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A Calculated Response To The Middle East Crisis.. An Interview With Congressman Roy M. Seneres, Jr.
By: Ver M. Garcia & Teddy Cho

The Philippine Passport
Our OFW's the unsung heroes who have decided to leave their families just to work abroad in a foreign land, they are the people who deserve the best treatment from our government yet somehow and someway these unsung heroes have not felt that pampering care and at times threatened by 'laglag bala' and other hardships perpetrated by our own countrymen. They deserve the best and nothing else.

The former Ambassador and Presidential Roy Seneres, Sr. saw to it that our OFW's deserve far more especially in times of crisis. In an interview with the son Roy Seneres, Jr. should  a panic button arise in the Middle East and other countries, a protocol was formulated to at least mitigate the dangerous plight of our OFW's. A legacy from the late Ambassador Roy Seneres, Sr. ensures.

Should there be an Oil price decrease and the subsequent effect on the employment of OFW's?
OFW-Family Club Party List Head Roy Seneres, Jr.

A suggestion on what should be done:

A portrait of the late Amba Seneres with former Pres. Fidel Ramos.. A legacy that was passed on to the son of Ambassador Roy Seneres, Sr.
See to it that they are assisted  with regards to their repatriation needs by the government.
We should be in the forefront in assisting them with their issuing exit visas and helping them with their repatriation for those who in need of that type of services. In so doing the head of the mission.

Our Ambassadors as head of the mission should be there in the work sites of these oil companies  to facilitate these He (Ambassador) should establish close linkages with the Ministry of Labor  and his counterpart there in the Kingdom(Saudi) to see to it that our OFW's request for repatriation are met.

While they are on standby awaiting their repatriation, our government should send over the necessary assistance to address their day-to-day needs and subsistence for they no longer have working permits (iqama) that's why they can not go out on the work site.So send them a team of Doctors  and embassy staff under the supervision of the Dept. of Health (DOH) to conduct medical missions on the work site under the leadership of the Consul  general with the stipulation with the consonance on Migrant Act.

Just in case there is a panic button and so many have been displaced because of unrest. Our President or perhaps the next President should invite the job providers association in Malacanang and have an intimate discussion with them to the effect that those displaced will be re-deployed on other neighboring countries or in other countries abroad, who fit their qualification for purposes of softening the impact. Another option is for the the the government to have close linkages with other companies who are not experiencing retrenchment or the lost of profit and request them to help employ, give priority to those who are going to be displaced.

Family OFW- Club President Roy Seneres, Jr. with Dr. Ver M. Garcia of the Bloggers Association of the Philippines- Admin.

Cong. Roy Seneres, Jr. together with his lovely wife and Wilson Ng (Standing), General Manager of Po Chuan Tin Bakery. Photo Taken at the Meisum- Tea House. (Photo credited to Teddy Cho).

The Program of DOLE-ASSIST WELL (welfare,employment,livelihood,and legal assistance) program, there is included in that program a job matching and re-integration. So they should be seriously assisted for those who want to go home and are awaiting to go back home and given an alternative jobs orchestrated by the government particularly DOLE, under the existing program. Those are the things that the OFW Family Partylist lays down for the government for the suggestion in the government to do. In case of imminent termination  or displacement of OFW's in SAUDI  brought about by fluctuating oil prices.
In case of War or Unrest?
We should do the following.. A reminder.

Congressman Roy Seneres, Jr. reiterated a statement that we should not panic, however, we should be very cautious of what's happening there between Saudi Arabia and other neighboring countries that are supposedly having an ongoing tensions.

Our Ambassadors should discern  what his/her counterparts in the U.S. and other European nations therein  Saudi, what they are doing? you visit them, you ask them, you solicit from them based on their intelligence report if war is indeed imminent. You discern to what they are doing if we should repatriate or evacuate our countrymen, if they are doing it to their nationals there in Saudi. But if not, if their mood is calm. If they feel that the tension should subside.Then we should follow their lead because we should not initiate or go ahead and panic if it is not needed because we have 3 million  Filipinos that are sacrificing for their families we don't want to alarm them. (VerGarciaBlogs)

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