Miyerkules, Enero 20, 2016


By: Ver M. Garcia & Teddy Cho

Digital copy of Presidential aspirant Ambassador Roy Seneres article about a bill to be passed in Congress on rent regulation, attributed to Mr.WILSON NG effort who is running as Councilor in the 3rd District of Manila as an Independent candidate.

The reason why we had a Land Reform was Primarily to upgrade the standard of living of the farmers in the rural areas and to protect them from further exploitation of the Unscrupulous landed gentry.It's one of the reasons why it fueled the desire of the under privilege to undertake a Bloody revolution in CHINA before.

According to Wilson Ng.. "Kaya tayo nagkaroon ng Rural Land Reform ay dahil halos lahat na ng kinikita ng mga kaawa-awang magsasaka ay napupunta sa mga walang puso at Ganid na Landowners. Yung ang pangunahing dahilan kaya muntik ng magkaroon ng rebolusyon ang bansa natin.'

At the Aberdeen Court from L to R.. Mr. Wilson Ng an advocate of poverty alleviation with Ms. Susan Amoroso, Mayet Robles and friends.

At the Diamond Hotel Media Forum Mr. Wilson Ng all smiles and the champion of rent control law.

At the Mabuhay Restop Rizal Park with Presidential Aspirant Ambassador Roy Senerez, Senatorial bets Sharif Albani, Cong. Godofredo Arquiza- Senior Citizen Party List, Gen. Dioniso Santiago former AFP Chief of Staff, Multi Awarded Broadcaster Carmen Ignacio- DZRJ and friends.

Here's the rallying campaign slogan of: 'ASENSO NG MASA, ASENSO NG BAYAN'.. MR. WILSON NG, an Advocate of ANTI-POVERTY-  measures to uplift the Peoples Aspiration for a Better and a more FAIR distribution of wealth and a more secure future for Generations to come.

He is presently running as councilor for the 3rd District of MANILA. He is in need of your UNCONDITIONAL support, because of His PRO-FILIPINO LAWS that needs to be implemented, with his Motto: " ASENSO NG MASA, ASENSO NG BAYAN", was formed with his vision and out of his 65 years of long experience in doing BUSINESS in the PHILIPPINES as Bakeshop owner, the hardship and fortitude that taught him Wisdom and Ka Wilson would like to share that Wisdom by Running as COUNCILOR in order to SERVE and SHARE the FRUITS of that years of experience in the Government service.

He would like to Solicit the UNCONDITIONAL support of the people of the 3rd District of MANILA to RALLY on the CAUSE to REDUCE the POVERTY in our MIDST. The Task is not easy and the CHALLENGE that LIES AHEAD is compounded with an ARRAY of problems that requires us to UNITE and cooperate as a family that leads to a National Unity in Reducing Poverty and Perhaps Ultimately Alleviate the enslavement that Poverty is capable of. He will be needing your electoral decision to be a catalyst in a change that will not only affect MANILA but the WHOLE country as well. ATTACHED above is an ARTICLE of AMBASSADOR ROY SENERES as REFERENCE to GOOD intentions Mr.WILSON NG- a Chinoy with a FILIPINO Heart. (VerGarciaBlogs)