Martes, Hunyo 6, 2017


By: Teddy Cho & Ver Garcia

 Mr. TJ Yuson events host inspired everyone to secure a copy of  the newly launched Events  Venue  PH Magazine.

Are you looking for a place or venue that would fit your tight budget, your taste or simply a venue for all season? Good news.. Right now, you have a venue that caters to all your needs when it comes to any events, management or events organizing. It's accessible, convenient, food and drinks are satisfying that is because they have gathered under one roof. The suppliers will cater to all your requirements when it comes to party needs, corporate events, seminars and workshops and other similar activities.

Events Venue Philippines (Events Venue Ph.) is totally committed to facilitate your needs in every conceivable way possible whether you're looking for suppliers or if you are planning you're social and corporate events (weddings, chrism, birthdays and others). You may log on to for online subscribers. But, for print we have the most versatile magazine in print which you can take anywhere and everywhere because it's portable, foldable and handy. It's main feature is the suppliers checklist which can be used to plan your events rationally and systematically for it enables and empowers you.. wherein you have pages where you can place the details in order to compare the suppliers, canvass the prices, give you several options to make a choice of your own and your loved ones.

Eventsvenueph fits your requirements to a tee and they can feature all the corporate and  social events that needs to be published including bloggers events and for those operating on a tight budget you are on target. It's now available at coffee shops, bridal shops and hopefully soon at National Bookstore and Lazada which has nationwide coverage and distribution.


A lot of decision making goes into event planning and the choice of venue for an event is probably the biggest decision of all. There are a lot of factors in choosing a venue so therefore, save yourself the stress of choosing the right venue.

1.) Cost - Make a budget and do your best to stick to it and make a lot of sourcing.

2.) Date - When you are going to hold the event. You will find that some days of the week might be cheaper than others. Events held during the peak season are definitely going to be more expensive. So be flexible on dates.

3.) Location - Will your guests be able to reach the venue easily and consider where your guests will be coming from.

4.) Ambiance - Does the venue contribute to my events team or mode.

5.) Capacity - How many people or participants can accommodate your chosen venue.

6.) Weather - Take into consideration the weather in planning your event. It is because there will be no guests coming in case of typhoons and flooding.

7.) Services and Amenities - What features of the venue do they have. How can it compliment my requirements. Is there a table, chairs, linen, audio-visual system and kitchen. These amenities are very important in choosing a venue for your event.

8.) Friendly and accommodating suppliers -  Find suppliers that can help you in all your needs and requirements.

9.) Parking - The venue must have a parking facility that can accommodate your guest and accessible.

10,) House Rules- In the event that you will cancel your event.. Is there an option that you can refund the deposit you made. All the arrangements must be made in writing.

Mr. TJ Yuson some good pointer about holding an events on you tube channel.

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