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Since we're both part of the Bloggers group of the Philippine Tourism Board of the Chief Operation Officer Mr. Cesar Montano (Center) and Krissy Mago in yellow and black) Headed by Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo.. then let's work hand in hand to promote Philippine Tourism Board to uplift our country in the tourism world.. With Lifestyle and Travel Bloggers Ver GarciaNatalie TugadeLhourdes MercaderoCherry BellsGus CabredoTin Gonzaga and David Ricardo Valencia Ferro..
An attached agency of the Department of Tourism, the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB),is an ISO certified agency exists to market and promote the Philippines domestically and internationally as a         world-class tourism and MICE destination, in strategic partnership with private and public stakeholders to deliver a unique high-value experience for visitors, significantly contributing to increased arrivals, receipts and investments to the country. As published in their website.

Multi-awarded actor Cesar Montano meet and greet with Lifestyle and Travel Bloggers as new Tourism Promotions Board COO. (Video courtesy of David Ricardo Valencia Ferro)

You Tube Video About Coron, Palawan in the Beautiful Philippines frequently visited by tourists.. Videograph By Travel Gretl..

It's Midnight Change.. Philippine Tourism Board COO Actor Cesar Montano Sings Spiritual Song..  Let's Pray and Campaign for A Drug Free Philippines..How Great is our God.. Held recently at the prayer vigil in support with President Rodrigo Duterte campaigns against illegal drug, povertyand corruption.(You Tube Video Courtesy of Ver Garcia)

New COO Philippine Tourism Board Cesar Montano sings Spiritual Song for unity and healing.
How Great is our God..

Statistics release by the Dept. of Tourism (DOT) which launch the "Philippine Tourism is good for ASEAN tourism. Now campaigning  for Visit Philippines calendar of events promoting  the historical and cultural treasures, rich biodiversity, world heritage sites and different design in commercial shopping complex. The twinning or the twin city packages was presented to 350 tour operators with the objective of creating "ASEAN HUB" in the country, thus creating an easy travel plan in the light of ASEAN tourism integration. The tourism sector now is a $ 4.8 billion dollar industry, the question is are we prepared for the ASEAN tourism integration? With its P 265 billion national tourism blueprint, a country stands to gain in terms of labor and employment generation. 

With Krissy Mago and Friends at the Quirino Grandstand in Rizal Park.

Foreign visitors arrival in 2013 has been estimated at 4,681,307 compared to the 2012 statistics with 4,272,811 visitors an increased of  9.56 percent higher than the previous visits last year. Topping the lists of foreign visitors are the Koreans with 1,165, 789 visitors. While American visitors came in second with a volume of 674,564 visitors as of 2013. . Purpose of visits according to the  A/D Cards and shipping manifests data is for the holiday reasons which yielded an average of 59.58 percent. Business came in as a second reason  (9.86 percent). Other data recorded not specified reasons is represented at  26.13 percent much higher than the business purpose.

The Philippine Tourism Department is gearing up for 10 million foreign visitors and about 35.5 million domestic tourists arrival by the  year 2016. As of the latest counting the country registered 2,433,438 international visitors in the First half  of 2014, this represents a growth rate of 2.22 percent compared to last year (2013) volume of 2,380,593 foreign visitors arrivals in the first half of 2013. (VerGarciaBlogs)

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