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By: Ver M. Garcia
HAPPY FAMILY.. Reigning Mrs. Universe Philippines 2017 Marilou Tolico Villanueva had this to say.. 'at the end of the day it's the family and your children that is of great  importance'. In photo is her Mom, Ms. Charito Tolico with loving children and her very supportive husband.

Reigning Mrs. Universe Philippines 2017 Marilou Tolico Villanueva, CEO and Founder of the Philippine Honorable Queens. Original Video by:  Ver M. Garcia on Youtube Channels please like and subscribe.

Part 2 of the Media Presscon with Mrs. Universe Philippines 2017 
Marilou Tolico Villanueva.. Video By: Ver M. Garcia on Youtube Channels. Please like and subscribe. A 30 minutes video presentation.
The Philippine Honorable Queens in partnership with Magarbo Events  will  be giving a  recognition  to  women who  excelled  in  their  chosen field of endeavors and have  made  themselves  outstanding  on  their  own rights  and  have shown uniqueness as  they touched other lives and serve as an inspiration and a model for change.

The  most awaited event was held recently at  the  Hotel  Sofitel  in  Manila   a  luxurious hotel  and in a tropical and  spectacular  Manila  Bay  sunset,   that  lavishly surrounds exquisite French touch of Sofitel Philippine. The only 5-  Star Resort Hotel in Manila, the Sofitel welcomes you to celebrate visual arts and  some important activities and great events.

Ms. Marilou T. Villanueva, (in the middle with a crown) CEO and Founder of PHQ with awardees. Photo by: Teddy Cho

In cognizant  with  this  awarding  event..  The  Philippine  Honorable  Queens Founder  and CEO Ms. Marilou Tolico Villanueva   said  that  'she  envisions  this award and recognition to uphold the passion for excellence of individuals who relentlessly pursue a higher performance to bring honor and pride to our country'. avers Ms. Villanueva.

It's an evening full of fun that showcased fashion shows, modern dance, singing and entertainment to the fullest. The empowered Honorable Queens awardees are the following:

Philippine Honorable Queens
Name of Awardees:

1. Ms. Joy Bufete - Empowered Woman.. a noble Filipina and an Outstanding Leader in her field of endeavour.

2. Ms. Sarah P. Deloraya - Entrepreneur of the Year Award
3.  Ms. Hadja Hanina O. Alrefai – For Lifetime Achievement Award
4.  Ms. Victoria Estacio- Logdat – For Community and Social Service Award

 5. Ms. Jennifer Sibug-Las – For Corporate Social Responsibility Award

 6. Honorary Consul Anna Marie Ablan – For Outstanding Contribution in the Field of Foreign Diplomacy

 7. Ms. Jennifer  ‘Ina Alegre’ Mindanao-Cruz (Vice-Mayor Municipality of Pola, Oriental Mindoro) Outstanding Public Servant of the Year

 8. Atty. Kaye C. Revil (Vice-Governor, Province of Masbate) 
      Local Governance and Development Programs.
 9. Ms. Stephanie Uy Tan (Eastern Visayas, City Mayor Catbalogan City, 
      Province of Samar –For Environment Protection
10. Ms. Mogene Clarito Jeffers- Outstanding Contribution in the Field 
       of Education and Exemplary Works.   
11. Sen. Cynthia A. Villar- Outstanding Senator in Public Service for 
       Livelihoods and Agri-Programs
12. Ms. Wanda Corazon T. Teo – Outstanding Secretary For Tourism Programs of the Year
13. Ms. Emelie Katigbak Outstanding Contribution in the Field of Tourism
       Advocacy and Media Personality.
14. Ms. Judy M. Taguiwalo- Outstanding Secretary for Social Welfare 
        and Development
15. Ms. Luchie Cruz Valdez- Outstanding Newscaster and Head of TV 5
16. Avon Morales – Outstanding AVP of Union Bank in the Philippines
17. Cheryl Fordan Villanueva – outstanding Teacher of the Year.
18. Wilma Facelo-  Outstanding Empowered Woman
19. Analyn Tan Sungco – Outstanding Empowered Woman
20. Marilou Go Lim – Outstanding Empowered Woman
21. Rowena Avila – Outstanding Empowered Woman
22. Kathy Kenny Ngo – Outstanding Lifestyle Blogger
23. Liza Dionaldo – Outstanding Empowered Woman
24. Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas – Outstanding Social     Media Influencer and Blogger
25. Ms. Mafae Yunon-Belasco – Outstanding Event Organizer  and Entrepreneur of the Year.

The Philippine  Honorable  Queens  grant  this  outstanding  recognition  to  people  who excelled in their  respective fields of endeavor to inspire  and  encourage them to excel and share their  God given talent. ‘No matter  where  you  are  in  life.  Inspire  and  empower  the  women  around  you.  Success is  never  reached  alone.  And  wisdom  and  wealth  are  sweeter  and  shared,  the Honorable Queens quotes'.

Other important  personalities  who  made  the  event  possible  are  members of the PHQ Core group are: 
Ms. Marilou  T.  Villanueva-  Chairperson,  Managing  Director-  
Ms. Merly Asenjo-AVP,  Ms. Lilibeth  Newham- Promotion  Driector,   Mr. Ferdie Nadera- Production Director, 
Herald Domine- Marketing, 
Atty.Reyaine A.  Mendoza  Legal  Adviser  and Dr. Ver M. Garcia- Publishing Officer.

Photo Gallery:

 Direk Ferdie Nadera with Guest.

Ms. Hadja Hanina O. Alrefai interviewed by Litrato Media.

 Beauty Queen Mafae Yunon Belasco interviewed by PTV 4.

 Husband and Wife PBA San Miguel Basketball Player Nic Belasco  and Mafae Belasco all  smile in this photo.

 Mr. & Mrs. Mafae Yunon Belasco.

Rotarian Merly Asenjo of Shawarma Republic and  Vice-President of PHQ  with awardee.

 Atty. Kaye C. Revil (Vice-Governor, Province of Masbate) Local Governance and 
     Development Programs and husband with Dr, Ver M. Garcia

 The Philippine Honorable Queens  Production Team working  overtime.

 Mr. Randy Nonato of DLSU, who acted as emcee in great  pleasantries with some of the  awardees.

Reigning Mrs. Universe Philippines 2017 Ms. Lot Villanueva with son.

Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas one of the awardee as an outstanding social media influencer.. assisted by Dr. Ver M. Garcia.

 Mr. Herald Berras Domine- Marketing with Ms. Hadja Hanina O.  Alrefai. 

 Awardees with Miss World Philippines 2003 Ms. Mafae Yunon  Belasco and emcee Ms. Veronica Arlyne Lawas Borromeo.

Dedicated to all women up there who made it to the top.. despite all the challenges in life. This instrumental love songs is dedicated to all of you.

The advocacy of the Philippine Honorable Queens is to hail and support empowered women in providing more avenue to uplift confidence and be an inspiration to others. All photos are credited to Mr. Teddy Cho- photo journalist. (VerGarciaBlogs)

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