Biyernes, Mayo 25, 2018

By: Ver M. Garcia (Tech Blogger) and Teddy Cho (Photo Blogger)

XLOG MEDIA CONFERENCE: In photo are the following from L to R.. Dr. Ver Garcia, (ADMIN. BAP), Jun Lasco, Director Partner Shiptek, John Rana (Software Engineer), Jun Eugenio Ynion, Jr., Founder CEO Shiptek Solutions, Inc., Banker  Edwin Bautista, President and CEO Union Bank of the Philippines, Mrs. Carissa Ynion and Mary Rose Magsaysay, Board of Trustees Cultural Center of the Philippines.

The reality of Corruption, Cyber terrorism, trade wars, economic sanctions, currency war, online phishing and the threat of using AI (artificial intelligence) has  traumatized  people in the banking, shipping  and logistics including the online users as well. 
Board of Directors of XLOG in a huddle with Union Bank President Edwin R. Bautista.

With these in mind SHIPTEK SOLUTIONS CORP., a Filipino owned company formulated a homegrown  technology  that can overcome the challenges  in the shipping and logistics, banking  and possibly put cyber attackers  in a state of perplexity.

Uncertainty, can cause anxieties and volatility and when in doubt and uncertain investors will surely exercise prudence. 

Introducing XLOG, the first ever end-to-end logistical solution provider, that will revolutionize the shipping and logistics landscape/infrastructure. From trying to find the right suppliers   that   delivers cost effective, good  and quality services, while goods and products are safe and secured. 
In a recent Media launching held at the famous Cafe 1771 in Ortigas Center, Jun Ynion (Founder and CEO of XLOG) admitted that he has encountered all the challenges  and problems after 24 years in the shipping  and logistics industry, so they created a homegrown technological software the  Apps and Services to counter the 3 C’s of the industry (Corruptions, Cybercrimes and Crisis).

“We’ve created an online marketplace for both companies that offer and for companies that require such services.” By consolidating all the process and services in a single platform the tendency is to produce simplified process, an efficient and secured hi-tech tracking that facilitates the ease of transaction documentation thus a new generation in shipping and logistics  industry began, avers Ynion.

XLOG can provide shippers a wide range of services and vendors to choose from, for securing the best possible rates with reputable service providers.


XLOG guarantees safety and security for goods in transit with its extensive GPS tracking features. A constant monitoring of goods and products while in transit from 
point A to point B. Capable of showing in real time the location of goods.


XLOG can turn transactions hassle-free and faster than ever by allowing all negotiations and deals to be done online, no actual papers are required. Every transaction reference are stored automatically in the XLOG system for future inventories.

XLOG facilitates better, faster and safe business affairs in the shipping and logistics truly the future has  ARRIVED on application technology. (VerGarciaBlogs)

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