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Humble Start for the no smoking group led by Broadcaster Juvy de Guzman ACCORDING TO THE EXPERTS......... BEFORE YOU GO FURTHER! LET’S YOU AND I MAKE SURE WE’RE A GOOD FIT FOR EACH OTHER: 1.) You Happen To Be Gay? (YES!) 2.) You Also Have A Dog? (YES!) 3.) Cigarettes Are Something You Smoke? (YES!) * * * 1.) I Focus On Helping Gays (With Dogs) Stop Smoking? (YES!) IF YOU’VE SAID “YES!” AS I’VE SAID “YES!” THEN WE’VE GOT A GOOD FIT. WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? EXPLANATION: 1.) You as a group happen to smoke more than any other part of humanity. 2.) And your dogs face serious health problems from your second hand smoke. BUT HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS YOU SHOULD HEAR: A Recent Survey From Henry Ford Hospital found some owners (of dogs) who smoke can be motivated to stop their smoking when they learn that their dogs are in harm’s way from their own smoking. In other words, you as a smoker with a dog can be motivated to get rid of your cigarettes—not for your health as much as for the health of your own dog. IF WHAT I’VE SAID MAKES SENSE TO YOU, I INVITE YOU TO LEARN HOW YOU CAN STOP SMOKING: dog and man(If we can save one dog from the ills of smoking, then why not save its owner, too?) WELCOME TO THIS REPORT My name is Humbler Acts—not really my legal name but one I am using here. I have a story you can choose to believe or not, but it is a story meant to arouse in you fresh thoughts that will give you a new momentum for believing that you, just you, can well beat your smoking habit.
“HERE’S WHERE IT ALL BEGINS!” Here’s where it starts: A few years back—it was early evening—I’m in a large airport—set to fly home—sitting alone—a stranger approaches—he’s dressed like a wizard… Right off the bat, this wizard asks me what I want in life…and he caught me off guard, because I’d had a dream lately that I was puzzled with: The dream had simply said, “DO WORK TO KEEP FOLKS FROM SMOKING!” It was doubly puzzling because I hadn’t smoked in forty years and certainly wasn’t thinking about helping smokers to stop… However, I told this wizard: I now felt moved to see if I could help folks stop… Here’s what he said: “It’s so simple!”
“HE MENTIONS THE SECRET!” He went on to explain that “with everyone the secret lies within their dreams…But it takes more than dreams…It takes another thing”…what he called “The Seven Forces”. And from that moment on—all through the wee hours—he told me of this unique plan that he’d carried with him for over sixty years—since his student days at Oxford. He told me things that I would like to share with you—amazing things I’d never heard of—of a relationship that can be formed between two keys in us—that we never seem to be aware of… Imagine how your life could be once you learned this secret—how it really could work…and take two keys you already possess (but don’t know it!) and use them forever… You’d never have to fret about smoking—how much it costs—because you’d STOP SMOKING…and always have your PEACE OF MIND.: This Book Will Take The Grief Out Of Your Will Power …And Let You Do What You Want To!” As I mentioned before, my name is Humbler Acts, and somehow I met this Wizard, who introduced me to his stop smoking program. The weird thing is, it’s not been tried. He’s carried it with him for over sixty years. He gave it to me and made me promise I’d help folks stop smoking as best I could. I’m convinced it’s what people want—during this period when so many folks smoke—and want to stop—but get no help… …Too many smokers are gripped with grief over this habit they’ve got and do nothing! This program will help them get rid of their grief and truly help them finally quit. “How Can I Be Certain That This Will Work For Me?” As The Wizard said, “It’s Simple!” It’s hard for me to tell you how this man impressed me with his words, the way he conveyed them, and his sincerity…Space doesn’t let me tell it all, but in the forward to my book—I know you’ll want—I explain more of our meeting. I can certainly say, that his plan is brilliant—simple and yet a work of art. It’s the kind of program that will let you achieve what you really want to achieve. And if the time when you should have stopped is slowly passing by, and you have panic that you’ll fall prey to some disease before you stop—then I assure you this program is going to help you beat the clock right away. “Is The Wizard’s Secret Your Key To Stop Smoking?” Well, Let’s See What Else You Have Tried: One-on-One Therapy: Aren’t you taking someone else’s theories to make your own? If you’ve tried that, haven’t you thought, “Well, it may work for some folks, but it won’t for me!” That’s the fatal flaw with one-on-one therapy. People won’t stop from someone else. They need their own findings—their special insights that will direct them to stop smoking. Other people can’t give you those needed insights! Support Events: There is nothing worse than dwelling on what your problems seem to be. Who really cares? And how much can hearing others’ problems help you turn the corner and stop smoking and have mind-peace? Since you are reading this, and if you’ve tried “support”, it goes without saying it failed. And What About The Patch: Its name says what it is: A “patch”, that’s what! What happens when you patch something that’s wrong? It lasts only so long—until you fix it properly. The patch halts nicotine in cigarette doses by giving you less nicotine, but that can never lead to total abstention. It’s a costly game people play. The Gum, What About That: There’s little difference between chewing gum and the patch. They’re both costly band aids, reaping cash to folks who sell them, and not benefiting the people who buy them. But they do give folks hope, though nothing real comes from it all. Artificial Smoking Devices Are Clever: They seem to give the aura of overcoming smoking…but there’s no permanence. “Artificial” gives it away. There’s nothing authentic, and that’s what smokers want: something that’s real and helps for good. “The Wizard’s Outrageous Scheme For Stopping Smoking” IS ‘outrageous’, because it joins two magnificent keys that are disregarded by just about every person. Here’s where the secret is…It is here before us. Once you use it, you’ll stop smoking. “What Will The Wizard’s Scheme End Up Doing For YOU?” STOP Obsessing About Smoking—It is so time-wasteful, thinking about smoking. It’s a dirty, stinking habit. You need to let it go, not with your will power—because we don’t have much of that. But from insights you’ll start to see. Those insights start to get your thoughts on better things.
STOP White-Knuckle Inner Anger—Perhaps you have been there…You decide to stop cold-turkey, and folks who are near you (at work or in your home) start to keep their distance from you. At some point they ask you, “Why are you so angry?” (“Because I am stopping smoking!!!” you scream out in despair.) The only way for you to stop, is for it to be a “harmonious stopping”. That’s what Wizard’s program gives you.
STOP Refrigerator-Raiding At All Hours—The key to the Wizard’s secret is getting “all of you” to participate in stopping smoking…Deciding on stopping smoking without the “stomach’s approval” causes eating problems to come. Other programs miss this, causing folks to gain weight.(You trade one fault for another.) You owe it to yourself to own the Wizard’s scheme. STOP Addictive Urges Or Lusts—Smoking can mask other urges or lusts and when stopping smoking is a “forced thing”, those other urges or lusts suddenly emerge. That’s why it is so important to own this program that deals with all parts of you. There’s no other program like it.
STOP Depression & The Sadness Of Not Smoking—Let’s admit this: Cigarettes have been a part of your life for pretty many years. When you quit them, whether you can own up to it or not—you have an emptiness. It’s like losing an old buddy. There needs to be a kind of balancing act here. Yes, you lost “him”, but you are free! “The Wizard’s Outrageous Scheme For Stopping Smoking” allows you to overcome the desire to light up—by showing you the joy of overall self-achievement.
It All Boils Down To This: If You Really Want To Stop Smoking And Avoid All The Dangerous Side-Effects…If You Really Want To Wind Up With A Fresh Peace Of Mind…If That’s What You Want—With Investing A Lot Less Money Than You Would Ever Think…Then “Wizard’s Scheme” Is The Answer You’re Looking For!.
Seldom have folks had a true chance to be on the ground floor of a sweeping new plan. Imagine how you can tell friends that you have stopped smoking—using a program that you’re one of the first to prove works. Not only that but you are taking no chances when you invest in this program. “The Wizard’s Outrageous Scheme For Stopping Smoking” is guaranteed to work for you. That’s one hundred percent guaranteed or you get your money back…No questions asked…Here are a few early testimonials from satisfied folks who stopped smoking. Folks probably like you, who tried a lot of things, before using The Wizard’s Scheme. Here’s what they have said in unsolicited notes:
“Hey, I’m A Non-Smoker” Hi, My name is Jim Berrigan. I am 58 years old & I was a smoker for 45 of those years. Thanks to a kind soul who showed me the way to quit smoking, I am now smoke-free & have been for 4 months now. That may not seem to be a long time, but let me tell you, that when you are smoking 2 packs a day, it’s an eternity. I have struggled off & on for about 5 years trying the patch, the gum, hypnosis, you name it—without any results. If anything, all it did was lead me to smoke more.
I still have my cravings every now and then, but with this method you can use it over & over again & the cravings go away. It WORKS. It really does.
Do yourself the favor of your lifetime & try The Humbler method & become the smoke-free person that you are entitled to be. It’s amazing to be able to smell again, taste food, breathe properly, and not have to walk around smelling like an old stale cigarette butt. I have offered to write this testimonial because I would like to see other people who have been struggling with trying to quit be able to finally say, “Hey, I’m a non-smoker’.
Thanks Humbler for the gift of a lifetime. I owe you big time. A NON-SMOKER JIM “Finally! Real Solid Stuff I Can Relate To” I have to honestly say I had a laugh-out-loud “AHA!” epiphany. For the first time I see my own “reverse-wiring”, given my history, upbringing and experiences. I even know when this syndrome started…the exact moment/circumstance. For all the failed or limited duration results, workshops, techniques by “love-and-lighters”, all the “I love myself therefore…yadayada” you have addressed the REAL crux of the matter that had continued to convolute, stymie and frustrate me.. This is the first time I ever felt I had a real approach to my predicament. Mind you, I never smoked before 7 years ago and was going through a divorce with a man who co-owned with me, a health food store for many years. I acknowledge there is a lot of rebellion and anger in this…but what you brought to my attention was profound yet simple. I can’t begin to tell you the illumination this simple information has brought to me, as I apply it to every aspect of my life…and the light of understanding has begun to puzzle out the details over the years that have defied logic. The pieces finally fit. My head is still spinning as I acknowledge the truth of what you spoke to me. Wow! Finally! Real solid stuff I can relate to. Thank you!!! I TOTALLY GET IT!!! LYNDA “And A Doctor Recommends:” This is a unique way of becoming smoke-free. Humbler Acts has done something that’s never been done before. He will not only help you stop smoking, but he will show you a method that will give you the key to growth. I recommend it very much. David Katzman, M.D
“The Wizard’s Outrageous Scheme For Stopping Smoking” helps you to quit smoking like no other program out there. It’s a “top to bottom” approach that is sorely wanted. No one wants to go through life shackled to a style of behaving that is fatal. You will achieve success without any burdens connected to other programs:
You’ll not have to fritter away countless hundreds purchasing pills and other drugs. You’ll not have to endure “smoker’s anxiety” when you turn your mind to quitting. You won’t have to decide on an exact “quit date”. You won’t have to avoid social get-togethers—fearful that you’ll somehow relapse. You won’t have to follow special diets or supplements (that only “someone” sells!) You will not have to live “hungry”—or go the other way and gain a lot of weight. You will not be forced to draw up a lot of paper work on when and where you smoke. You will not be obligated to chew any gum or apply any patches. You will not have to exercise because someone tells you it’s something you must do. You will not be encouraged to call on your will power or even count on it. You will not be in the business of suffering your loss but rather of gaining your freedom from the smoking of cigarettes. You simply won’t smoke anymore.
So How Can You Achieve The Success You So Want? As The Wizard said, “It’s simple!” You’ll want to act to own “The Wizard’s Outrageous Scheme For Stopping Smoking” today. When you act now you will receive the book that I’ve written from The Wizard’s guidance—explaining the two secret keys. As I’ve mentioned before, these keys have never been used in such a brilliant way. What this means to you is, your smoking can be stopped. After all your tries, now you will.
Do you realize all of the great things that will happen to you once you have stopped? Here’s just a few of them: Just 20 short minutes from the time that you stop smoking, your blood pressure, pulse rate and the temperature of your body becomes normal.
The carbon monoxide level in your blood gets back to normal (within 8 hours), and that smoker’s breath you had begins to vanish. The risk you had of having a heart attack gets much less, and your nerve endings start to develop from where they stopped… Your ability to smell and taste gets better. It’s easier to breathe as well.
Two months after you stop, circulation improves. Your ugly lungs become cleaner. The chance of infection of your lungs is reduced. Your smokers cough isn’t so bad. You have more energy, once fatigue is lessened. All the above is just short-term. Your long term benefits are even more stunning.
After one year your chances of having a heart attack are reduced by one-half. Your chances of getting cancer are also cut in half. After ten years your risk of a heart attack or a stroke is the same as a guy who never smoked a cigarette! To quit smoking before you are thirty years old means you erase the effects of smoking on your health in your later years of life. People start to look up to you…You are a role model—to your children and their children as well as other folks. You now have extra cash to save or spend better. You have more time ahead of you—without fear of disease or your imminent death. You can enjoy much more of life. What A Relief It Is To Know You Can Stop Soon! And Benefit From All You’ve Read! “THE WIZARD’S OUTRAGEOUS SCHEME FOR STOPPING SMOKING”can be yours by clicking one of the “add to cart” buttons that I’ll show you shortly. If you select the e-book set: Immediately you will have your hands on the keys to help you to stop smoking. I’ll also mention the other choices to you. …I’ll talk about price in a bit. And I know you don’t care—IF YOU COULD REALLY STOP!.I mean, just think how much you spend. Thousands and thousands from all the years you have smoked. Don’t you just shake your head when youthink how much you have thrown away on cigarettes? It’s laughable and “cry-able”—if there is such a word. Yes, it’s been a long road from those early days when someone got you started smoking… And you know how bad smoking is. After all that is why you are reading this thing. You’re desperate and want to stop. But it’s not that easy. Research shows it can take up to five years to stop and as many as seven tries. So you and I need to get together for you to shorten that long learning curve. “The Wizard’s Outrageous Scheme For Stopping Smoking” will certainly do that for you. But I want to warn you, this may not be for you. You’ve got to be willing to try. You’ve got to be willing to try something brand new. You’ve got to go where no one’s been—and be up to trying like a real pioneer. Is this something you want to do? Are you curious and fed up with old methods? If you are then let me explain what you’re going to get when you have this e-book: When You Get The Wizard’s Book, Here Is What You’ll Have First of all you’ll meet The Wizard. You’ll hear my whole story of how I met this man in an airport some years ago. You’ll read what he told me as he talked through the night and into the early morning—after my flight happened to be cancelled somehow. You’ll learn how I at first struggled with what he was saying– how it seemed “outrageous”… And then you’ll see how I began to be willing to try and follow what he said. At the end of my time with him, I promised I would take his secret to the world and help smokers learn how to stop. And here’s what you will learn: How there are two keys that we possess in our lives right now, and by learning how to use them you’ll stop smoking. It’s a startling discovery. You may not believe it until you test it out. And my job is to show you how—in a way that’s simple and easy to follow. The funny thing is the first key – keeping track of your dreams – has been used by countless cultures over the centuries… Primitive man used dreams as a sort of teacher to help him deal with challenges. Dreams showed him where to hunt, how to care for others, and how to keep himself alive. And some advanced cultures took great pains to use dreams as a resource to solve problems. They knew that dreams—when used in a specific way—brought important new benefits—that weren’t available by any other means. Now it may strike you as real strange– when finger-tip answers in our society can be found on our computers—that we would have to go back to recording dreams…And I pretty much thought the same– until I started to learn what The Wizard said: “Dreams are one of the secret keys to help smokers begin to live without smoking.” The thing you’ll see when you get it, is that this book I wrote is a step- by-step guide. I take you on my own journey—you’ll see how I kept dreams, and what I learned from them… and how you can learn from yours, too. I know you’ve got questions. Let me address them here Suppose I don’t care about dreams? And I understand that. Who’s got the time for it? But here’s the thing: You want to stop. You have come all this way, because smoking’s a drag. You know there’s got to be a way out of this pit that you have dug yourself into. My advice is, give it a shot. There is no risk. Your money is not going anywhere if you want it returned. As a matter of fact, if you get my e-book, and test it out, as I show you, and if you simply don’t see that it will help you, just let me know, and you’ll get a refund without any question. Suppose I can’t remember dreams? I’ve got something that helps. And it is your bonus, for ordering my e-book now. It’s an easy-to-read book of tips on dreaming. It will help you remember dreams. I’ve also enclosed a bunch of sample dream sheets—showing you how I kept my dreams in preparing to get this book ready for you. All of this is what you will get, and this bonus alone is worth more than the small investment you’re making today. Recording dreams seems like a weird activity! I’ll tell you one that’s much “weirder”! Taking a cigarette (known to be cancerous), lighting it up, putting it to your lips and then dragging in the smoke so that it fills your mouth as well as your lungs. Now that’s a weird activity! But back to your question: A weird activity? I guess it boils down to motive. If your motive is good—wanting to stop smoking—then it’s not weird, but high-minded. There is nothing the sub-conscious likes better than someone who wants to save himself. So good things come from such a goal. Who’s got the time for this? Once you see that dreams help, you’ll find the time, to write them down. Not that it takes much time, maybe fifteen minutes…Make it a real priority, and the time for it will happen magically. How did you keep dreams anyway? There are a lot of ways, and I will tell you mine. I had a clip board with paper, a plain ballpoint pen and a regular flashlight, on the nightstand next to my bed. Every time I woke up—during the course of sleep—I wrote down a dream I had dreamed. If I couldn’t recall it, then I did nothing. In the morning, I spent some time—reviewing what I dreamed, and that’s pretty much it. You’ll see how it ties together, when you receive the book, and have a chance to read. I’m too dumb to interpret dreams! Well, I’ve got news for you. I am in the same league! Actually, The Wizard said, “One of the downfalls of our society is, we work too hard interpreting.” He said, “We should spend time experiencing dreams. In other words, relive your dream!” You’ll hear more in the book about how that helps you to stop smoking and have mind-peace. It doesn’t make much sense! This was tough for me too. I struggled with “Where’s the logic?” How can keeping your dreams, help you to stop smoking? I say again, it will work. We go back to the point, that dreams are a resource, used by man for millennium. Whether it makes sense or not, dreams are valuable. But as The Wizard said, “It does take more than dreams…You must have The Seven Forces”; and they happen to be the second vital key. This is really the secret sauce, for without using them, we simply will not stop. Smoking is quite complicated. It’s a habit that ties up every part of us. That’s why other programs don’t work. They attack how we think, some attack how we feel, but none of them, attacks the whole. “The Wizard’s Outrageous Scheme For Stopping Smoking” attacks the whole. All The Seven Forces need attention. And if they don’t get it, your smoking just keeps on smoking. The Seven Forces are like having seven kids. Disregard one and what happens? He’s the troublemaker! He’s the one out of school. Once he’s given some attention– unless he’s too far gone—or unwilling to try–he falls in line and flourishes. Maybe not exactly the way that we would like, but at least not so destructive. The same thing goes with each of the Seven Forces.
STRAIGHT TALK FROM HUMBLER ACTS Now let’s you and I talk about how you can quit this habit you have of smoking. I know that your money may be a bit “funny”—and that even though you spend lots of money on smoking, some of you may not feel right spending your cash on quitting. 1.So for those of you who simply cannot see the value in a higher program, I’m going to work with you in a low cost way. Still, the point is, even with my original paperback book, which is low cost, you can still learn to stop smoking. And get it for just fourteen-ninety-nine. (This price includes postage and is available for those living in the U.S.)
How To Stop Smoking In Fifty Days CLICK HERE FOR YOUR PAPERBACK BOOK! howtostopsomokingin50days “For those of you outside of there–comprising the rest of the lands on this planet, the cost of the paperback book is nineteen ninety-nine including postage. CLICK HER FOR YOUR PAPERBACK BOOK. 2. The next level is the e-book that further gives you two bonus books; and this plan is thirty-five dollars, total. Now, I’ll confess that in this plan you’ll get a bit more help to aid you in stopping; and if you can afford it, I’d recommend it. CLICK HERE FOR YOUR E-BOOK AND TWO BONUS E-GUIDES: CLICK TO ORDER A.) “THE WIZARD’S OUTRAGEOUS SCHEME FOR STOPPING SMOKING”— 165 pages of my experience with the Wizard and my 50 days’ dream diary including how I became acquainted with the Seven Forces!’S-OUTRAGEOUS-SCHEME-FOR-STOPPING-SMOKING.png B.) “HUMBLER ACTS’ NEW MANUAL GUIDE” 50 tips to help you with your dreams and 50 sample dream sheets. HUMBLER ACTS’ NEW MANUAL GUIDE C.) “YOUR FIFTY-SEVEN PEP TALK TIPS ONE FOR EACH DAYS” (You receive one each day—by e-mail and by video—to keep you on target and determined: TO ONCE AND FOR ALL STOP SMOKING!) YOUR FIFTY-SEVEN PEP TALK TIPS ONE FOR EACH DAYS With A, B, C you get my unconditional guarantee that should you find this material you have invested in not helping you to stop smoking, then you may get a prompt refund on your good faith purchase. There is no risk; it’s up to you. A Plan Shared: Doubles Results! HERE’S SOMETHING ELSE FOR YOU:“A Stop Smoking Buddy!” Yes!, order this e-program now,and I’ll send anyone else– you request me to–the same program as you’re getting—and it won’t cost you a cent more than it is now. After you put in your order with your credit card stuff, just e-mail me like this: ( “Humbler, please send (so and so) at e-mail (the following) the same program I get.” Of course this one is without cost. Now here’s the advantage with having a buddy. You can both work on the program— with one of you helping the other, and that one helping you, too. So not only will this give you some help— but that second program will also help your partner stop. Of course this idea is something you can pass. But I offer It to those of you who might really feel it will help you a lot. Either way it is up to you.
Now I have a third level that gives you the same things as the second level, but it’s A PACKAGE THAT IS MAILED YOU. It has all of the books printed and in spiral note books and you can carry them around with you in a form that’s easy to use—and again if you can afford this package it also comes with my personal relation’s pledge of working with you via e-mail to answer and comment on your progress in 7 weekly fifteen minute e-mail private coaching sessions. I believe this plan will give you a lot more assistance in quitting your smoking. It’s a SUPERIOR program package, and it is great value for one hundred thirty-five dollars with shipping absorbed. Last but not least, you will also receive right now the e-mail set (like the package) that will allow you to get started right away. Now Somewhere In This List Of Ways, you should be able to find one that will suit you. Look over the plans and click for whichever one you think will do the job for you. 60 DAY GUARANTEE FROM HUMBLER ACTS, ALONE: “THE WIZARD’S OUTRAGEOan experience that will help you stop smoking. If for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied, I’ll give you a complete refund with no questions inquired. This is my personal, bona fide guarantee. Humbler Acts ARE YOU UNDECIDED? LET ME TELL YOU SOME MORE: About me: I am 77 years old, married for over 50 years the father of two full-grown sons; I was educated in England—two ofthose years at Oxford where I studied Jurisprudence. I now reside in St. Louis, Missouri in the USA– where my family has lived for 120 years. My hobbies are mile walks, reading non-fiction, studying Hebrew, dreams, socializing in the evening with our mutual friends. My only passion now is helping folks stop their smoking. I am retired from the steel business where I owned a firm for 30 years. But back to my passion for a sec: How’d that start? As I mentioned before, I just simply had a dream which stated clearly: “Do Work To Keep People From Their Smoking.” That is the simple truth. And that dream was 20 plus years ago. And lastly, I got the name Humbler Acts from another dream which stated: “Someone has a new name: Humbler Acts”:And so in all of my writings, I use Humbler Acts as my penname. Just to complete this quick biography, I’ll tell you that I have been a vegan for more than 13 years.
About the Wizard: I am the Wizard! I would guess you knew that deep in your heart. But the knowledge that this Wizard speaks of is the knowledge I learned when at Oxford while studying the works of Sigmund Freud (on dreams) and George Gurdjieff[on the Seven Forces (He called “Centers”)]. Why this combination of insights by these two great men has not been heretofore utilized by others has totally mystified me. I do believe that–in the future–people will gain tremendous benefits from using these two human improvement resources for a lot more than what you are going to use them for. Of course, that might not be. I hope you’ll soon believe me, though. A Bit More About This—In Case You Might Need It:I believe you’ll find this plan one of the truest techniques for stopping smoking that has ever come from down the pike.
I Offer You This, Too:My goal is to do work that will keep folks from their smoking. The fact that I’m charging for this service is not to reap money— but simply to conduct business as everyone conducts it. It’s a known fact: Unless people have some “skin” in the game, they never make effort to accomplish what they so want. And value is often determined by paying for something that will help your life. When people give away stuff, no one values it.
Now Let’s Pretend You Are Getting This Wizard’s Plan, You will receive the following: A Thank You Note From Humbler Acts Dear [Your Name Here], My profound thank you for

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