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By: Ver M. Garcia and Teddy Cho

Usec. Nicon Fameronag at the rostrum..

A Brilliant policy maker in the wings of the late statesman and a hero, BLAS F. OPLE, Patricia Sto Tomas and Madam Rosalinda D. Baldoz, has emerged valiantly from the Labor department (DOLE). After years of toil and turmoil in the government former Usec. Nicon Fameronag has decided to establish LILAC CENTER. A private think tank company that is committed to expanding the realm of policy research and studies. Thus, making policy formulation a Domain of PUBLIC INTEREST.
Policy formulation, or the activity of finding, devising and defining problem solutions, takes place once a public problem has been recognized as warranting government attention and intervention. In terms of process it has four components: (1)  Appraisal  (2) Dialogue (3) Formulation and (4) Consolidation.

Nicon Fameronag with the Labor sector.

The LILAC CENTER believes that the efficacy of policies is best achieved if they are shared and understood not by a few but by the multitude of positively minded masses. Mr. Nicon F. Fameronag a people oriented public servant with a heart. The welfare of the people is the highest law, but, as time goes by a wide gap between the implementation of policies and the welfare of the people an irony in a Democratic and responsible society like the Philippines. It's no longer walk the talk, it's walk the principle (Genba). "For the people, by the people and of the people" is it a necessity? or transitory?
In the Advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution according to WEF (World Economic Forum). What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution? 

What we are witnessing are the signs and symptoms of Digital transformation in the making. Whenever organizations ignore these signs, will eventually fold-up and bewildered, perhaps overwhelmed with bankruptcy (moral, intellectual and financial).

A policy needs positive directions, data and research what comes to mind with each passing year, GLOBAL DATA grows exponentially from 16 zeta bytes to a precise 163 zeta bytes by 2025. Hopefully and fortunately new discoveries in the realm of headaches and sleepless nights will be remedied by that time.

Digital transformation is affecting the way we do business, the way how a company operates, the way how we engage our customers, the way how we treat people and deliver values and services which translates to boon or bane. Even family ties and relationship are similarly influenced by this phenomenon. We should look and innovate beyond technology, and find ways and means to give the multitude of people the Capacity to positively manage their families, organizations and communities.
Mr. Nicon Fameronag or Nicon, who hails from Romblon in an ethnic tribe known as "ASI". His remarkable and brilliant stints in the Labor department (DOLE) corroborates with the impeccable personal data sheet. To promote the ease of doing business.. the link between policy making and digital transformation must be corroborated and the welfare of the people at hand. This transformation points to a man of talent and digital perspective that makes Fameronag the choice of the Labor industry.

Nicon Fameromanag receives a plaque of recognition for an outstanding performance in his field  of endeavour.

Nicon attended several trainings and seminars here and abroad reveals that he's right man for the position of a labor secretary if given the chance.

To mention are few of the important trainings and confab he attended:
*Head Delegation, Philippines 12th Senior Labor officials Meeting(SLOM), 9-17 May 2016, Vientiane, Lao PDR; Delegate, Philippines, 24th ASEAN Labor Ministers meeting, 15-17 May 2016, Vientiane, Lao PDR. Vietnam, Laos is now a growing potential labor market (Lao PDR: The Labor Shortage | Emerging Markets Consulting).

The Broad sector is now clamoring and pushing for a new labor secretary and it's high time for an ASI tribesman, an indigenous career person to assume his post if given the golden opportunity to serve.

To compliment his qualifications, NICON  FAMERONAG finished his Post graduate studies in the Master of Arts in Philippines Development studies in 1994 at De La Salle University Manila. He's also a Business Administration graduate from the University of the East (1986). His accomplishment and achievements speaks more as a devoted Public Servant.

Assistant to Head of Delegation, Congressional Visit to National People's Congress, Beijing, People's Republic of China: 27 September - 12 October 1994.

When these queries are answered and your digital governance framework is well implemented by leadership, your organization can look forward to a more dynamic and productive working environment for all digital stakeholders and a higher-quality, more effective digital presence.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is more than just technology-driven change; it is an opportunity to help our country, including leaders, netizens, policy-makers and people from all income groups and nations, to harness converging technologies in order to create an inclusive, human-centered future. The real opportunity is to look beyond the horizons and find ways to give the greatest number of people the chance and the ability to positively impact their families, organizations and communities.

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