunado of Digital Filipino.

Round Table Discussion

 Mr. Mike Grogan, Founder BestOfYou Consultancy and Innovators, Samantha Kapunan,, Quintin Bouche, Dhang Tecson, Fishers and Changemaker and company.

 Photo opts with business start-up innovators with highly regarded bloggers in business card exchange activity.

With Ms Reylen Castro busy as bees, great help in disseminating the event expo.. it's a great success.. Congratulations!

Mr. Gilmar  Padua, CEO of and other delegates.

Engr. Grace Bondad with Executives

In conclusion, the Asia E-Commerce Expo 2015 succeeded in sharing the importance of acquiring digital learning and in order for the participants to gain ideas on how to start their own enterprises. Collaborating with the leaders in the market is essential to succeed in your chosen field of expertise. Lastly, we need to refresh ourselves from time to time in attending excellent expo like this one. Congratulations and may your tribe increase! (VerGarciaBlogs)

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By: Ver M. Garcia, Teddy Cho and German Ojeras

The Japanese Busan Festival 2015 is full of fun and hilarious evening.  Showcasing different products with authentic Japanese food  exhibiting at the Networld Hotel Spa and casino, a Japanese oriented service boutique hotel, located infront of the  Philipine Trade Training Center (PTTC) and just a stone throw away to the famous Philippine World Trade Center.

Japanese Apparel & Ladies Wear.

For the elegant women.. who are always on the go.

High quality Japanese products were presented to the bloggers and mainstream media practitioners, it shows the companies commitment to professionalism, excellence and reliability. The Filipinos and foreign buyers were amazed with the ingenuity of the products presented, especially the top of the line,  the ladies wear and undergarments imported from Japan to suit the active lifestyles of people who are always on the go.

This Sushi Machine can make  1,200 Sushi roll within an hour. Thus, making sushi a delightful delicacy to nimble.

The famous Sushi Hand Roll from Fukuoka, Japan wherein the essence and some  ingredients were imported from Australia with the addition of the original arrangement, the elegant presentation and a secret combination of a traditional menu will yield a delightful finger licking delicacy. Enabling one to enjoy the sushi as a wonderful finger licking food and as a main dish.

Hand roll and delicious sushi was presented and tasted at the exhibit by the lady sushi.

The variety of the flavored sushi with herbs and spices.

The bloggers with the Chef.

The famous Halo-Halo Special from Japan.

The accommodating staff of halo-halo special from Japan.

The bloggers and the media personalities were treated with warm welcome and great accommodation.

Sushi roll on the go..

The winner receives the major prizes. Courtesy of the Hikari company.

The lady emcee took turned in announcing the winner of the major prize the Hikari bicycle.

The Bicycle that will be raffled ready to be claimed by the winners.

The Emcee announced the winners of the raffle at the  Busan Festival 2015

The winners in the raffle contest.

The Le Amoretto famous bar at the Networld Hotel.

Japanese Vanadium Healthy Water..

Kosanka health drink for long life, beauty and good health. A toast to your success!

Sample tasting of Noodles at the start of the program.

A delightful taste of Tonkatsu finger food balls.

In conclusion, the 2 days event, that is,  the Japanese Cool Busan Festival 2015 was a  big success and it generated goodwill for everyone. An affair to remember once in a lifetime. (VergarciaBlogs)

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The Original & World's Finest Korean Red Ginseng Helps Treat Various Ailments.. by: Ms. Digna Lizada


The efficacy of Korean Red Ginseng were discussed by Ms. Cory Quirino & Dra. Imelda Ulep, MD,. Those interested may contact Ms. Digna Lizada and Mr. Roy De Torres at Tels.736-7732, 400-3488 or 0929-5019508 for your order and deliveries. Free medical check-up and seminar every M-W-F and Saturday.


Health Benefits of Korean Ginseng

Throughout the world herbal scientists have been trying to unveil the mysteries of ginseng, the king of the herbs. Ginseng has long been recognized as a general tonic good for recovering from exhaustion, operations, and energy draining ailments and for treating old-age debility. In recent years, beneficial effects of ginseng for various ailments such as cancer, diabetes mellitus, hepatic disorder, arteriosclerosis, and hypertension have been reported.
Not only it is safe for long-term intake, the attractive part of ginseng, in fact, is that one does not need to take a large quantity of it at one time. Taking a small amount of it everyday is the secret just like one a day vitamins. It helps the body system to cope with busy daily activities. One simply has to try it oneself to feel the effects: RESTORED VITALITY. What make it happen? What brings the vitality?
Ginseng consists of a rich mixture of many components. No other medicinal herbs contain such varied complex constituents as ginseng has. The more one studies ginseng, the more complex its composition. Several classes of components have thus far been isolated: ginseng saponins, carbohydrates, nitrogenous compounds, fat soluble compounds, vitamins and minerals.
Despite the tremendous efforts of many herbal chemists all around the world, ginseng remains the most mysterious plant on earth. No other plant has enjoyed such popularity among chemists, pharmacologists, biochemists and researchers in various fields of medicine.

What Ginseng Does?

With the application of advanced life Science Technologies, there has been great advancement in ginseng research. Over 2000 ginseng research paper have been compiled to date, strongly supporting the efficacies of ginseng as claimed for centuries by Asian people.
Most have been extensively studied was the beneficial effects of ginseng on stress, alcohol detoxification, aging, radiation exposure, and such as various disorders as diabetes mellitus, cancer, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, hepatic disorders, and anemia. Other areas of study include the fibrinolytic system, the central nervous system, the endocrine system, and the immune system. Of all ginsengs available in the world markets, Korean ginseng has been recognized as the best grade, and much of the research on ginseng has been performed with Korean Panax Ginseng.

The positive effects of Korean Red Ginseng have traditionally been classified into the following seven categories:

1. Korean Red Ginseng increases stamina and reduces fatigue.
2. Korean Red Ginseng stimulates the formation of red blood cells, thus protecting the body against the anemia, hypertension and hearth ailments.
3. Korean Red Ginseng improves mental conditions, preventing such disorders as neurosis and nervous breakdowns.
4. Korean Red Ginseng increases the production of body fluids, quenches thirst and prevent diabetes.
5. Korean Red Ginseng normalizes respiratory functions, thus preventing coughing, tuberculosis and asthma.
6. Korean Red Ginseng strengthens the gastrointestinal system, thereby preventing gastro-enteritis, diarrhea and constipation.
7. Korean Red Ginseng detoxifies poisons, prevents skin irritations, inflammations and skin diseases.

Product Gallery:

Korean Red Ginseng Extract

Composition: 100% pure extract of an authentic six years old matured and dried Korean Red Ginseng root. 

(Korean ginseng linhzhi extract capsule)


KRG extract40mg
Korean Lihnzi extract30mg
DI-a-Tocopherol (Vit-E)40mg
Royal Jelly30mg

- To foster and restore one's strength and improve body resistance.
- To release stress and enhance appetite.
- To strengthen memory and anti-aging process.
- To regulate blood circulation and anti-allergy.
- To improve the function of liver and kidney.
- To regulate endocrine function and keep balance of blood glucose.
- To reduce blood cholesterol, control blood pressure and prevent heart diseases.
- To prevent tumor formation and inhibit the spread of cancer cells.



Korean Red Ginseng Extract
Soybean Oil
Palm Oil
Ganoderma Lucidum Mushroom Extract
DL-a-Tacopheryl Acetate
Magnesium Oxide
Calcium Phosphate
Ferrous Lactate
Calcium Pantothenate



Cardus Marianus Ext (Silymarin)200.00mg
Thiamine Nitrate1.50mg
Pyridoxine Hcl2.00mg
Ca. Pantothenate16.00mg
Palm oil110.00mg
Bee's wax35.00mg
Soybean oil484.80mg

Highly potent liver protectant due to the massive content of Cardus Marianus extract.

Vitaginseng Soft Capsule

Korean Ginseng Extract40mg
Aloe ext.5mg
Retinol acetate (Vitamin A)5000 I.U.
Ergocalciferol (Vitamin D)400 I.U.
Topherol acetate (Vitamin E)45mg
Thiamine nitrate (Vitamin B1)2mg
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)2mg
Pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B6)2mg
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)60mg
Nicotinamide (Vitamin B3)20mg
Calcium Panthothenate (Vitamin B5)5.3mg
Ferrous fumarate54.76mg
Copper sulfate7.86mg
Magnesium oxide66.34mg
Zinc oxide5mg
Dibasic calsium phosphate307.5mg
Maganese sulfate3mg
Potassium sulfate18mg

Vitamins and inorganic matter supplement in these cases:Deficiency, anorexia, dystrophia, a wasting disease, fatigue, pregnancy, the lactation, the period of growth and senescence.

Lowering of physical strength during one's illness or convalescence: nutrition and tonic, relief for fatigue.

For your convenience, you can also order our Korean Red Ginseng products online. (VergarciaBlogs)

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Puksain Ang Hepa-B Virus Sa Pamagitan Ng Public Awareness..

Hepa-B 100% Mas Mapanganib Sa AIDS

By: Ver M. Garcia

Tinatayang may 70 porsiyento sa buong mundo ang may sakit na Hepatitis B. Ang karamihan nito ay matatagpuan sa Timog Silangan ng Asya at sa Rehiyon ng Pasipiko, ito ay sangayon sa pag-aaral at pananaliksik na ginawa ng isang grupo ng dalubhasa sa larangan ng Hepa-B management, mula sa pananaliksik sa ibat-ibang panig ng mundo.

Ang Hepa-B ay isang nakakamatay na sakit na dulot ng Hepa-B virus (HBV) at panlima ito sa talaan ng mga nakakamatay na sakit sa buong mundo. Ito ay isang daang ulit na mas mapanganib at medaling makahawa kaysa AIDS
or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

Photo Hepa-B Virus Looks Like

Sa pag-aaral ni Dr. Masahiro Yamamoto ng Nissay Hospital ng Japan, natuklasan niya na isang uri ng halamang ugat na mabisa ang nakakatulong upang muling mabuo ang atay o liver cells na sinisira ng Hepa-B virus at tinutulungan makarekober ang taong may sakit nito.

                          Advance stage of Hepa Virus

Ito ay aprubado ng BFAD.  Para sa inyong order at delivery, magsadya lamang sa Lizada KRG Center,  Rm. 601 MBI Bldg., Plaza Sta. Cruz, Manila at hanapin si Roy o Digna Lizada sa Tel. blg. 736-7732, 4003488 o 0928-5019508 at sa iba pang detalye. (VG)
Response to the problem of medical scientists with regards to the upsurge of hepa virus and AIDS.