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The Admirable Launching Of M/V Starlite Saturn In Batangas Port, Philippines 
By: Ver M. Garcia
STARLITE FERRIES, INC.. M/V Starlite Saturn launching at the Batangas Port in the Philippines with Sec. of the Department of Transportation Arthur P. Tugade (4th from Left) and Starlite Ferries Inc., Pres. Francis Cusi of Starlite ferries (3rd from Left), Inc., highlights the modernization of the RoRo Shipping Industry. M/V Starlite Saturn has an average speed of 13.5 knots per hour and can ferry 711 passengers and can carry 21 buses in its hold. It's fast, safe and cost efficient.. a sea transport that will benefit the Filipinos and foreign travelers in the Philippines with Sec. of Energy Alfonso Cusi (1st from Right).

The M/V Starlite Saturn Ferry.. — at Batangas Port, Batangas City, Philippines.

BATANGAS PORT, PHILIPPINES.. The M/V Starlite Saturn Lifestyle and Travel Bloggers Group.. In photo.. Lariza Garcia, Claire Pajarillo Santiago, George Nava True, Dems Angeles, Nadtja Villaber, Ver Garcia, Leo My, Cie Cisneros and others.

Invited to grace the occasion with sunglass is an investment banker Batangas Gov. Hermilando Mandanas.

The fast and highly efficient leader in the shipping industry with its fleet of highly modern Japan made RoRo vessels consuming 20 percent  less fuel than the old ones. It's fast, safe and cost-efficient means of sea transport for travelling Filipino community rendered the Starlite way.

The  assembly  area  of  the  distinguished lifestyle and travel
bloggers at the branch of Tiendesitas Mcdonald in Pasig City.

An emerging leader in the Philippines Shipping Industry, Starlite Ferries, Inc., through its pioneering effort and leadership on the RoRo shipping indusrty. In terms of connectivity from Pier to Puerto.

Starlite Ferries, Inc. launching of M/V Starlite Saturn, its 4th brand new roll-on, roll-off vessel recently at the Batangas Port, Starlite Ferries marks yet another milestone in its continuing effort to modernize the inter-island travel in the country wherein bloggers were invited to grace the occassion were welcome by the staff and officers of the company. The newest addition to the Starlite fleet. The company President Mr. Francis Cusi said they have ordered 7 ships from Japan, with 8 more to be custom built in the future for a total of 15 newly built RoRo vessels.

Distinguished Bloggers waiting early in the morning for others to come at the assembly area.

Starlite Ferries, Inc., is a one-hundred percent Filipino-owned company which became operational in 1995 with their initial route Batangas-Calapan-Mindoro. The company brought convenience to Filipino sea travelers by opening new routes such as: Roxas-Caticlan, Roxas-Odiongan and guarantees more routes to open as they connect from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The Philippines is composed of 7,100 islands, Starlite's modern RoRo vessels will significantly boost tourism industry on both local and international market as they can easily facilitate trips from various destinations in the Philippines. Tourists and local residents alike can now afford to explore the different islands with ease, safety and comfort as Starlite vessels can provide a scenic alternative and a healthy sea breeze to land and air travel.

Launching of M/V Starlite Saturn with distinguished lifestyle and travel bloggers and journalists. — at At the passengers deck of M/V Starlite Saturn.

M/V Starlite Saturn has a tremendous speed 13.5 nautical miles per hour. She has a rounded hull that rest deeper in the water for greater stability, bow thruster for vessel assistive maneuverability and a bulbous bow that enables it to cut through waves more efficiently. The 2,700 gross  ton ship can carry 710 passengers and 20 drivers in bunk comfortably on its  ground level deck and up to 21 buses in its hold.

M/V Starlite Saturn and other vessels in the Batangas-based shipping companies fleet are designed to navigate the country's open sea routes and seasonal rough waters.

LAUNCHING OF M/V STARLITE SATURN.. Sec. Arthur Tugade of the Department of Transportation happily shakes hand with Lifestyle and Travel bloggers Dr. Ver Garcia, Admin. of the Bloggers Association of the Philippines at the launching recently of M/V Starlite Saturn in Batangas Port, Batangas City. Sec. Tugade in his speech avers that there is a need to establish connectivity of the port from different parts of the archipelago to spur and fastrack economic development in the Philippines.

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  1. I'm glad for the development of the Starlite Ferries Inc. It is the first time in Philippines ship's operator bought brand new ship's from Japan.The company is paramount priority are the safety of the crew, passengers,ships and the environment.

    I'm very happy for the management of SFI, way back early year 2000, I was the Deck Officer of Pacific Nautica for Roxas-Caticlan that was the first boat for Roxas-Caticlan route and I remember that we have only two or 3 passengers and one motorcycle deck cargo only for the midnight trip from Roxas pier spearheaded of Port Capt. Jun Seniel, the pier and shore of Dangay Roxas was too dark.

    I'm remember that we encountered 6 to 7 typhoons a year and we still managed passengers and crew safely.

    Pacific Navigator whilst at manoeuvring at Caticlan,We tend to experience touching bottom whilst at Jetty in Caticlan because of shallow water and tides, the props blade was dented., we then anchored at Roxas and preceded by removing the propellers manually by local divers and put it on deck and found four blades are dented heavily, The Diver repaired the blade satisfactory and returned it to the tail shaft. The following day we heaved up anchor for sea trial and it works satisfactorily, just imagine how the Local Filipino Divers managed the repairs manually which is supposedly for a Dry dock’s job.

    I took command on the Navigator,One time, the boat was on stand-by at Roxas Port due Wx. There are stranded passengers and seating on the beach front, shading under the coconut trees for poor passengers having nothing with only sea fare and some passengers with money stayed in the small pension house in town, and others stayed on the boat as per request from the Roxas PCG. on the same day during the afternoon, suddenly, wind gust all over in any direction and the boat was suddenly listing to port side and found out the the dolphin connected on the breast line was falling down, The AB cut the mooring ropes and the stern ramp was keep on banging due to strong from bow and we decided to start the Main engines and heave-up anchor. The passengers can't go down because the ramp is on up and down movement due to big swells. It was very difficult to heave-up anchor with due to high waves and swells from the Typhoon, so, after few minutes, the anchor was aweigh and steamed for around 6 hours until the eye of the typhoon was clear from our location, then the boat proceeded to Crista de Gallo for shelter, some people and authorities in Roxas that they thought the boat is sunk because of the Typhon, the following day the boat was back alongside to Roxas Port and I saw houses are destroyed and trees were uprooted. even the the roof of Roxas Gym are totally blown off.

    In 2004, The boat was replaced by Pacific Voyager in which I was a Captain for 13 months on board at the age of 25-26 years old.
    When i was work in SFi are: I work with good relationship people in Roxas and Caticlan and respect and follow instructions from the SFi Management, and respect and maintain good ralation with my crew mate.

    My big achievement i when i work at SFi, whilst en-route from Caticlan i saw a fisherman floating and we safety recovered. he stayed afloat for 3 to days with bamboo from his broken canoe due to he encountered typhoon.

    I was received an award for best Captain during Christmas party in Dec. 2005

    Year 2006 to present,I'm connected and work as 2nd Captain with British Shipping Company named: Swire Pacific with the excellent management system.

    This year 2016, I'm very happy that Mr. Rodrigo Duterte elected president of Republic of the Philippines and he appointed my respective boss named; Mr. Alfonsi Cusi as a DOE secretary.

    I would like to thank the Cusi family and the Management of SFI's as in part of my 4 to 5 years sea experience of the lovely company.

    Thanks and best regards,
    Rob Bacariza MM

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