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An Introduction.. How Victoria Court Started..

In 1970, Mr. Angelo King (AK), known as the patriarch of the King's group, noticed how well the motels are doing. Making mathematical computations in his head, AK's imagination caught fire in the prospect of venturing into the motel business. He was bent on entering the business and decided to work on something most motels failed to give their clients – QUALITY SERVICE.

It was in August when AK opened his first motel venture in Pasay City. He named it Anito Lodge, after a Tagalog god or deity. The first venture led to another. AK opened his second motel in 1973 and named it Vinta Lodge. It is located in Pasig where a potential market of moteliers is evident. Soon, more motels came under the belt of the King family.

The year 1980 not only meant the beginning of a new decade for the Company but it also marked the entry of AK's sons Archie and Wyden, who are said to be the prime movers of the Company's second generation of drive-in hotel expansion and growth in 1984. The advent started off with the opening of Akasya Lodge in Sta. Mesa, Manila; the Company started to evolve and setup district offices. Divided into North and South districts, they focused their attention to the problems and pressing concerns of each motel in a professionally managed manner.

From that time on, the company's thrust is to provide quality lodging hotels and services at premium prices. Amenities such as colored TV, bathtubs, Jacuzzis and air conditioners were likewise provided. Thus, the term “drive-in hotel” was coined for the succeeding Company establishments.

The almost simultaneous opening of Anahaw and Anito Royale in 1985 brought with it the introduction of mega rooms which where known as “VIP” rooms. They became popular and increased in number when talks of AK's imminent semi-retirement became prevalent.

It was then that Mr. Archie King (ARK) named his first hotel Panorama Enterprises, Inc. a 38-room property in Pasig, which he branded as “Victoria Court”. This property was the most innovative and the classiest motel of its time because of its first class amenities - bigger rooms and thematic atmosphere.

Just after this, Fiesta lodge was purchased; it is now called Victoria Court Cuneta. Although it was operational upon purchase, renovation was done slowly but surely, restructuring and reshaping the establishments into an all-suite drive-in hotel better than Victoria Court Pasig, with its unique motifs, suite rooms, and mezzanine jacuzzis.

                 The Hammer of the Mighty Thor displayed at the Victoria Court Suite.

After a few years of operations, Victoria Court Pasig performed beyond expectation. This gave birth to the Victoria Court group, and soon, a logo was drummed up, depicting a classy but mysterious-looking lady in a hush-up motion, with a background of black and silver. It supposed to embody a secret, and it means that apart from quality and fast service, Victoria Court also offers PRIVACY, COURTESY, PROMPT SERVICE, WORLD CLASS FACILITIES AND STATE-OF-THE-ART HOUSEKEEPING.
The rest, as they say, is history.

Have fun at Victoria Court

At present, Victoria Court has 10 properties to its name. (Description taken from the website of Victoria Court).

Bedroom Scene Transpires..

It's an intellectual romance and bedroom scene at the Victoria Court in Malate, Manila, but, it is not what your green mind tells you. It's a romantic interlude -  intellectually with the experts, historians, podcasters, bloggers, environmentalist, and arts & culture connoisseur.

 Art Lover Carlos Celdran started with a query.

It's a revelation of bloggers on how they get started as a bloggers and why they blogged. This is an event where each blogger is put on the spot while a seminar / workshop ensues conducted by no less than E-Commerce and Digital Guru Ms. Janet Toral , a name that rings a bell in a digital industry. From a "Nobody to a Somebody" a Janet Toral perspective.

There are so many doors that are open to bloggers and that also comes with intrigues, pressures  and lots of difficulties. It is on how you hurdle this extra mile and the challenges that leads you to become an authority and an expert in this field of endeavor.

Points To Ponder When Blogging

Ms. Janet Toral Stresses A Point In Her Lecture.

The first step is to let them know that you exist and assert your identity. If you want to make a mark in blogging. you should be creative, when you copy paste be sure to mention the source of the written item or article, be creative, do a spin in a positive way and try to customize or modify your blog to suit once taste or interest..

A digital influencer is also a good agitator activist when you take a stand. To be a great agitator you need to wear several hats. By being an analyst you can agitate and thereby influence. Activism means you have to take a stand. If you don't.. you took stand for nothing. By being an insider that connects and establishes a good relationship you gain credibility, authority and later on expertise. When you're a connector please don't hesitate to give whenever, there's an opportunity to give because, helping people get what they want it's a good karma. Surely, it comes back to you in many ways. By becoming an authority and an expert you gain a celebrity status. Not all who reached the celebrity status are ready, an old adage which says "Be careful with what you wish for because you might just get it", holds true.

Ms. Janet Toral Says..

People tend to love you because of your celebrity status might even gain a following, love them back or learn how to reciprocate their love.. says Janet Toral.

The Passion Of  Carlos Celdran
A person who values privacy, passionate about the art.

Photo Gallery:

Ms. Grace Bondad of Tag Media and Public Relations Leads The Event.

Participants of the Seminar Posed For A Posterity Photo Opps.
Participants and Bloggers with John Cueto, Ciao Chua, Grace Bondad, Reylen Castro surrounded Carlos Celdran one of the resource speaker.

Ver Garcia, Janet Toral and and participant.

Zoomanity Group All Smiles.

Dinner was served at the start of the program.


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