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Some Suggestions & Tips While On The Campaign Trail
By: Elizabeth Sevilla Capular, RN and Presidential Aspirant for the year 2016

The Author and her daughter Janice

Congresswoman Leah Paquiz of Ang Nars Party List

Nurse Elizabeth S. Capular all smile with Rep. Leah Paquiz of Ang Nars Party List in a meeting held recently at the ANPL headquarters.

Campaign season is one of the most exciting adventure that the election season offers, here are some of the important pointers and suggestions on the lifestyle that candidates in any elective position operating on a shoe string budget. More importantly for those that are with no ADVANCE PARTIES.. to prepare their itineraries, monitor, the campaign trail of a particular candidate.. Alalays(assistant/or assistants) are of great importance as well, they sometimes if not always serve as: 1)  Food tasters  2) Bodyguards  3) Advance emissary  4) Tacticians  5) Logistics officer  5) Confidant  6) Adviser/Consultant  7) A Loyal companion. Nothing wrong with having so many Alalays (assistants) just make sure that they don't become the HAWI BOYS that some people gets irritated by their presence. 

Alalay's can possibly survey/monitor the areas for a place to stay, look for food, find a good place to stay. Since it's a provincial sortie there are places that are rich in Negative Ions. (
Alalay's can possibly survey/monitor the area for any suspicious person or entities, so   good communication tools and protective gadgets must be provided. Overall nothing beats a good preparation and good planner who has the capacity to detect problems in advance and provide a good if not an excellent solutions to remedy a simple or complicated problems and scenarios. Careful screening of your alalays in order to prepare them for any eventualities.
The most important characteristic being a problem solver and an excellent solution provider even under any given circumstances; anticipates the need of the people around and a good follower. However, if it's too expensive for you to have an assistant you might as well look for volunteers.  NGO's are sometimes helpful.


For candidates who are already senior citizens consume more veggies, fish and healthy water ( rather than too much red meat consumption should be observed while on a campaign trail. Herb extracts (w/ the Physician's approval) is also an option if synthetic medicines becomes prohibitive due to the distant proximity of drugstores.

If one can't avoid  the unhealthy lifestyle that comes with the campaign sorties, alkaline based foods and healthy drinks is a must. If it's not possible of limited budget just avoid the liquor being offered by asking coffee or tea instead. There are several reasons why candidates suffers from stress, fatigue because of lack of sleep, campaign trails are usually held during night time and could last up to the wee hours. Nothing beats a good night sleep for it allows your body's defenses to recuperate despite the wear and tear of a campaign sorties. When all of these things happens (unhealthy lifestyles) a doctor and a nurse should be part of your entourage, if you can't afford it then precautions, prevention and prudence should take precedence of your actions. Plan your trips, study your options especially if you're going to visit unfamiliar territories. An offer to drink wine, spirits or liquor by people you do not know might be misconstrued if you refused it, so the best option is to offer them the wine that you have taken with you. A good reasoning beats an inexcusable alibis especially when being offered a drink. If you don't have a bodyguard or an assistant your best tools are respectability, dignity, goodwill and a good image. Or you might even use your present physical and health condition to avoid it.

Avoid Kilawin (raw fish) if you're not use to it, female candidates are also advised to avoid liquor as much as possible while on a campaign trail for it will surely dehydrate your body of the much needed liquid your body needs especially  during the El Nino Phenomenon, however, when rain comes into the picture and your in the middle of a large track of land, it's nice to bring an umbrella or a raincoat in a bag. 

Don't forget to log on to the PAG-ASA website ( ) for your daily dose of weather bulletins.

Heart attack is also caused by a poor diet, stress(Psychological and Emotional), avoid extra-marital relationship,  while on a campaign trail, putting off a fire with another form of fire is not a good option. If you're going to curse someone(mura) when you're angry before doing it, count from one to ten or Pray the rosary instead. Money can also be a source of stress that's why planning(strategic) and a good travel guide (person or a laptop) is a must. Read a good book while on a trip. When preparing a speech it might help to have a book on jokes to use as a good punchline, when in front of a crowd to break the monotony and boredom. A good joke can be an icebreaker.


When you're in a place where clean and potable water is scarce the best is to bring your own bottled water, it may be alkaline, mineral, or distilled water (for your vehicle). A person suffering from a heart disease may have a problem climbing stairs  or an uphill walk, water can be very important before climbing stairs or a walk uphill, since heatstroke is very dangerous.

The untimely demised of a Presidential aspirant Representative/Ambassador Roy Seneres could have been avoided. This Blog are for the aspirants in the elective post who might be suffering from a debilitating disease or persons with special disabilties (PWD),

Presidential Aspirants Roy Seneres during the filing of his COC at the COMELEC.

Presidential Aspirants Roy Seneres with Davao Mayor Rodrido Duterte 

who are about to have a first hand experience of a political campaign on a shoe string budget. 


Elizabeth Sevilla Capular known to many as "Inday Beth" was born on September 14, 1954 at Iloilo City, Philippines. She was the FIFTH  child in the family of 10 siblings by her parents ENRIQUETA SEVILLA CAPULAR, a part time business lady and a housewife; and by her father ELVIN ARCENAL CAPULAR a private in the USAFFE. He had surpassed the Death March from BATAAN to CAPAS TARLAC. Her father was buried at Libingan ng mga Bayani in Taguig with a Philippine and American Flags on top of his coffin with a 21 gun salute. She graduated with a Degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing at St. Jude College of Nursing located in Dimasalang St. Sampaloc Manila. She took the board examination and garnered the top 11th on her First Nursing board examination taken in 1978 at Ramon Magsaysay High School. She had been a recipient of Iloilo City Government Scholarships Association and also an active girl scout member under Ms.Nimfa Pastrana. Had been a graduate of Rizal Elementary School Magsaysay Ave. in Baguio City, Philippines.

-1st. Woman President of Iloilo Student Council located at Molo, Iloilo City.
-Associate Editor Queen City Forum, Molo Iloilo City.
-Delegate at the National Press Conference Surigao Nickel City.
 Only 1st Year Corp Sponsor of the ROTC Cadet Corps, to Mr. Edgar    Fuentes at Iloilo City High School.
-3rd Honorable mention- 3rd Year High School at Molo Iloilo City.
-Awarded as The Model Student of the year from First year to Fourth  year.
- Awarded as the Most Outstanding Student of the Year 4th Year awarded   by the Children's Museum and Library.
-Member Chorale group under Ms. Delos Santos Iloilo City High School.
-Nursing Preparatory at Central Philippines University .
-Coordinator of JOE DE VENECIA for President.
-Coordinator Fernando Poe Jr. for President .
-Coordinator of RAUL ROCO for Senator .
-2007 and 2013 CANDIDATE for SENATOR.


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