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The Filipino Massage In Action
By: Dr. Ver M. Garcia, N.D., D.P.a(H.C.)

There are many ways of fighting stress, but one of the most helpful and effective method is 'Filipino Massage' or "Pinoy Massage", a form of dry massage therapy using authentic stick, duco finish with handle for more effective therapy. It was excellently done and crafted as fine workmanship.

Studies showed that massage improves one blood circulation. Even in a clinical research conducted by the Miami School of medicine revealed that massage increases mental alertness and acuracy.

Through the projection of the so called Alternative healing.. the market was already saturated with SPA services offering almost the same services. But at the Family health Spa you will experience an authentic treatment, a signature of healing technique spearheaded by no less than Ms. Boots Policarpio, a graduate of Radiology in a leading University, prior to her appointment as SPA manager for many years.

There are many benefits that can be deduced from using Filipino Massage. It is relieving and relaxing for people who are suffering from emotional tension, nervousness, exhaustion. panic, fear, anxiety and stress. It calms and relaxes the nervous system during the treatment. It generates the releases of emotional tension and brings clarity of thoughts, resulting in the ability to deal stress and emotional problems.

History of Mapping, Covering the hands and Feet

In the Western hemisphere, American EENT physician William Fitzgerald introduced the 'zone therapy' where he would stop pain in certain areas of the body by applying pressures to certain reflex points. he discovered after releasing the reflex points of the pressure, the patient was usually eased with the condition that was attributing the pain.

It was also practice in ancient China, India and in Biblical countries starting over a thousand year ago and up to the present generation.

The Egyptian practiced the theory of reflex in 2,450 B.C. wherein it was used as a form of healing.

Scientific studies show that certain parts of the feet and hands have the energy flows to other parts of the anatomy of the body and by applying desired pressures and massage techniques to your hands and feet make a connection and charge positive energy to your entire body.

How Filipino Massage Works

Treatment is applied through deep pressures or continues rubbing of nerve points or the so called zone therapy found throughout the body.

Friction is created by hard pressing of the stick and it turns creates heat which is considered as an stimulus. The heat created makes our reflexes respond accordingly and the body functions regain their equilibrium or balance to help blood circulation to become normal. Hence, internal organs which can not normally be reached are stimulated.

Same with shiatsu principles vital energy circulates throughout the body from organ to organ. The energy which passes through the so called meridians or energy channels, creates our physiological structuresand regulates physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ability.

The flow of energy through the meridians can be disturbed either through external trauma, such as injury, depressions and stress. This is when symptoms like aches and pains start to occur and complications and illnesses invading our body to address the condition Filipino massage is applied. When the balance of energy flow throughout the body is restored by regular session of Filipino massage technique and makes the subject becomes well and healthy again.

Benefits derived from adopting Filipino massage technique.

It is a Pain reliever to ease headache, back muscle pains, backache and other common body pains. It Stimulate enrgize and revitalized the body. Helps in common or minor diseases. as an adjunct to Relaxation, when you body is relax it will prevent the body from sickness and other bad effects of stressful concern. (VerGarciaBlogs)

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