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Book Review.. The Book of Afformations.. by Noah St. John

The Book of Afformations
A New Way to Banish Negative Talk
by Noah St. John 

What is an afformation? No, that’s not a typo. Noah St. John created a new dimension of positive thinking to describe the process of creating and asking empowerin
g questions. Questions compel us to seek answers. By changing the negative questions we ask ourselves into positive ones, we empower ourselves!Are you one of those people going through life asking yourself disempowering questions without realizing it? And then wondering why you’re not getting the results you dream of? Let’s take a look at the disempowering questions you’re unconsciously asking yourself right now. Then we’ll learn how to consciously turn those disempowering questions into Afformations®, my term for questions which empower.

What are disempowering questions? They’re questions that do precisely that: they disempower you and effectively take away your power to act, by focusing your mind on what you don’t have, what you can’t do, and who you are not.

Disempowering questions take away your power to act.

Of course, no one goes around asking these negative questions on purpose. But you may be unconsciously asking disempowering questions without even realizing it. That’s why I’d like you to try something right now. I want you to say these common disempowering questions out loud, and see how you feel as a result. Ready?

Why don’t I have enough money?
Why am I so lonely?
Why am I such a loser?
Why am I so fat?
Why am I so broke?
Why do I never get the breaks that other people get?
Why can’t I do anything right?
Each of us is carrying around what I call a Negative Reflection in our subconscious mind—that negative inner voice that tells us we can’t do anything right. The Negative Reflection always asks negative or disempowering questions like the ones listed above.

The ultimate result of them is that you manifest what you focus on. In other words, when you ask yourself negative questions, you get negative results.
Create an Afformations Journal for yourself and write the five most disempowering questions that your Negative Reflection asks you on a regular basis.

Yes, I mean right now.

These disempowering questions may have come from someone in your past, or perhaps you made them up on your own. Either way, it’s vital that you know exactly what your own disempowering questions are so you can begin to turn them around.

Are you ready to find a better way?

Empowering Questions—the Right Questions to Ask
Now that you’ve identified the disempowering questions you’ve been unconsciously asking, you’re probably asking another question right now: “Okay, if those are the disempowering questions I’ve been asking, what are empowering questions—and how can I start asking those instead?”

Empowering questions are those that have precisely the opposite effect of their negative counterparts. While disempowering questions focus your mind on what you don’t have, can’t do, and are not—and therefore take away your power to act—empowering questions focus your mind what you have, what you can do, and who you are.

Empowering questions unleash your ability to take action and express Who You Really Are.

The answers to empowering questions produce feelings of positive self-worth and ultimately lead to answers that tell the truth about Who You Really Are.

Let’s try something fun right now. I want you to change the five disempowering questions you just wrote into empowering questions. How do you do this? Simply reverse the negative question into a positive! For example, let’s say one of the disempowering questions you wrote was: How come I never get the breaks other people get? Your empowering question might be: Why am I so lucky?

Or if one of the disempowering questions you wrote was: Why am I so fat?

Your empowering question could be: Why is it so easy for me to lose weight?

Got it? Grab your pen and change your five disempowering questions into empowering questions in your Afformations® Journal. Are you ready to experience the Afformations difference? Go for it!

Pretty cool, huh? Did you notice something shift in your mind? What does it feel like? Congratulations! You’ve just begun an amazing journey to your new abundant lifestyle.
tting the results you dream of? Let’s take a look at the disempowering questions you’re 
 — with Evelyn T. Du and  Mharie M. Austria and 5 others.

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