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TUCP Rep. Mendoza and Labor Leader & TUCP Vice-President Temistocles Dejon, Jr., Call For Total End of Labor Contractualization

By: Ver M. Garcia
 Labor leader and AWATU- All Workers Alliance Trade Union National President and TUCP Vice-Pres. Temistocles S. Dejon, Jr. stresses a point in the recently concluded labor meeting.

Rep. Raymond Mendoza and TUCP Vice Mr. L. Coral at the TUCP presscon held at the AVR-TUCP  compound. 

In photo from Right to Left:. AWATU President and TUCP Vice-President Temistocles S. Dejon, Jr. campaigns for the total prohibition in any form of labor contracting and TUCP Vice Mr. L. Coral leads the TUCP presscon. Not in photo is  TUCP Sec. General Vince Camillon, who also bats for the total abolition of contractualization.

The Trade Union Congress of the Philippines,  TUCP Party List Labor Center press conference calls for the enactment of  House Bill No. 4444 on prohibiting and criminalizing labor contracting and sub-contracting and DOLE's position on contractualization. Also discussed was TUCP's stands on ERC and other energy and power related issues. Tackled also is the position of TUCP on PEZA 'special wage package' in Ecozone. TUCP officers including Rep. Raymond Mendoza and TUCP Vice- President Temistocles Dejon, Jr. will enlighten the public on it's position. It's office located in TUCP-PGEA compound, Elliptical Road cor. Maharlika St. in Diliman, Quezon City.

According to Temistocles Dejon, Jr., the passage of Labor Code in 1974 that allows contracting and subcontracting was illegal. It's regulation has failed to protect the rights of workers from abuse and exploitation of the business owners and employers. Contractualization deprived and left a a lot of workers with no Social Security and security of  tenure and without the benefits  of  Healthcare and Pag-ibig housing privileges.

Thus, they filed a  Bill seeking to criminalize labor contracting. 'It is exploitative, it dilutes the essence of labor standards and undermines the workers right to decent life', avers Dejon, Jr.

The Bill  aims to prohibit all kinds of Labor contracting and all fixed- term employment. The bill it added intends to end abusive  practices of labor contracting and all workers must be treated as regular employees doing away with other types of employment.

Live interview with Cong. Raymond Mendoza, Jr.
regarding the end of labor contracting (HB. 4444).

Rep. Raymond Mendoza added, 'that contractualization clashes with the principle of social justice enshrined in our Constitution and must be criminalized. This house bill legislative proposal provides penal provisions against violators. It is the deepest hope of Filipino workers that this bill will be immediately enacted." (VerGarciaBlogs)

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