Martes, Hunyo 19, 2018


PASEI Supports Labor Agreement with Poland
To fast-tract OFW deployment in manufacturing and agricultural sectors

Market Square - wherein the statue of Warsaw Wilanow Palace is shown as the rallying symbol of the city.

Warsaw—The Philippine Association of Service Exporters, Inc. (PASEI), which has just concluded a six-day marketing mission here, yesterday expressed support to the initiative of the Philippine Embassy in Warsaw for the establishment and forging of a bilateral labor agreement (BLA) between the Philippines and Poland as a way to fast-track the deployment of overseas Filipino workers to this prosperous East European country.

In a press release, PASEI President Elsa U. Villa said such a bilateral labor agreement, which Philippine Ambassador to Warsaw H.E. Patricia Ann V. Paez broached during a meeting with the PASEI marketing mission delegation, is the most logical process as Poland is just opening up its labor market to third-country nationals (TCNs) like Filipinos.

“Poland is in need of thousands of workers for its manufacturing and agriculture sectors. Our estimate, based on our meetings with Polish employers, is that this could reach over 100,ooo, but the most orderly, the safest, and legal way to deploy OFWs to Poland is for the Philippine government, specifically the Departments of Foreign Affairs and Labor and Employment to immediately sit down with Polish authorities to discuss and conclude a bilateral labor agreement that would provide the framework for PASEI member-agencies and other licensed recruitment agencies in the country to already conclude recruitment agreements with Polish employers,” Villa said.

 Villa said that although Poland could be an ideal alternative work destination for OFWs because of some similarities in both countries’ religious culture, both being devoutly Catholic, there are differences in Polish and Philippine labor laws that a bilateral labor agreement could address.

“The labor market realities in Poland are different, such that many provisions of the POEA Rules and Regulations do not apply, and therefore, the Philippines Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) will need to address these,” said Villa.

Some of the issues that the PASEI official said need to be addressed are recruitment costs; the issue of joint and several liability; transfer during the employment period; and workers’ benefits, such as food and accommodation.

“While Poland, like all the EU member countries, observe the highest labor and human rights standards that preclude serious welfare problems, there are standards in the existing POEA rules and regulations that are not aligned with the labor market conditions of Poland,” Villa explained.

But despite of these, she explained that Poland is very much willing to welcome Filipino workers because it is in much need of skilled labor, aggravated by an aging population and the exodus of Polish workers to more prosperous EU countries, such as Germany, France, and the UK. To fill-up its huge shortage of labor, Poland has welcomed over a million workers from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Moldavia, and Georgia.

Relative to this, PASEI Board Chairperson Edwina Lema-Beech warned OFWs against illegal recruitment for new labor markets like Poland, saying that illegal recruiters could leverage the fact that Europe is a high-end labor market to lure OFWs to illegal recruitment schemes.

“OFWs should know that the EU has very strict rules and regulations on immigration, including work migration. Illegal recruitment for work to any EU member country, including Poland, is not tolerated and is severely punished with stiff fines and long jail sentences, including deportation,” Lema-Beech said.

The PASEI’s Europe Marketing Mission is composed of the following: PASEI President Elsa U. Villa, president of Krona International Services Systems, Inc.; Edwina L. Beech, PASEI Chairman and President of Mabuhay Personnel & Management Services, Inc.; Julie Rose M. Inso, President, Coreteam Manpower Services, Inc.; Rowena M. Paragas, President, NYD International Placement Agency, Inc.; Raquel E. Bracero, President, Peridot International Resources, Inc.; Susana A. Virtus, President, All Seasons Manpower International Services, Inc.; Kenneth L. Martirez, Vice President, Aram Enterprises, Inc.; Christina dela Cruz Frey, President and CEO, Chartreuse Prime Recruitment Specialists, Inc., and her daughter, Zeanne Michelle DC. Bello, Corporate Secretary and Sales and Marketing Manager; Jovita G. Baltazar, Marketing Consultant, Humanlink International Manpower Agency; Mary Mei Victorino, President, Mother’s Way Overseas Manpower Specialists Corporation; Jenny P. Clavero, President, Mountain Peak International Human Resources Corporation; Lea M. Singian, President, Provident Overseas Placement Agency; Rose Marie M. Lainez and Joan H. Lainez, President and CEO and Corporate Secretary, respectively, R.I.S.E. Manpower Services; Grace C. Woo, President, VALESCO-SMS; Richard A. Bonifacio, General Manager, Venture Management Systems, and his spouse, Rossana; Marites Joan G. Quezon, President, JOBS Manila International, Inc.; Cristina S. Honor, President, Cleopatra International Placement Agency, Inc.; and Myrna A. Magalong, General Manager, Transnational Services, Inc.

Linggo, Hunyo 17, 2018


PASEI urges fast action on Czech market for OFW's
Initial 1,000 positions need to be filled up this year..
By: Bambam Cabalatungan

PASEI VISITS POLISH LABOUR INSPECTORATE. Members of the Board of Directors of the Philippine Association of Service Exporters, Inc., the Philippines's oldest and largest association of licensed recruitment agencies, pose with officials of the Polish Chief Labour Inspectorate headed by Jaroslaw Lesniewski (Director, Legality of Employment (7th from left); Katarzyna Pietruszynka, Adviser, Legal Department (6th from right); Iwona Hadaccz, Vice Director, Personnel and Training Department (4th from right); and Marta Chodorowska, Head, International Relations Unit (2nd from right) at the Chief Labour Inspectorate office in Warsaw, Poland. PASEI, which is on a marketing mission to explore Poland's labour market for OFWs, had met Poland's Chief Labour Inspector Wieslaw Lyszczek and his officials to familiarize its members with Poland's labor standards and conditions of work for migrant workers. (L-R) Board Director and PASEI Treasurer Julie Rose M. Inso; Attache Ramon Ebale, Philippine Embassy, Warsaw; former DOLE Undersecretary for Employment Nicon F. Fameronag, Adviser to the marketing mission; PASEI Director Susana A. Virtus; PASEI President Elsa U. Villa; Consul Ma. Alnee A. Gamble, Philippine Embassy, Warsaw; PASEI Chairman Edwina Beech; and PASEI Directors Raquel E. Bracero and Rowena Paragas.

Prague—Saying it has gained a headstart in initiating private sector entry in the Czech labor market, the Philippine Association of Service Exporters, Inc. (PASEI), here for a four-day marketing mission, has urged the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) to match the seriousness of the Czech government in enticing Filipinos to its skilled labor-starved economy by already laying down the groundwork so that private licensed recruitment agencies can already begin to deploy the initial 1,000 skilled Filipino workers that the Czech government has allocated to the Philippines under its new “Philippine Regime” project.

“We have noted during our mission that there is a paucity of information among Czech employers about Filipino workers in general and the Philippines’s worker migration program in particular. The level of knowledge and awareness is low and we at PASEI believe there is a need for closer and stronger collaboration between the government and the private sector to address the need for more relevant and correct information,” said Elsa U. Villa, PASEI President, who is heading the 22-member PASEI delegation.

The Czech Republic currently implements three “regime” projects for migrant workers—one for Ukraine and another for Mongolia. The third, which is for the Philippines, was approved in January and took effect last May.

Ms. Villa said the marketing mission was informed by officials of the Czech Investment and Business Development Agency, or CzechInvest, that it wants to know more information about the Philippines’s migrant worker documentation system, and has requested the POEA for an official copy of its employment contract for OFWs and other relevant documents so the agency can disseminate these to Czech employers.

The request, according to Pavel Chovanec, ChechInvest director for investment, was relayed to POEA Administrator Bernard Olalia during the latter’s official visit to Prague in the last week of May.

Relative to this, Ms. Villa also urged the POEA to already convene the Technical Working Group on Czech Concerns created by DOLE Secretary Silvestre H. Bello III under Administrative Order No. 119 S. of 2018. The A.O. designates the DOLE Undersecretary for Legal and International Affairs as the TWG Chairperson, with the POEA Administrator as Vice Chairperson,  and the OWWA Administrator and the Directors of the International Labor Affairs Bureau and the Legal Service, as members. A.O. 119 was issued on March 14 yet, but PASEI only obtained a copy of the said order on 6 June.

“The PASEI would like to be part of the discussions to be conducted by the TWG, considering that the TWG’s duties and responsibilities involve the deployment of Filipino workers to the Czech Republic; formulation and negotiation of the proposed bilateral labor agreement between the two countries; establishment of the program of action and mechanics of consultation; and the assessment of labor market regulations and policies relative to the Czech labor market,”said Ms. Villa.

“All these issues are matters of concern for the Philippine overseas employment services sector in which the PASEI plays a leading role,” she added.

She expressed confidence that the PASEI can contribute and provide inputs to the TWG discussions because of its productive engagement with the Philippine Embassy in Prague, headed by Charges de Affaires Juan E. Dayang Jr., who has comprehensively briefed the PASEI delegation; the Czech Chamber of Commerce, CzechInvest; and the Czech Ministry of International Trade and Industry, all of which were in unison in “fast-tracking” the Czech regime project for migrant workers.

The PASEI marketing mission, which will head to Poland, Germany, and Austria in the next week, is composed of the following: PASEI President Elsa U. Villa, president of Krona International Services Systems, Inc.Edwina L. Beech, PASEI Chairman and President of Mabuhay Personnel & Management Services, Inc.; Julie Rose M. Inso, President, Coreteam Manpower Services, Inc.; Rowena M. Paragas, President, NYD International Placement Agency, Inc.; Raquel E. Bracero, President, Peridot International Resources, Inc.; Susana A. Virtus, President, All Seasons Manpower International Services, Inc.; Kenneth L. Martirez, Vice President, Aram Enterprises, Inc.; Christina dela Cruz Frey, President and CEO, Chartreuse Prime Recruitment Specialists, Inc., and her daughter, Zeanne Michelle DC. Bello, Corporate Secretary and Sales and Marketing Manager; Jovita G. Baltazar, Marketing Consultant, Humanlink International Manpower Agency; Mary Mei Victorino, President, Mother’s Way Overseas Manpower Specialists Corporation; Jenny P. Clavero, President,Mountain Peak International Human Resources Corporation; Lea M. Singian, President, Provident Overseas Placement Agency; Rose Marie M. Lainez and Joan H. Lainez, President and CEO and Corporate Secretary, respectively, R.I.S.E. Manpower Services; Grace C. Woo, President, VALESCO-SMS; Richard A. Bonifacio, General Manager, Venture Management Systems, and his spouse, Rossana; Marites Joan G. Quezon, President, JOBS Manila International, Inc.; Cristina S. Honor, President, Cleopatra International Placement Agency, Inc.; and Myrna A. Magalong, General Manager, Transnational Services, Inc.





By: Ver M. Garcia and Teddy Cho

Usec. Nicon Fameronag at the rostrum..

A Brilliant policy maker in the wings of the late statesman and a hero, BLAS F. OPLE, Patricia Sto Tomas and Madam Rosalinda D. Baldoz, has emerged valiantly from the Labor department (DOLE). After years of toil and turmoil in the government former Usec. Nicon Fameronag has decided to establish LILAC CENTER. A private think tank company that is committed to expanding the realm of policy research and studies. Thus, making policy formulation a Domain of PUBLIC INTEREST.
Policy formulation, or the activity of finding, devising and defining problem solutions, takes place once a public problem has been recognized as warranting government attention and intervention. In terms of process it has four components: (1)  Appraisal  (2) Dialogue (3) Formulation and (4) Consolidation.

Nicon Fameronag with the Labor sector.

The LILAC CENTER believes that the efficacy of policies is best achieved if they are shared and understood not by a few but by the multitude of positively minded masses. Mr. Nicon F. Fameronag a people oriented public servant with a heart. The welfare of the people is the highest law, but, as time goes by a wide gap between the implementation of policies and the welfare of the people an irony in a Democratic and responsible society like the Philippines. It's no longer walk the talk, it's walk the principle (Genba). "For the people, by the people and of the people" is it a necessity? or transitory?
In the Advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution according to WEF (World Economic Forum). What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution? 

What we are witnessing are the signs and symptoms of Digital transformation in the making. Whenever organizations ignore these signs, will eventually fold-up and bewildered, perhaps overwhelmed with bankruptcy (moral, intellectual and financial).

A policy needs positive directions, data and research what comes to mind with each passing year, GLOBAL DATA grows exponentially from 16 zeta bytes to a precise 163 zeta bytes by 2025. Hopefully and fortunately new discoveries in the realm of headaches and sleepless nights will be remedied by that time.

Digital transformation is affecting the way we do business, the way how a company operates, the way how we engage our customers, the way how we treat people and deliver values and services which translates to boon or bane. Even family ties and relationship are similarly influenced by this phenomenon. We should look and innovate beyond technology, and find ways and means to give the multitude of people the Capacity to positively manage their families, organizations and communities.
Mr. Nicon Fameronag or Nicon, who hails from Romblon in an ethnic tribe known as "ASI". His remarkable and brilliant stints in the Labor department (DOLE) corroborates with the impeccable personal data sheet. To promote the ease of doing business.. the link between policy making and digital transformation must be corroborated and the welfare of the people at hand. This transformation points to a man of talent and digital perspective that makes Fameronag the choice of the Labor industry.

Nicon Fameromanag receives a plaque of recognition for an outstanding performance in his field  of endeavour.

Nicon attended several trainings and seminars here and abroad reveals that he's right man for the position of a labor secretary if given the chance.

To mention are few of the important trainings and confab he attended:
*Head Delegation, Philippines 12th Senior Labor officials Meeting(SLOM), 9-17 May 2016, Vientiane, Lao PDR; Delegate, Philippines, 24th ASEAN Labor Ministers meeting, 15-17 May 2016, Vientiane, Lao PDR. Vietnam, Laos is now a growing potential labor market (Lao PDR: The Labor Shortage | Emerging Markets Consulting).

The Broad sector is now clamoring and pushing for a new labor secretary and it's high time for an ASI tribesman, an indigenous career person to assume his post if given the golden opportunity to serve.

To compliment his qualifications, NICON  FAMERONAG finished his Post graduate studies in the Master of Arts in Philippines Development studies in 1994 at De La Salle University Manila. He's also a Business Administration graduate from the University of the East (1986). His accomplishment and achievements speaks more as a devoted Public Servant.

Assistant to Head of Delegation, Congressional Visit to National People's Congress, Beijing, People's Republic of China: 27 September - 12 October 1994.

When these queries are answered and your digital governance framework is well implemented by leadership, your organization can look forward to a more dynamic and productive working environment for all digital stakeholders and a higher-quality, more effective digital presence.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is more than just technology-driven change; it is an opportunity to help our country, including leaders, netizens, policy-makers and people from all income groups and nations, to harness converging technologies in order to create an inclusive, human-centered future. The real opportunity is to look beyond the horizons and find ways to give the greatest number of people the chance and the ability to positively impact their families, organizations and communities.

Philippine Labor and Employment Office Adjures Employers To Implement Holiday Pay

By: Ver Garcia Blogs

The labor department reminded employers to observe proper payment of wages of workers and employees who will report for work on June 12 being a holiday and calendared as our Independence Day and to iclude Eid'l Fitr on Friday  both were regular holidays.

As per Proclamation No. 269 and 514 issued by the President Rodrigo Duterte on July 17, 2017 and on June 6, 2018 respectively and on the basis of this issuance..  Acting Labor Secretary Ciriaco A. Lagunzad III released Labor Advisory No. 09 remanded employers to observe pay rules for said holidays. 
Employers are bound by the following guidelines for the proper computation of wages on holidays.

If the employee did not work, he or she shall be paid 100 percent of his or her salary for that day. Formula equals (Daily Rate + COLA x 100 percent); however, if the employee worked on the said holiday, he or she shall be paid 200 percent of his or her regular salary for that day for the first eight (8) hours (Daily Rate + COLA x 200 percent). 

In addition, if the employee worked in excess of 8 hours (overtime work), he or she shall be paid an additional 30 percent of his or her hourly rate on said day (hourly rate of the basic daily wage x 200 percent x 130 percent x number of hours worked). 

If the employee worked during a regular holiday that also falls on his or her rest day, he or she shall be paid an additional 30 percent of his or her daily rate of 200 percent (daily rate + COLA) x 200 percent + 30 percent (daily rate x 200 percent).

Furthermore, if the employee worked in excess of 8 hours (overtime work) during a regular holiday that also falls on his or her rest day, he or she shall be paid an additional 30 percent of his or her hourly rate on said day (hourly rate of the basic daily wage x 200 percent x 130 percent x 130 percent x number of hours worked). (Paul Ang)

Biyernes, Mayo 25, 2018

By: Ver M. Garcia (Tech Blogger) and Teddy Cho (Photo Blogger)

XLOG MEDIA CONFERENCE: In photo are the following from L to R.. Dr. Ver Garcia, (ADMIN. BAP), Jun Lasco, Director Partner Shiptek, John Rana (Software Engineer), Jun Eugenio Ynion, Jr., Founder CEO Shiptek Solutions, Inc., Banker  Edwin Bautista, President and CEO Union Bank of the Philippines, Mrs. Carissa Ynion and Mary Rose Magsaysay, Board of Trustees Cultural Center of the Philippines.

The reality of Corruption, Cyber terrorism, trade wars, economic sanctions, currency war, online phishing and the threat of using AI (artificial intelligence) has  traumatized  people in the banking, shipping  and logistics including the online users as well. 
Board of Directors of XLOG in a huddle with Union Bank President Edwin R. Bautista.

With these in mind SHIPTEK SOLUTIONS CORP., a Filipino owned company formulated a homegrown  technology  that can overcome the challenges  in the shipping and logistics, banking  and possibly put cyber attackers  in a state of perplexity.

Uncertainty, can cause anxieties and volatility and when in doubt and uncertain investors will surely exercise prudence. 

Introducing XLOG, the first ever end-to-end logistical solution provider, that will revolutionize the shipping and logistics landscape/infrastructure. From trying to find the right suppliers   that   delivers cost effective, good  and quality services, while goods and products are safe and secured. 
In a recent Media launching held at the famous Cafe 1771 in Ortigas Center, Jun Ynion (Founder and CEO of XLOG) admitted that he has encountered all the challenges  and problems after 24 years in the shipping  and logistics industry, so they created a homegrown technological software the  Apps and Services to counter the 3 C’s of the industry (Corruptions, Cybercrimes and Crisis).

“We’ve created an online marketplace for both companies that offer and for companies that require such services.” By consolidating all the process and services in a single platform the tendency is to produce simplified process, an efficient and secured hi-tech tracking that facilitates the ease of transaction documentation thus a new generation in shipping and logistics  industry began, avers Ynion.

XLOG can provide shippers a wide range of services and vendors to choose from, for securing the best possible rates with reputable service providers.


XLOG guarantees safety and security for goods in transit with its extensive GPS tracking features. A constant monitoring of goods and products while in transit from 
point A to point B. Capable of showing in real time the location of goods.


XLOG can turn transactions hassle-free and faster than ever by allowing all negotiations and deals to be done online, no actual papers are required. Every transaction reference are stored automatically in the XLOG system for future inventories.

XLOG facilitates better, faster and safe business affairs in the shipping and logistics truly the future has  ARRIVED on application technology. (VerGarciaBlogs)

Martes, Marso 13, 2018


ASEAN tourism seminar tackles accessibility for PWDs

DOT Undersecretary Benito Bengzon (center) together with DOT-OIMD Dir. Nelly Nita Dillera (left), and ASEAN-Japan Dir. Vathooniyom Douangmala (right), with representatives from Japan, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

MANILA – Creating a barrier-free travel experience for persons with disabilities (PWDs) in the Philippines was the focal point of the of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)-Japan Accessible Tourism Seminar hosted recently by the Department of Tourism (DOT), together with the ASEAN-Japan Centre and the National Council on Disability, at the Manila Diamond Hotel.

Seminar participants observed that hospitality services for PWDs are often overlooked by establishments causing hindrances during travel because of limited facilities – from sidewalks, ramps, wheelchair-lifts for cars, to bathrooms, and toilets, including audio and visual guides.

In response the issues, ASEAN member states have started creating facilities and identifying infrastructures to be developed in order to provide better accessibility and reduce barriers for PWDs.

“The Philippines has always been very supportive and now more than ever vigilant in its promotion of the principles of ‘Tourism for All,’ promoting universal accessibility,” said DOT Undersecretary for Tourism Development Planning Benito C. Bengzon, Jr., in his keynote speech. 

During the seminar, representatives from Japan, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines presented technological and infrastructure advances, and barrier-free tour products specifically designed for wheelchair-users, and visually and hearing-impaired travelers, as well as the areas of improvement in the said aspects.

The seminar also tackled the need for sign-language trained personnel in tourism establishments to accommodate hearing-impaired travelers, in addition to creating more PWD-friendly communication aides.  
Among the identified areas of focus in providing accessibility to PWDs are transportation, lodging, and architecture, as well as communication aides.

Raising awareness on PWD challenges and advocating for their inclusion in travel destinations are the premier goals of accessible tourism, noted Bengzon.

The DOT official also said personnel training for establishments and development of programs in consultation with the PWD communities were also promoted in order to eradicate discrimination towards PWDs and level their inclusion in travel privileges with the rest of the population.

Martes, Enero 30, 2018

Chinese Influx Expected With The Chartered Flight In The Philippines

 Chinese to come in droves with new air routes to PHL

The Philippines stands to gain in the influx of more Chinese visitors with the first-ever direct charter flight from Xiamen (XMN), a coastal city in Fujian Province of China to Puerto Princesa City (PPS), Palawan starting next month.

The Department of Tourism (DOT) paved the way for the creation of the XMN-PPS route which will be launched by February 10 by C&D Travel Service China, a charter operator based in Xiamen, with Philippine Airlines (PAL) as the partner carrier.

“We continue to welcome more Chinese tourists to the country as part of the improved diplomatic relationship between Manila and Beijing since President Rodrigo Duterte's state visit to China last year,” said DOT Secretary Wanda Tulfo-Teo.

Regular operations will ensue on February 14 and 18, which will accommodate more visitors from mainland China.

PAL will be utilizing an Airbus A320 with an estimated 160 dual class seat passenger capacity for the said charter flight.

“Just for starters, the new route will produce a total of 480 international air seats just for that period alone. This is on top of the other new routes that Chinese carriers have opened up direct to other tourist destinations in the Philippines last year,” said Benito Bengzon, Jr.,  DOT Undersecretary for Tourism Development.

Bengzon went on to say, “Another new route from China that our Route Development Team is working on is the Tiajin (TJN)-Puerto Princesa (PPS) also in time for the Chinese New Year. The development of new routes is in consonance with our National Tourism Development Plan’s strategy to improve air connectivity from major tourist source markets to the Philippines.”

To meet the growing demand of Chinese visitors to come to Boracay, Xiamen Airlines earlier this month mounted its direct air commercial services from Fuzhou (FOC), China to Kalibo, Aklan (KLO) using Airbus A321 with 197 seat passenger capacity on a three times weekly frequency.

The said new route was launched last January 12 by Xiamen Airlines with Uni-Orient Travel (PHL) as its major partner.

China, which is the second largest source market of the country following Korea, produced 968,447 tourist arrivals from January to December last year. It is a huge growth of 43.33% from the 2016 Chinese arrivals of 675,663.

DOT Route Development Team Head Erwin Balane added that the new FOC-KLO route will produce up to 591 international air seats bound for the Philippines per week or a total of 30,732 seats per year. (VerGarciaBlogs)